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46 Magical Casting Examination 3

"Wow, she's actually the most normal out of that entire group I think." A student said as he witnessed Maria using the water ball.

"Eh? Oh that wooden dummy is still intact. Good thing she isn't good at attack magic unlike her magic cure speed. Otherwise that would be frightening." Another student said as he looked at the soaked wooden dummy.

"However… Aren't the last two the fastest chanter and the one that had a strong slash?" The student said as he looked at Lance who was standing at the side with his arms crossed and at Sylvie who was still holding onto Elise's thighs.

"I'll go first then." Lance said as he stepped up onto stage attracting everyone's attention away from Sylvie and Elise and onto him.

After stepping up onto the stage he bent his knees a bit and tilted his body forward. His hands were on his waist like he was gripping an imaginary sword - just like what Elise did when she was gripping an imaginary bow.

This process allows people to imagine creating the music easier, as they portray it from a skill they use, for example bow shooting.

"Ha~ Fire Dragon's Flying Slash!" Lance said as he swung the imaginary sword out of its imaginary sheathe. What happened afterwards was a red light that flickered and immediately appeared gigantically having the shape of a chinese dragon.


The chinese dragon made out of fire once it hit the dummy it caused an area of effect damage. The fire chinese dragon expanded in width enclosing over all of the wooden dummies basically annihilating the entire stadium where the wooden dummies were located.

"Barrier." Puma said as he lightly tapped his wooden staff on the ground. A invisible barrier boxed the inside of the stadium so only the ground got damaged and not the stadium itself. The barrier disappeared after the fire finally extinguished from the lack of oxygen needed to keep it ablaze.

Even after the fire extinguished the students were still silent. Aside from Sylvie who was still trying to get Elise to teach her how to do her thunder piercing arrow move.

"W-what the heck… Isn't that basically stronger than all of our moves combined!? Even with that girl's thunder piercing shot and that guy's earth hammer?!" Someone suddenly shouting breaking the silence.

"Holy crap you're right! Look at the arena! There isn't even a single wooden dummy left! Even the ground is charred!" Another said as he pointed it out.

"Do you think he'll accept me if I ask him out?" A girl suddenly said softly.

"Girl, you're like seven. You're too young to be asking people out." An older girl replied to her.

"Age is just a number." The girl replied weakly.

"And dating is just a joke." The older girl replied.

"Sylvie what do you think?" Lance said as he looked at Sylvie who was hugging Elise's thighs instead of his.

"It's nice~" Sylvie just said as she continued hugging Elise's thighs.

"How come you're not overreacting to my move which was stronger than Elise's?" Lance asked her puzzedly.

"Because you already promised that you would teach me~ This person hasn't~ I'd also rather hold a female's thigh then a males." Sylvie continued.

"Fair enough…" Lance muttered.

"I already promised to teach you if you let go of my thighs!" Elise said while half crying unable to do anything as she didn't want to hurt Sylvie's feelings.

"Really!?" Sylvie said as she looked at Elise with her practiced cute crying expression that no one could avoid.

"Y-yes! Really!" Elise replied while stuttering as she looked at Sylvie's expression.

"Really really?" Sylvie said as she slowly got closer to Elise's face causing more effect.

"I promise! I'll show you later!" Elise said.

"Okay then!" Sylvie said as she let go of Elise's thigh and went up to the stage to do her magic.

"Uh, sensei. What do I attack?" Sylvie said as there were no wooden dummies due to Lance's previous attack destroying them all.

"Attack this instead. Wooden Golem." Puma said as he tapped his wooden staff against the ground lightly. Afterwards a golem shaped monster appeared being made out of wood.

"Okay then~" Sylvie said as she thought inside her head what magic to use.

"What is she doing? Why is she still thinking. Don't tell me she really can't cast magic." Sam muttered.

"No wonder you probably failed the knowledge test. Did you not see her use earth magic to create a desk and wind bullet to attack that guy?" Maria said as she was still angry about Sam calling her weak.

"Oh right… She did do that. Can you please stop looking at me as if I was your parents killer?" Sam said as he was getting goosebumps from Maria's stares.

"No I can't. Now let's watch Sylvie demonstrate her magic. She looks ready to cast now." Maria said as she moved towards a angle where she could glare at Sam while being able to see Sylvie.

"Alright let's go ahead and use that magic then~" Sylvie said as she thought of a move that was slightly stronger than Lance so she wouldn't be seen as an anomaly that was out of the norms.

"Fire Wall! Twister! Electro Ball!" Sylvie said as she casted 3 different spells and merging them into one. The fire wall became a fire twister with the electro ball as its core. The twister slowly went to the wooden golem pulling parts of the ground due to the strong wind.

The students were protected by a barrier magic Puma had just set up for the stage and arena as well.


After the fire twister hit the wooden golem the electro ball as the twisters core exploded making the fire twister expand so big that it caused a giant explosion close enough to be considered a nuke in Sylvie's past life.

"Holy sh** What the f*** was that!?" Sam cussed as he felt the tremors from the ground after the explosion.

"Magic Prodigy!" Puma exclaimed.


Sylvie : oops

Author : You don't know the norms do you..

Sylvie : tehe~

Plutia : wow…


Sylvie : Pfft no I am not.

Sam : explain!

Lance : There is no need, she's just strong unlike you.

Sam : WHAT!

Maria : Lance is right. You're a tank anyway you damn masochist.