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64 Just Before Going To School

"Nn…" Maria woke up from her sleep.

"Yawn~ I guess it's time for school. I wonder if Sylvie is awake yet." Maria said as she rubbed her eyes as she sat up on her bed.

"zzz" Lily's voice came from near her on the bed. Lily was silently sleeping in a curled up position as she held the blankets.

"Hehe, be a good girl for me Lily when I am at school." Maria said as she stroked the sleeping Lily's head before giving her a kiss on the forehead. After that she got off the bed gently and silently walked out the room after grabbing her school uniform so she wouldn't wake up Lily.

"Good morning Maria." Lisa said as she was cooking up breakfast in the kitchen.

"Good morning mother. Where is Sylvie? Is she still asleep?" Maria asked her mother.

"About that… She's kinda sleeping like a dead log right now… I called her name and shook her so many times, yet she did not wake up… At this rate, I am afraid she may be late to school…" Lisa said as she began to crack eggs before putting it on the frying pan.

"Is that so… It would be bad to miss the first day of school, especially if you're number one on the score list and everyone is asking for you." Maria said.

"Indeed, It is really troublesome. Hopefully she wakes up before she's late to school, and then I also hope she doesn't find trouble in school. It'd be problematic for sure." Lisa said as she started to get rice.

"Nnn… I'll go take a shower before school then." Maria said as she went to the bathroom to clean herself.

"Nnh… Fuwa~ That was a nice sleep. I wonder what time it is." Sylvie said as she woke up but did not get up.

"I want more sleep~ Fluffy pillow and bed~ uuu~ So nice~" Sylvie said as she buried herself into the pillows and bed even further almost falling asleep again.

"zzz" Sylvie started to fall asleep once again.

'LITTLE GIRL WAKE UP! You'll be late for school at this rate!' A voice she hadn't heard in a long time suddenly rang inside her head.

"Who!" Sylvie immediately got up from her bed fully awake as she looked around the room for the voice.

'It's me! I am inside your head little girl! Did not hearing me for so long make you forget about me!?' The voice suddenly said again in her head.

"Ah! Old man it's you! Where did you go for the past few years? And why do you decide to appear now?" Sylvie asked him.

"Ah? I was busy sleeping. I only came back because I remembered this is the first day of school. I wanted to see how you were doing, however I didn't expect to find you asleep still when school starts in 30 minutes." The old man said inside her head with a disappointed tone

"I still have time, no need to rush me old man." Sylvie said as she sat laid back on the bed.

"You'll be late. Stop procrastinating already little girl. I've had enough of your excuses. You always cut me off." The old man said inside her head as he recalled all the times Sylvie had suddenly left him.

"Fine!" Sylvie said as she hopped off the bed, gently landing before going to the bathroom to shower and wash her face.

"Ara? Good morning Sylvie." Maria said as she was washing her hair.

"Good morning Maria." Sylvie greeted her back as she closed the bathroom's door.

"Come come~ I'll wash your back and hair for you~" Maria said as she pulled over a small chair for Sylvie to sit on.

"Um, alright." Sylvie said as she undressed as well and sat on the chair for Maria to wash her.

"So, how do you feel about the first day of school in a few minutes?" Maria said as she was washing Sylvie's hair.

"It can be better or bad more or less, doesn't really affect me." Sylvie replied as she closed her eyes and relaxed.

"But you got first place on the entrance examinations. Won't there be many boys going to find you for marriage or to beat you up?" Maria said as she was concerned about Sylvie.

"Let them do what they want to do. If they're going to pick a fight with me, I'll just return them their favor. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. That's my motto." Sylvie replied back to Maria in a relaxed manner.

"Is that so?" Maria muttered as she bit her lips a bit as she continued to wash Sylvie's hair.

"Be careful at school then." Maria said as she finished washing Sylvie.

"Same can be said to you~ With your looks I don't know how many boys would go for you." Sylvie said.

"I hope any of them don't go for me! I am still too young!" Maria said with a red face.

"Is that so? Do you love someone already Maria~?" Sylvie said as she started to lean closer towards Maria's face. Of course, to a certain extent as even as she was on her toes, she could not reach Maria's height due to how short she was.

"Alright then~ Let's go eat your mother's cooking before we go to school~" Sylvie said as she and Maria both brushed their teeth and washed their face before exiting the bathroom with their school uniform on.

"Alright." Maria said as she walked out as well and into the dining room.

"Good morning Sylvie. Are you ready for your first day of school with Maria?" Lisa asked Sylvie as she placed a bowl of rice with eggs and sausages and bread.

"Yes~ I can't wait for school~" Sylvie said as she ate Lisa's food happily.

"Alright then, make sure you don't get into trouble, alright you two?" Lisa said as she looked at the two happily eating her food as she joined them.

"Alright~" The both of them said as they finished their meal and were heading onto the carriage outside to go off to school.

'There's no possible way I'd find trouble on the first day of school. Right…?' Sylvie thought to herself.


Sylvie : I am kinda scared

Author : why?

Sylvie : Going back to school you know… School brings a lot of stress

Author : Pfft what stress, just don't pay attention then

Sylvie : But I have to pay attention

Author : why?

Sylvie : To not bring shame to my family

Author : I already brought shame to my family

Sylvie : you're you

Author : I am me

Sylvie : Y-you…

Author : Ha