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68 Magic Circle Creation

"Honestly, none of us knows where and how these symbols came. However, we do know that a powerful magician had carved this into one of a cave we had discovered hundreds of years ago. This discovery had changed our lives from being hunted by monsters like goblins as we could defend ourselves more efficiently with the use of magic which was deemed as extraordinarily rare at the time." Ms. Trista said.

"After decades of research did we finally learn this was a magic circle which consisted of many different spells in it. With just the input of simple MP were you able to cast a spell that you could not imagine casting." Ms. Trista continued.

"However, even though we have learned how to use these symbols, otherwise we call it magic letters. The effect of the magic circle actually depends on how much MP you insert it, as it can stack. However, due to this many villainous people also use blood sacrifices with the magic circle as an array." Ms. Trista said as she had a darkened expression on her face.

"Sensei, like the Lost Valley problem 10 years ago?" A sensei asked Ms. Trista.

"Correct, like the Lost Valley problem 10 years ago. A bunch of demonic otherwise known as satanist massacred all of the villagers living there to use their bodies as MP for their sacrificial array constructed of multiple large magic circles." Ms. Trista said as she reminisced about the past.

The Lost Valley problem was something that happened 10 years ago. Before the problem, the satanists have been in a slumber, however on that one unfateful day did the entire world get caught off guard. Having nearly successfully summoned a high demon lord which could potentially destroy a quarter of Arkite.

Thankfully, a legendary wandering monk who was nearby had sensed all the demonic essence hurriedly went to the scene to destroy the array before it could successfully open a gate from the earth realm to the demon realm, otherwise known as the underworld.

"This is also why you need to be certified by the holy church to be able to use magic circles legally. As the holy church can sense if someone is demonic or not, they can easily stop many from trying to get a license just to misuse." Ms. Trista continued to explain.

"So today, I will be teaching you some basic magic circles to create, and we will be applying it on some wooden rods. Of course, it is for offense." Ms. Trista said as she grabbed a box full of wooden rods and another box full of paper along with ink and a quill.

"Alright everyone, please come grab some pieces of paper, a quill with ink, and a wooden rod. After that, I will demonstrate on which symbols to write and how to apply it." Ms. Trista said as she pushed the items in front of her into the middle classrooms for all the students to get.

"Alright!" The students said as they walked over and grabbed the stuff.

"Here you go Sylvie." Elise said as she grabbed the materials for Sylvie.

"Thanks Elise." Sylvie thanked her as she took the materials from Elise gently and gracefully before laying it down on her side of the table before looking at Ms. Trista again for further instructions.

"Alright, looks like everyone has the materials needed. First what you want to do is draw a perfect circle, yes it has to be a perfect circle. Symmetrical and all, which is why this is pretty difficult." Ms. Trista explained before she drew a symmetrical perfect circle as if she was used to it.

"Drawing a perfect circle should not be hard at all!" Half of the students said as they attempted, which resulted in failure. Meanwhile the other half who didn't say anything also failed, except for Sylvie with a bit of help from wind magic which accurately glided the feathered quill on the paper forming a perfect circle.

"Oh! That's pretty smart Sylvie!" Elise said as she also used wind magic to grab the feathered quill and try to draw a circle with it. However, she had failed as she didn't know how to maneuver the feathered quill with wind magic to make it draw a perfect circle.

"Err.. Sylvie, how do you do it?" Elise asked her as she went to grab a new piece of white paper.

"Just imagine an invisible hand grabbing the feathered quill and it drawing a perfect symmetrical circle on the paper." Sylvie said as if it was nothing.

"Oh! That's right, visualization! I completely forgot about that as I got too used to my magic actually being a physical object like my arrow and bow!" Elise said as she scratched her cheek embarrassedly before doing what Sylvie had done. Thus creating a perfect symmetrical circle.

Alice who noticed the two using wind magic secretly whispered to Nunu about what they did before the two also did the same. Trying to create a symmetrical circle with the use of wind magic. Fair enough, they got it after a couple of tries while the others were still struggling.

"Are you guys really that inaccurate? It's just a circle, yet you're using so much pieces of paper. What am I going to do if you all use all the paper for next class?" Ms. Trista said with a disappointed tone.

"Sensei! It isn't as easy as it seems!" The students wailed out as once in unison as they kept trying again and again and kept on failing.

"Just stop! I'll draw them all for you instead!" Ms. Trista cried out as the paper came out from her own wallet.

"Okay…" The students said as they stopped and let Ms. Trista draw the perfect circles for them instead.

"Oh? You four have perfect circles, that's pretty neat girls. Not even a single boy made one. Girls power for the win yea~" Ms. Trista said as she had a smile when she saw the cute and innocent girls with perfect circles on their paper unlike the perverted boys in her classroom.


Sylvie : Girl power ftw!

Ria : Girl power ftw!

Elise : Girl power ftw!

Chase & Claude : What about me!?!

Crystalia & Laura : Just go die in a hole.

Chase & Claude : THATS SEXIST!

Crystalia & Laura : No it's not.