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Aiming to be the Best Magician in the World!
Author :Plutia_Sagiri
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74 Elise Is Bored

"Um… What are you doing?" Sylvie asked awkwardly as she looked at the female fairy.

"N-nothing… Don't mind me…" The female fairy said as she silently flew off of Sylvie and into the air before disappearing.

"Er… Hello you two?" Sylvie said as she looked at the two male fairies.

"Umm…. My mother is calling me…" Both male fairies said as they also disappeared from Sylvie's sight.

"Eh? They were pretty small fairies too." Sylvie said as she was pretty sad when the three small beings disappeared from her view.

"I didn't even hear their mother calling them though…" Sylvie muttered as the excuse completely went through her head.

"Oh whatever… Back to napping I guess." Sylvie muttered to herself as she laid down again before falling asleep.

"Sister fairy wait up! You're going too fast for us!" The younger male fairy said as he was trying to catch up to the female fairy who was flying away.

"That's right sister fairy! You're going too fast for us! Didn't you say she wouldn't attack you? Why are you running away so quickly?!" The bigger male fairy said as he was behind the female fairy by a lot of paces.

"Oh right! I got scared when she woke up, you know she was right in front of me. It was really scary!" The female fairy said as she stopped flying and stopped before turning to look at the two.

"... Did you have to fly that far and fast though? Isn't just disappearing from her sight enough?" The younger male fairy said as he stopped in front of her to catch his breath.

"Exactly, unlike you we actually have like no stamina to keep flying that far and fast in one go." The older male fairy said as he was huffing.

"My bad, should we go back to her? I mean we did disturb her nap after all." The female fairy said as she looked back at where she flew from which was where Sylvie was located.

"Forget about it, let's go back home before the elders get angry at us." The older male fairy said as he started to fly back to the village of where they lived in.

"Alright, I don't want to get punished by those old people. They are scary… One had to carry the water for seven days straight, he ended up having muscle fatigue for a month!" The female fairy said as the blood drained out of her face before she quickly sped back to the village on her wings as well.

"You're right. I don't want to do that either, no way do I want muscle fatigue for a straight month!" The younger male fairy said as he bolted faster than he was ever before just to get back to the village.

"If you go that fast you'll also get muscle fatigue!" The older male fairy said as he chased after the younger male fairy at his own pace so he doesn't gain muscle fatigue.

However, despite his warnings, the younger male fairy as if not hearing the older male fairy continued to speed up as he bolted towards the village at an extremely fast pace.

"Alright class, looks like all of you are here excluding Sylvie. That doesn't matter anyway, let's head over to the track again. We don't need introductions, let's just start." Mr. Bergoni said as he left his classroom and headed towards the track.

Following suite, all the students followed him. Along with Elise who was at the back of the line as she didn't want to do anything after remembering how Sylvie was sleeping in one of the trees.

Due to how bored she was, she decided to play a game of hide and seek with Sylvie, however it was just her playing as, Sylvie who was napping had no idea of what Elise was doing.

"Sigh." Elise after trying to search for Sylvie for a quarter of the entire lesson had gotten tired as she had not been able to find a trace of Sylvie at all.

'Where is that girl? She said she would be taking a nap on a tree, however I can't seem to sense her. Did she go off and start to do something else?' Elise thought inside her head as she was doing close quarter combat with the person in front of her.

"Hai!" The male student in front of her suddenly threw a punch at her when she dazed out.

"Hup!" Elise who saw the fist coming at her arched herself backwards before doing a back handspring and kicking the person in the chin.

"Gah!" The male student spat out some blood as he had accidentally bit his tongue when Elise kicked his chin causing him to close his mouth.

"Sorry, my bad." Elise said as she just looked at him before walking away.

"Man, what's up with her?" A person healing the male student murmured to herself as she saw Elise walk away after making the male student spit out blood.

"Blah, I feel like throwing up. The taste of blood is god awful to the stomach." The male student said as he gagged a bit.

"Hold it in, I don't want to smell your vomit." The female student said as she finished healing him before leaving him.

"Blargh!" The male student turned over and bent over as he started to vomit everything he had in the morning.

"Disgusting." Many of the students said as they backed away from him as the held his nose and looked away so they didn't vomit as well.

"Thank god I wasn't near him before he vomited." The female healer muttered to herself as she continued to heal other light wounds on other students.

"Thank you for healing my injuries." The male student she was currently healing thanked her before he got up and prepared for another close quarter combat.

"You welcome." She said before going to heal another person.


Author : I can't think about anything. twitch.tv/rianolinon quality roblox streams


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