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53 Examinations Are Over!

"Ugh…" Sam said as he woke up, being the person to be beaten up first.

"Good evening there Sam." Sylvie said as she had dead eyes while the female teacher was still hugging her.

"Good evening Sylvie. Are the tests over? How'd you wake up first, I don't see a single injury on you. And why is that teacher hugging you while drooling?" Sam said as he raised his head to look at Sylvie and saw the teacher who had fine curves and boisterous pair of meats on her chest.

"Ask her yourself." Sylvie said as she looked away from him with a depressed expression on her face that looked like she would burst into tears at any time given.

"Ugh…" The second person to wake up was Maria, despite not being the second one to be knocked out she had the lightest injury as Mr. Bergoni had only given her a light chop to the neck to render her unconscious.

"Good evening Maria." Sylvie and Sam both said as they looked at her who had just aroused her consciousness.

"Good evening Sylvie. What happened while I was out being unconscious?" Maria said as she held her forehead trying hard to remember what had happened before she lost consciousness.

"Nothing much, everyone got wiped out by the teachers that all." Sylvie said as she was looking at her with eyes pleading for help.

"Sylvie, why is she drooling while hugging you?" Maria said as she looked at the female teacher.

'HELP ME STOP LOOKING AT HER!' Sylvie screamed inside her head.

"Ugh… Ow…" Elise and Lance both groaned as they woke up with their back feeling broken.

"Maria, go heal their backs. It's probably broken due to Bergoni-sensei throwing them like that." Sylvie said as she gave up and wanted Lance and Elise to be healed so she could plead them for help.

"Oh alright." Maria said as she ran over to Elise to treat her first before treating Lance.

"Thanks Maria." Elise said as she was finally able to get up due to her back no longer being broken.

"You welcome Elise." Maria said as she bent down to use High Heal on Lance which used up all of her mp as she was not a cheat-cheat like Sylvie was.

"Aren't you going to heal me? I am in so much pain right now!" Sam said as he looked at Maria.

"You look okay to me. I ran out of mp anyway so I can't heal you." Maria said as she finished patching up Lance.

"Thanks Maria." Lance thanked her like Elise.

"You welcome Lance." Maria replied.

"What is this biasity! Heal me as well! I am dying!" Sam shouted over the injustice he had received.

"Sylvie you can heal me can't you! You are really good at magic!" Sam said as he turned over to look at the Sylvie who was now sleeping inside the female teacher's arm as she rested her head on the female teachers bosoms.

"Which god has forsaken me so!" Sam said as he cried out once more in the injustice.

After the four woke up many of the other kids woke up. The first two that did particularly well in the magic exam were the firsts to wake up out of the batch of random kids.

After the kids woke up one by one, there would always be one to greet them a good evening. After all of them had woken up did the teachers finally garner their attentions.

"Alright students! It is time to go back to the front of the academy! Thank you for doing all three examinations!" Mr. Bergoni said as he turned around and walked this time around the academy to the front.

"It's finally over!" Many kids screamed.

"I definitely failed! How can I return home to meet my family!" Many yelled.

"I definitely passed! That was an easy test!" Many others yelled.

"..." There were also the small batch like Sylvie's group who was silent excluding Maria and Sam.

"I definitely passed~ I believe in my magical and knowledge exam~" Maria hummed.

"I definitely passed too! I believe in my physical and my magical exam! Probably." Sam said trying to boost his confidence.

"Oh right, Bergoni-sensei was it? How did Sylvie that monstrous girl do?" Sam said as he looked at the still sleeping Sylvie who was being carried by the still drooling female teacher.

"She beat the crap out of me. She was the only one that beat a teacher here." Mr. Bergoni said as he held his dislocated left arm.

"What! She beat you!" Many kids shouted as they heard what Mr. Bergoni said.

"Yup, she beat me. My left arm was dislocated. See? I can't even move it now." Mr. Bergoni said as he held his left arm from the elbow.

"We're here now. Go listen to that old mans last speech before you head home and come back tomorrow morning for the results." Mr. Bergoni said as he stopped.

"Alright sensei." The kids said as they walked over.

"Er. What about Sylvie?" Elise said as she looked at the female teacher.

"No worries~ I'll bring her over to my house and take good care of her… Huff huff…" The female teacher said as she was breathing roughly of dressing Sylvie up while still drooling.

"..." Everyone looked at her in silence.

'I think you need to go see a doctor.' Elise thought inside her head.

After ten minutes did the principal of the school finally go on stage to give his final speech.

"Good evening students! Congratulations for finishing all three examinations! Hopefully you did well! If not, try again next year! I'll keep this speech short! Just go home and wait for test results tomorrow morning. Have a nice day!" Mr. Wayne said as he left the stage and headed back home while whistling as he was tired from waiting.

"WHAT SPEECH WAS THAT!" Everyone shouted the moment they saw Principal Wayne disappear into the distance.

"Alright, shoo! Go back home or to a dorm!" The teachers said as they shoo'd the students out of the gate.

"Alright see you guys tomorrow." Sylvie's group said to each other as they left the school gate.

"Wait… Aren't we forgetting someone?" Maria suddenly said.

"Who could we possibly be forgetting?" The three said as they looked at Maria before they departed.

"Sylvie…" Maria said slowly.

"Don't remember who that is. See you tomorrow now!" The three said quickly as they left.

'Hopefully she lives!' They all thought to themselves as they went home to their family.


Sylvie : zzz

Female Teacher : HEHEHEHEHE

Sylvie : zz?

Female Teacher : PERFECTO

Sylvie : Huh? Where am I?

Female Teacher : Come look at this mirror.

Sylvie : Eh? Aren't you that teacher? Where am I?

Female Teacher : Just look at the mirror, we're at my house. You're sleeping here for tonight.