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71 Don“t Disturb Sylvie“s Nap

"T-teacher! You can't do this!" A male student started to say as he felt really hopeless without the way to do it.

"Oh yes I can, I allow you all you fight in the classroom by the way." Ms. Trista said as she laid back and took another sip of her tea.

"Is that so? LETS GET THEM GUYS!" The male students started to say as they attacked the earth wall that was in the middle of the classroom diving up the boys and girls.

"Kyaa!" The girls screamed as they got frightened when they heard pounding and cracking sounds from the earth wall.

"Stop it you beasts!" A girl shouted as she stopped trying to trace the tracing block and started to supply the earth wall with MP so it would regenerate.

"Never! Tell us the way and we'll stop!" The male students shouted as they started to attack the earth wall with their bare fists or with magic.

"Never! We will never tell you dogs of a man how!" The girls said as they all stopped tracing the symbol and started to supply the earth wall with MP.

"Sensei! Can you stop this!?" The girls said as they looked at Ms. Trista with tears in their eyes.

"Nope, you find a way to deal with all of them." Ms. Trista said as she constructed a barrier within the room so stuff wouldn't be damaged.

"zzz" Sylvie was still sleeping as she nestled her head into her arms on the table.

"Ugh…" Elise started to get exhausted, even though she is strong. That does not matter when it comes to her MP, as she has to constantly use it to replenish the earth wall which is being attacked by 10 different male students.

"I-I can't resupply MP anymore!" A girl said as she fell down on her knee fully exhausted.

"Me neither!" Another girl said as she fell down on her butt.

"Ha~ Ha~" Alice was breathing roughly as she was already tired from before when she was trying to trace the symbol.

"A-are you okay Alice?" Nunu said as she kept the earth wall stabilized.

"I-I really don't think I can keep on going. I already used too much MP." Alice said as her true powers were really on physical combat.

"Hahaha! You girl's cant hold it any longer! Get them men!" The boy's said as they finally saw the earth wall crumbling as most of the girls already ran out of mana and were on the ground.

'Do you really have to say it like that you damn pervert?' The entire class thought as they looked at him.

"Don't come closer!" The girls shouted as they slowly crawled backwards as they looked at the men who were slowly approaching them crossing over the broken earth wall.

"Hehehehe… Now tell us otherwise, something will happen…" The male student said again.

'STOP SAYING STUFF LIKE A PERVERT! YOU PERVERT!' The entire class thought again but didn't voice it out.

"nnh?" Sylvie woke up and saw the boys cornering the girl including Elise.

"What are you people doing?" Sylvie said as she cocked her head to the side.

"Oh? Completely forgot about you, now tell me how did you girls get the symbol onto the paper? Otherwise, I'll do something to you!" The male student said once more as he looked at Sylvie.

"Was that a threat?" Sylvie said as her face darkened.

"It was! Now tell me before things get rough and dirty!" The male student said one more.

'He's screwed.' Elise and Ms. Trista said as they instantly paled but couldn't react in time before all the male students were on the ground.

"I see… Then get out." Sylvie said as she instantly disappeared from everyone's vision.

She ran to the student who threatened her and punched him in the gut before kicking him back to the boys side of the room.

After that she vanished once more and appeared right next to another male student before doing the same to him.

After doing that to all the other males Sylvie reappeared back at her seat before taking another nap, as if nothing had happened.

"Ai yai yai… Sylvie did you really have to do that to them? Look at them, they're groaning in pain as they wither around on the ground. It's really embarrassing to think they're at this school." Ms. Trista said as she held her forehead while speaking to the napping Sylvie and looked at the male students on the ground.

"zzz" Sylvie continued to nap as she ignored Ms. Trista.

"There is no way you are sleeping like that right away and that quickly!" Ms. Trista shouted as she held her head and looked at Sylvie.

"Ms. Trista, she's actually sleeping." Elise said as she was shaking on Sylvie's shoulder for her to wake up.

"A-are we safe?" A female student suddenly snapped out of her daze as she voiced out.

"I-I think we are?" Another trembling female student said as she slowly got up with while trembling ferociously.

One by one, all the girls started to support their friends up from the ground as they shot disdainful looks at the male students.

"Ptui! I can't believe you males are so vulgar! Sucks to be in the same class as you!" Maia's partner said as she spat at them and turned her head away no longer wanting to look at them.

"Ha~ I can't believe this actually sowed discord within the class. I didn't expect these male students to be this stupid… How can it be logically possible… I think I'll ask Puma after." Ms. Trista said as she held her forehead as she mumbled to herself.

"W-we will get our revenge in physical education later!!!" The boy's said as they held onto their stomach.

"No you won't! Sister Alice, Sister Elise, and little sister Sylvie will still beat you all anyway!" The girls shouted as they looked at the three girls.

"zzz" Sylvie continued to sleep.

'Whatever floats your boat people. Just don't disturb my nap.' Sylvie thought to herself.


Ms. Trista : Why'd you do that Sylvie!?

Sylvie : They disturbed my nap

Ms. Trista : That doesn't mean you can do that though!

Sylvie : Who said?

Ms. Trista : it's the school rules!?

Sylvie : But Beerus did that even though there were rules on earth

Ms. Trista : You are not him!

Sylvie : Who said I couldn't be the god of destruction

Ms. Trista : because you're a girl!

Sylvie : But Yuuri from Hakai me no yuuri became the god of destruction even though shes a loli!