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48 Physical Examination 2

"Sylvie! How are you keeping up with us! Second of all, why are your two friends still able to keep up with us as well!" Mr. Bergoni said as he twisted his neck like an owl as he looked at the three kids behind him while running.

"Why wouldn't I be able to keep up with you sensei~?" Sylvie asked as she continued running while conversing with Mr. Bergoni.

"You shouldn't be able to! You're a child! We are grown adults who have been exercising for life! First of all, your physique. THAT DOESN'T MATCH UP WITH YOUR STAMINA AND SPEED RIGHT NOW!" Mr. Bergoni started to complain as he pointed at her small and delicate looking legs.

"So? That doesn't mean I can't catch up with you now does it?" Sylvie retorted.


"Oh, I was pretty much sheltered so all I could do was run and play in our backyard. My father made me run a lot while my mother taught me magic." Sylvie said nonchalantly as those weren't a big deal to her who had cheat stats.

Thankfully however, after doing those every single day. She was able to learn how to control her magic power so that she wouldn't be like those overpowered protagonists that couldn't control their power and make themselves be subjugated to being hunted by various powers.

However, that does not deny the fact that she still wants to be the best in everything. Which still causes herself to be wanted in a power struggle.

"Hey Bergoni. We're already at the back…" A teacher said as he stopped at the beginning of the track at the back of the school.

"O-oh." Mr. Bergoni replied as he stopped as well. He then walked over to Sylvie and picked her up from the waist and looked at her face to face.

"What kind of maniac are you… No normal little girl like you are able to do that." Mr. Bergoni said as he stared into the eyes of Sylvie.

"I am no maniac~ I am just a normal human being~" Sylvie replied with a smile and crescent eyes.

"Lies!" Mr. Bergoni said as he put her down on the ground.

"I knew that anyone that Grim brings to me is abnormal! That damn brat always bringing me abnormal people! I want normal people!" Mr. Bergoni said as he held his head with a pained expression.

"Sylvie why are you so abnormally fast! Why are you good at everything!" Elise said as she panted lightly as she had finally reached the track along with Lance from behind.

"Holy crap, you're fast Elise. Sylvie I don't even walk to talk about what you are anymore." Lance said as he panted heavily unlike Elise.

"Why didn't you go at your own pace Lance? You're like dying right now." Elise said as she looked at him with a frown.

"I didn't know it was that far to get to the back. I thought it was much shorter…" Lance replied as he tried to get a grip on his breathing.

"Oh hi Lance and Elise. You've finally made it here." Sylvie said as she waved at them as she was busy confronting Mr. Bergoni and forgot about them."

"Mhm, I don't see anyone else. Guess Sam and those other two couldn't keep up with us." Elise said with a nod.

"Say, what happened to Sam anyway? And why do I feel like Maria is dead somewhere?" Lance said as he looked back.


"HA~ HA~ HA~ WHY IS IT SO FAR!!!!!!!!" Sam shouted as he continued to walk while using the wall as his support.

"Hey Maria, how much farther do you think it is?" Sam said as he continued walking.

"Maria?" Sam said once more as he did not get a reply as he looked back.

"MARIA!!!!! COME BACK TO LIFE! DON'T DIE ON ME!" Sam said as he ran back over to the Maria who was on the ground unconscious.

"S-sam, say goodbye to everyone for me… I don't think I can hold on anymore… Bleh." Maria said as she finally rose to heaven with a smile on her face waving at him.

"Maria!!!! Sniff sniff, I'll tell everyone you did a honorable deed!" Sam said as he carried Maria's soulless body all the way to the track.

A few minutes later.

"I-I am sorry Maria… I couldn't tell anybody… I'll be joining you soon! Bleh." Sam said as he finally collapsed with Maria's soulless body on top of him as his soul also flew to heaven to reunite with Maria.


"Say… It's been twenty minutes… Where are the other two that was with you Sylvie? I thought you had a group of crazy perverts like you." Mr. Bergoni said as he teased her while waiting for the rest to reach the track.

"Probably dead?" Sylvie said while putting her index finger below her lips and tilted her head.

"You shouldn't joke about that little girl…" Mr. Bergoni said as he looked at the girl who really was wondering if her friends were dead without caring.

"I am not joking though? Why don't you run back to see if they're dead Bergoni sensei?" Sylvie said as she looked at Mr. Bergoni.

"Alright.. Give me a few minutes. I need to start the examination anyway…" Mr. Bergoni said as he sprinted back towards where the students came from until he found Sam and Maria.

"... They really are dead… She wasn't joking…" Mr. Bergoni said as he found the both of them soulless on the ground not moving.

"Time to carry them back… Why didn't I get another teacher to help me…" Mr. Bergoni said as he sighed and ran back to the track.

"Oh he's back. Look they were actually dead all along. Yay~" Sylvie said sarcastically.


Sam : Ahh, heaven is such a beautiful place.

Maria : This is why I learned healing~ I am free of sins~

Sylvie : I am full of sins~

Maria : you don't look like it though?

Sylvie : I am though~

Maria : what have you done?

Sylvie : I broke the rules of common sense

Maria : …

Sam : …

Mr. Bergoni : you right though

Plutia : Whats common sense?

Everyone : … This girl…

Plutia : What?