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Aiming to be the Best Magician in the World!
Author :Plutia_Sagiri
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76 School Fight 1


"What are you doing! Why are you using magic in close quarter combats! You nearly killed him!" A male student said as he held another male student who was unconscious and was creating a bloody pool beneath him.

"Hmph, who said I wasn't allowed to use magic in close quarter combat? Besides, I don't want his filthy hand touching my handsome face. Do you think he can compensate should my face be ruined by him?" A male narcissist said as he held his forehead while looking down on the two.

"You aren't even that handsome! You are literally in the same category as the rest of us! Who would care if you were to be punched in the face!?" The male student said as he handed the injured student to a nearby female healer who immediately paled when she saw the condition of the victim.

"Hmm? What did you say? I want you to say that once more." The male narcissist said as he generated flames on his hands as he stared at the male student with a deadly glare.

"Tch. You think I can't use magic too? Well you thought wrong, we can fight fire to fire if you want." The male student said as he stood up and produced flames on his hands aswell.

"Hmph. Very well then, my name is-" The narcissist male said but was cut off.

"I don't care what your name is, as everyone in this school has the same rank in reputation and honor unless we make a name for ourselves. Nobility titles do not matter here." The male student said as he was aching to battle the narcisssist male and thrash him up.

"Hm? What's happening over there?" Elise said as she saw a crowd circling around two individuals creating a ring.

Being curious, Elise decided to walk over so she could see what they were doing. However, there were also two more curious individuals like her that she knew. Maria and Lance, who by coincidence had also walked the same path Elise had to see the fight.

"Hello again Elise! What do you think is happening?" Maria asked as she greeted Elise before looking at the circle of people.

"Honestly probably a fight, that's the only time people circle around people." Elise said as she started to head towards the circle of people.

"Is this even allowed though? Pretty sure they prohibited fights unless its at the arena." Maria said with a finger under her chin as she tilted her head.

"No, it is not allowed. However, the teachers don't care unless the injured student gets crippled or killed." Lance said.

"Is that so? But shouldn't they stop it incase that happens anyway?" Maria asked Lance.

"Even if they try to stop, the people will still fight out of their sights anyway. So they found it of no use and just let them fight until both sides are satisfied." Lance gave a reply to Maria.

"Is that so? Then should we just watch them fight then?" Maria asked Lance and Elise.

"Sure, why not. Let's go on one of the trees so we can get a better view." Elise said as she started to run towards a nearby tree before leaping onto it.

"Come on guys, the view is better up here. The air also smells pretty good up here." Elise said as she waved at Maria and Lance who were still down on the ground.

"Alright. Give me a minute." Maria said as she walked over before climbing up the tree slowly, in contrast to Lance who just jumped onto the tree like it was nothing.

"Otto, finally got up here." Maria said as she plopped down on a big tree branch before watching the two individuals with flames in their hands.

"Those are some weak flames compared to you guys." Maria said as she scrutinized the two males with flames in their hands that were shouting at eachother.

"Indeed they are really weak flames. I wonder where Sylvie is though." Lance muttered to himself.

"Indeed, I sure wonder where Sylvie is." A female's voice suddenly appeared from behind him.

"Gah! Ms. Maurice!" Lance nearly fumbled to the ground as he turned back to see Ms. Maurice behind him who was trying to look for Sylvie like a scout.

"Hello there students. So have you found Sylvie yet?" Ms. Maurice said as she kept looking around.

"No we haven-" Elise started to reply until she was cut off by something.


"What's that sound?" Maria said as she looked up towards a branch higher.

"zzz" The soft breathing sound of a person sleeping was heard once more.

"Wait, you can't be serious right now." Elise said as she looked upwards.

"Wind Cutter." Elise said as she chopped off the branch that was holding the sleeping person.


The tree branch hit the ground as a person slowly floated down in the air like a feather.

"Oh it's Sylvie! I have to punish you for ditching class!" Ms. Maurice said as she immediately ran and caught the sleeping Sylvie.

"Nnh… Eh?" Sylvie woke up from Ms. Maurice holding onto her.

"E-e-e-eto… U-u-u-umm…" Sylvie started to get scared as her mind went blank due to the fright she was receiving right now.

The first one was, she did not like getting caught doing something bad. The second one was, it's Ms. Maurice that is holding her right now with a devilish grin on her face.

"L-let me go!" Sylvie struggled in Ms. Maurice's arm who was holding onto her like steel which would not budge open for her to escape through.

"Nope, since you're awake you can watch the fight with us." Ms. Maurice said with a smile on her face as she sat down on the branch and made Sylvie sit on her lap.

"W-what fight?" Sylvie said while still being frightened.

"That fight." Ms. Maurice said as she pointed at the circle of people.

"Hey Sylvie." Three voices suddenly rang from behind Sylvie.

"E-eh? Y-you guys.." Sylvie said as she turned around but only to see three really mad faces coming into her view causing her to arbitrarily shrink into Ms. Maurice's hold.



Author : why u ditch class

Sylvie : I was bored!

Author : you dont see me ditching class do u

Sylvie : good for u

Author : YOu also don't see me sleeping in class do u

Sylvie : shut up you don't even do your hw



Author : fair enuff

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