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56 Entrance Exam Results

After entering the gates they immediately walked over to a wall where many people were crowded around.

"Should we wait? There is a lot of people after all." Maria's grandmother said as she was wise and had a lot of patience.

"Sure, we can introduce and get to know each other more that way then." Elise's father said as he was interested in the other families parents who bore such monstrous children.

"I am fine with waiting. Patience is the key to fighting as well." Lance's father said as he brought a wooden chair to sit on from who knows where.

"I am okay with waiting. Come here little girl~" Sam's little sister said as she started walking over to Sylvie's direction.

"What do you mean little girl! You're like basically the same age as me!" Sylvie said as she slowly started to walk backwards.

"Nah, I am 7 years old. Sam is 8. He failed 2 times already because he was awful at magic and knowledge. I wouldn't be surprised if he failed this time as well." Sam's little sister said.

"If you're 7 then what are you doin-" Sylvie said but was stopped halfway.

"Nah, I am already a student at the academy. It is summer after all, so I didn't need to room in again." Sam's little sister cut her off.

"N-no… Stay away!" Sylvie said as she already backed as far as she could until her back touched the academy gates.

"Stay still." Sam's little sister said as she raised a hand and moved it slowly towards Sylvie.

"N-no…" Sylvie said weakly as she closed her eyes due to the female teacher already scaring her enough.


Sylvie then collapsed on the spot and fainted.

"Eh? Older brother, I thought you said she was monstrously strong. Why did she just faint from me patting her?" Sam's little sister said as she carried the unconscious Sylvie back towards the group.

"... Pia, wouldn't one normally faint. Did you not see how scared she was every time you took a step towards her?" Sam said.

"How was I supposed to know she would be scared from that! You said she was monstrously strong!" Pia started to argue with Sam.

As the two argued Maria's grandmother picked up the unconscious Sylvie and made her sit on her thighs as she sat on a chair.

"It's nice to have a little girl to hug again. My granddaughter Maria has gotten to big now a days." Maria's grandmother sighed as she stroked Sylvie's head.

"What! I am still small grandmother!" Maria cried out as she saw Sylvie resting on her grandmother.

"So did your child say this supposed little girl was monstrous as well?" Lance's father said as he looked at the other parents.

"Indeed, they did." The four other parents said in unison.

"I don't think my son would lie to me. But I am having doubts." Lance's father said as he looked at Sylvie who was being hugged by Maria's grandmother still.

"I am kind of having doubts too. I mean look at this cute little girl." Elise's mother said as she went over to Maria's grandmother and gave the unconscious Sylvie a light pinch on the cheek.

"It could be a kids joke?" Sam's father said as he really did not believe Sam at all.

"My daughter isn't the type to lie." Elise's mother said as she shook her head and stroked Sylvie's head.

"Nor is my daughter." Maria's grandmother said as she laid back on her chair causing Sylvie to lean back as well making Elise's mother stop stroking Sylvie's head as it was grasping air.

"My son wouldn't lie due to his samurai's pride." Lance's father said as he looked at his son.

"Father, look everyone is leaving. I think they got their results already." Sam said as he pointed back at the wall that had few children consisting of demibeasts.

"Oh? Let's go. If you don't pass this year… I'll have what you did last year five times as punishment." Sam's father said as he gave sam a death glare.

"Yes father!" Sam immediately said as his body became stiff as walked towards the result paper as if he was a robot.

"Oh let's go then. Elise, let's go." Elise's mother said as she called over Elise who playing tag with Sam's little sister.

"Alright mother! Let's go Pia." Elise said as she walked over to the results paper as well.

"Son let's go." Lance's father said as he walked over to the results paper with Lance following behind him.

"Let's go grandmother. Let me carry Sylvie for you." Maria said as she wanted to help her grandmother.

"Oh no worries, I can carry this little girl myself. Let's go over to see your results." Maria's grandmother said as she continued to carry an unconscious Sylvie.

As the entire group got to see the results paper that was long. This was what was on the paper.

[ Academy Entrance Examination List ]

Sylvie Martel - 150/150 Points

Richard Baroque 138/150

Rachel Baroque 132/150

Lance Masakatsu 130/150

Elise Vanrina 130/150

Lina Kabayoshi 117/150

Eric Saito 112/150

Maria Christ 106/150

Alek Burns 102/150

Hashur Tempest 100/150

The list had kept going until it had finally reached Sam who was out of his wits mind when he didn't find himself within 80 out of 150 points.

134. Sam Hursh 70/150

"WOOO I PASSED!" Sam cried as he no longer had to take the punishment.

"..." Everyone was silent as they looked at Sam's score.

'Why didn't he just fail?' They all thought to themselves.

"Nnh… What happened?" Sylvie's voice suddenly stopped everyones thoughts as they turned to look at her.

"Hya!" Sylvie screamed as she immediately leapt out of Maria's grandmother's arms without injuring her and landed on top of a tree.

"I guess she is a monster if she can do that." Everyone said at once as they were starting to believe she had power under her weak appearance.

"I am no monster!" Sylvie cried out to them from on top of the tree.


Sylvie : hic hic

Ria : what happened?

Sylvie : They booli me they call me monster hic hic

Ria : There there don't cry no more. *pat and hug*

Sylvie : Can you do one thing for me? It'll make me happy.

Ria : Sure what is it?

Sylvie : floof floof

Ria : wait no… you can't be se- KYAAAAAAAAAA