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58 Yinara Is Back!

"Little Sylvie, why don't you come over here." Elise's mother said as she beckoned for the crying Sylvie to stop crying on Maria's grandmother and cry on her instead.

"Wuwuwuwuwu!" Sylvie continued crying as she hugged Maria's grandmother as if she did not hear what Elise's mother said.

"Ha~ What a troublesome little girl." Elise's mother said as she got off her chair and walked over to Maria's grandmother and gently picked Sylvie up and turned her around and gently stroked the crying Sylvie's head.

"Wuwuwu" Sylvie continued crying as held onto Elise's mother this time.

"Ah! My mother! She's been stolen by my new friend!" Elise cried out as tears were starting to form on her face.

"Don't worry your father is always here for you." Elise's father said as he moved closer to Elise to hug her.

"Bah, I don't want you. I want mommy! Wahh!" Elise started to cry.

"Oh dear… Two troublesome children…" Elise's mother said as she sat down and carried both of them.


"Ara? Did I come at a bad time or something? Why are they both crying?" Lily said as she brought trays of food.

"Ah it's okay. Don't worry, they'll stop any time soon. Presumably when they eat." Elise's mother said as she continued to soothe the two crying little girls.

"Alright then… Here are the meals you guys regularly order. And this is a parfait and slice of ice cream cake for Sylvie." Lily said as she put the dishes onto the large round table.

"You two, please stop crying. The meal is already here, stop crying and go eat." Elise's mother said as she tried to put the two down by her side on the two other chairs, however they tightly gripped onto her not leaving her.

"No!" They both screamed as they did not let go of their grip on Elise's mother.

"Don't be such troublesome children, otherwise I'll get mad." Elise's mother said as a deathly aura started to permeate around her.

"Hii!" Both girls shrieked as they let go of her and sat on their chair as tears silently rolled down their cheek.

"Err, I'll be leaving then. Just call for me when you need something, see you!" Lily said as she silently left the room as she was afraid of Elise's mother.

"Alright, see you Lily!" Sam's father said as he waved her goodbye.

"Alright, let's begin our meal. Right you two?" Elise's mother said with a smile while the deathly aura was still attacking Sylvie and Elise.

"Hai (Yes) ma'am." Sylvie and Elise both said as they started to eat slowly while having goosebumps.

'Why are all mothers so scary?' Sylvie thought to herself as she silently ate her parfait that became tasteless due to her fright.

"How is your meal little Sylvie?" Elise's mother asked her.

"Hi! I-I-It's okay!" Sylvie shrieked a bit before replying as she was not expecting Elise's mother to call her out.

"How about you Elise?" Elise's mother asked Elise this time.

"I-It's okay as well!" Elise replied while shaking a lot.

"B-by the way Sam, can you actually eat all of that…" Sylvie said as she looked at the enormous amount of food Sam had gotten.

"mm? Oh yeah, I usually eat this much everyday anyway." Sam said as he gnawed on his chicken leg.

"I-is that so?" Sylvie muttered under her own breath that no one could hear as she went back to eating her parfait.

As the parents of each individual families conversed it was suddenly halted as a loud voice from the first floor had garnered their attention.

"Who dares occupy my third floor that I always take every week! Are they picking a fight with my family!?" A female voice shouted as well as the frantic voice of Lily trying to tell the female to stop.

'Where have I heard this voice before?' Sylvie thought inside her head. However, she just can't seem to recall it. That was until the female entered the dining room they had all gotten did she finally remember who she was.

"Panera Bashmare!" Sylvie suddenly said.

"It's Yinara Darkmore!" The female immediately shouted at Sylvie.

"Oh." Sylvie said weakly as she shrunk in her seat.

"Wait! Aren't you that little girl from 2 years ago! I've finally found you! And looks like your bastard of a mother isn't here with you huh?" Yinara said as she looked at Sylvie.

"You should lose some weight." Sam's voice suddenly rang in from the side.

"What did you just say?" Yinara said as she looked at Sam.

"I said you should lose some weight." Sam said as he looked at the girl that was 4 years older than he is.

"You are such a rude barbaric man! You should go die for that!" Yinara said as she looked at Sam and started to produce a wind bullet in her hand that was only a bit larger than it was 2 years ago when she attacked Plutia.

"S-sorry guys! This girl wouldn't listen to me and barged in!" Lily said as she panted as she had to run up all 2 floors just to get to the room.

"Wait! Attacking is not allowed in this restaurant!" Lily immediately shouted as she saw magic being formed at Yinara's hand. However, she was too late as the magic was already launched as it flew towards Sam.

"Watchout!" Lily immediately screamed.

"Pooh!" Sam said as the wind bullet hit him sending him off his chair.

"You sure that is a wind bullet? That didn't hurt at all!" Sam immediately said as he got back up.

"What!" Yinara immediately said in shock as she saw how Sam was not injured one bit.

"How are you not hurt after my strongest attack!" Yinara said, being the lazy person she was and only used her family's rank to bully others. She has never attempted to learn more.

"You want to know how I am still not hurt after that attack? Well let me show you then." Sam said as she gave her a smirk before he used Earth Magic Creation.

"Watch carefully." Sam said.


Sylvie : Die

Sam : WHY?!

Sylvie : For trying to act cool


Sylvie : dirty show off

Sam : WHAT

Author : AuthorWiz Senpai mentioned me on discord today~ Happi~

Sylvie : So what?

Author : My dream has been accomplished, I can ascend to heaven now~

Sylvie : ….

Author : *fangirling*

Sylvie : killmepls