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Aiming to be the Best Magician in the World!
Author :Plutia_Sagiri
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75 The Pas

"Oh Elise! I didn't know you had the same physical education class time as us!" Maria's voice suddenly came from a far distance away.

"Maria? Lance too? I also did not expect you two to be in the same physical education class period as me." Elise said as the frown on her face gradually lessened as she felt more comfortable with the people she knew and hung out with.

"Hello there Elise, Maria said Sylvie also had this class, where is she? Seeing that you're part of Mr. Bergoni's class which Sylvie is in." Lance said as he greeted Elise before looking around the field.

"Where's Sylvie? These two said that Sylvie was in this class. Where is she?" A sudden females voice suddenly appeared from behind the tree.

"Oh hello Teacher Maurice." Lance and Maria said as they had her as their teacher.

"Hello there Lance, Maria, and Elise. So where is Sylvie?" Ms. Maurice said as she looked around the field.

"She said she's sleeping in one of the trees. She's basically ditching." Elise said as a big frown appeared on her face again.

"Oh… She's being a bad girl, I shall discipline her when she returns home." Ms. Maurice said happily.

"You're smiling really widely Ms. Maurice." Elise said.

"Oops, oh well, make sure you three go back to class. No dilly-dallying now." Ms. Maurice said before she slowly turned around and started to teach her own class.

"Alright teacher Maurice." The three of them said in unison before Lance and Maria followed after her meanwhile Elise went back to Mr. Bergoni.

"Elise, have you gotten any luck on finding Sylvie yet?" Mr. Bergoni suddenly said as he grasped both of her shoulders.

"Eh? Ah no, I couldn't find her. Sorry." Elise said with a depressed expression on her face.

"Is that so… I couldn't find her either, I wonder where she actually is." Mr. Bergoni said as he looked at the trees surrounding the field.

"How about you Maurice?" Mr. Bergoni said as he looked at Ms. Maurice.

"No luck here Bergoni!" Ms. Maurice replied as she looked at the trees.

"Dude, why do the teachers keep looking at the trees?" A student said as he nudged the guy standing next to him.

"I don't know, I heard behind the trees is actually a forest where fairies live in." The guy said as he returned back to training in close quarter combat.

"Fairies? Why are there fairies near the school? Won't the school be afraid of major powers poaching fairies aiming at them?" The male student muttered to himself before going back to practicing his close quarter combat.

[Flashback to many years ago before the creation of the academy.]

"Human! What are you doing?! This is where we live!" A fairy said as he flew around an old human male in white robes who was using earth magic.

"I am creating a magic academy here! It can be helpful for your protection as well!" The old man in white robes said as he was creating the gates

"How will it be helpful in my protection when more people will come near here to attend your academy?!" The fairy spat out as he stopped flying in front of the old man's face.

"If I just show a part of the forest, they will only think of it as some small trees. And if people do know, if this academy gets famous, they will not have the authority to breach into the academy." The old man in white robes said as he continued to use his MP to construct a gate.

"But what if it doesn't! It will put us fairies more at risk! You already know those dirty humans want to use us!" The fairy continued to spit out his words as he looked at the old man in white robes.

"Don't worry, it will work. Trust me on this one, hasn't everything I promised you always worked out?" The old man in white robes said as he gave the fairy a big smirk.

"Hmph! You always take risky stuff, I always end up cleaning your mess! What do you mean it works out!" The fairy spat at the old man in white robes who had a smirk on his face.

"Hahaha! It worked out in the end didn't it? Just watch, it will work. In a couple of years from now it will work." The old man in white robes said as he laughed while constructing the academy's gate.

"Hmph! I will put my trust in you once more! But no more! You will give me a heart attack from all the risks you take! And I do not want to die at this age!" The fairy said as he gave in and decided to fly back to his village leaving the old man in white robes alone.

"Hehe, hopefully it works at that. Too bad, this will be my end soon enough. My life is running dry." The old man in white robes said as he coughed out some blood before looking at the direction where the fairy flew towards.

"Bah, that human is always doing risky stuff. Are all humans like that? They are always doing risky stuff without even a outcome they can think of." The fairy thought inside his head as he flew back to his village.

"Whatever, I only need to focus on my village's safety anyway. Why should I bother caring about those humans who hunt us because we can give them more MP. Don't they know we get tired when we give MP out?" The fairy thought to himself once more as he continued to fly back to his village.

"Now then… Let's finish creating this academy." The old man in white robes said as he continued to build the academy's gate for the day.

After a years worth of construction, the old man in white robes was the first headmaster before passing away 5 years after the academy was created and had made a name for itself.


Author : Yeah I really can't think of anything… So tired, typing this at 8pm sigh.

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