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Aiming to be the Best Magician in the World!
Author :Plutia_Sagiri
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73 Fairies

Ring Ring

The school's bell rang as it indicated for the students to go on to their next class.

"Alright, hand in your papers and I will see you tomorrow." Ms. Trista said as she finally stood up from her chair and looked at the students.

"Alright sensei." The female side of the class said.

"J-just a minute t-t-teacher…" The male population of the class said as they were on the floor still.

"By the way, if you're late to your class I don't know what your teachers will make you do." Ms. Trista said as she looked at the boys before taking another sip of her tea.

"Sylvie, wake up. It's time for second period." Elise said as she shook the sleeping Sylvie's shoulder.

"nnh. I don't want to go to second period." Sylvie muttered in her slumber.

"That's no good Sylvie. You'll get in trouble. How will I explain it to Mr. Bergoni since we have the same teacher next class." Elise said with a frown on her face.

"Hm~ Just tell him I will be on a tree taking a nap." Sylvie said to Elise before getting out of her chair and jumping into a tree that gave her the view of the entire back of the school where the students for physical education were holsted.

"Sylvie! But you'll get in trouble!" Elise shouted from inside the school building as she looked at the tree Sylvie had jumped onto.

"I won't. Just tell him I will be on a tree taking a nap." Sylvie replied back to her nonchalantly.

"T-that won't help you with not getting in trouble! Also, that's like thee worst excuse to use!" Elise shouted as she looked at Sylvie waiting for a reply.

However, after countless minutes of waiting Elise did not get a reply leading her to walk away to Mr. Bergoni's classroom.

"Ha~ I actually thought she was a cute and good person. Who knew her personality would change so much once school started." Elise muttered to herself as she walked to Mr. Bergoni's classroom.

"Hello Elise." Mr. Bergoni's voice rang in when Elise entered his classroom.

"Hello Mr. Bergoni." Elise said in a depressed tone.

"What's wrong with you today? By the way, have you seen Sylvie? She's the only one I haven't marked yet." Mr. Bergoni said as the bell had already rung indicating anyone after would be considered late.

"Don't mention her." Elise said with a frown on her face.

"Why? What happened between you two? Weren't you two friends before?" Mr. Bergoni said as he looked at Elise with a weird look on his face.

"She wanted me to tell you that she would be ditching class by sleeping on a tree." Elise said with a deeper frown on her face.

"Oh…" Mr. Bergoni said as he wrote a check on Sylvie's name on his checklist anyway.

"Doesn't matter, we'll start class without her." Mr. Bergoni said as he went to the front of the classroom.

"Alright everyone, please take a seat on anywhere that's open." Mr. Bergoni said once more as he indicated he would be starting class right there and now.

"Alright teacher." The class said as they found a seat.

Nonetheless to say, Elise did not know a single person in her class, surprisingly. The only person she knew was Sylvie, who ditched the class.

'Sigh, as I thought. School really is as boring as it is back in the other world.' Sylvie thought to herself as she laid on a branch that held her as if she weighed like nothing.

'It's not like the teachers can really do anything to me either. They don't seem to care about what I do.' Sylvie thought to herself as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the sounds of quiet mother nature.

As Sylvie dozed off into her sleep no one had realized small specks of light that had gathered and started to fly around her.

They were pixies, otherwise known as fairies. The fairies were known to never show themselves around the races excluding the elves who respected mother nature.

They solemnly rarely show themselves in front of a human being if they think the person is really innocent and pure, not thinking of any malevolent thoughts ever before.

When the fairies show themselves in front of a human, it could be considered a blessing. As somehow the fairies increase people's MP cap in some mysterious ways, allowing the person to use even more MP than ever before.

However, that is the reason why fairies get poached, as they are sold to many people to gain higher MP's working as a MP slave basically.

"Hey big brother! Look at this human girl! How come the branch isn't even bent a bit even though she's sleeping on it like all the others?" A fairy said as he flew around Sylvie who was sleeping.

"I don't know! Maybe she's using some magic that makes her weigh like nothing." The bigger fairy replied back as he also looked at Sylvie.

"I don't see any magic being used." A female fairy said as she suddenly stopped flying and landed on Sylvie's shirt and started to slowly climb up Sylvie's shirt to get a face to face view of her.

"Sister fairy! Don't get too close to the human! Remember what the elders said! The humans are dangerous beings!" The big fairy shouted at the female fairy.

"It's alright brother fairy, she won't hurt me anyway." The female fairy said as if she was certain Sylvie would not wake up and start to attack her.

"Just stay away from her! Don't take the risk sister fairy!" The big fairy started to say once more.

"I tell you she won't attack me! She's sleeping first of all!" The female fairy said once more.

"Um hello?" Sylvie said as she woke up due to hearing many voices yelling near her.

"Uh… Hi?" The female fairy said awkwardly as she turned her head around slowly to see a very big face of a human girl.


Author : what a nice week break

Sylvie : yawn

Author : Hey, I just yawned too

Sylvie : mmm

Author : I can't really think about anything as I didn't stockpile over the week anyway so.. kek

Sylvie : mmk

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