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44 Magical Examination Casting

"Alright, next test we will be doing is your magic casting speed! It does not matter how flashy, strong, or big the magic you use is. All we want to see is how fast you can create your magic!" Puma said as he grabbed his wooden magic wand that he used as a walking stick and pointed at the students.

"Sensei, so what you mean is we can use any type of magic? Even if its something like a light magic spell?" A student raised his hand and asked Puma.

"Correct, you can use something as easy as this. Light!" Puma said as he raised his hands and created a light orb in the sky.

"Then won't this be too easy?" Another student asked Puma as they saw how fast and easy it was.

"Of course we are basing the examination on fastest to slowest speed casters. There are 20 of you kids here. So the first five fastest casters will gain 15 points while the rest of you will gain 0-15 points." Puma said as he removed his light orb.

"And uh, can someone wake that little girl up?" Puma said as he looked at Sylvie who was a decent distance away from the group still sleeping on her created desk.

"Sensei she wont wake up." Elise said as she continued to shake Sylvie's shoulders to wake her up.

"Let me try." Trista said as she walked over to Sylvie. She then softly whispered into Sylvie's ear some scary things… About how she would force her into cosplay and etc.

"Hiiii!" Sylvie shrieked as she woke up and leapt far away with what seemed like unnatural strength.

"Oh she woke up." Trista said as she walked back to Puma.

"Alright then sleeping beauty, we will be doing casting speed for our magical examination first. You can go first." Puma said as he looked at Sylvie.

"E-eh…" Sylvie said as she was confused, since she was forcibly awaken from her nice little nap by a dreadful being.

"Sylvie, cast the quickest spell you can cast." Maria quickly whispered to her.

"Ah? Oh ok. Err, Light!" Sylvie chanted the same spell Puma did however, the light orb appeared instantaneously.

"What the f***. There was no delay to her spell! It was even faster than when the sensei did it!" Someone yelled as he looked at the light orb above Sylvie's head.

"Alright, next! You go next." Puma said as he pointed at Maria.

"Alright~ Cure!" Maria chanted as she held onto Sylvie's small hand. Immediately a green light appeared around Sylvie's small hand just a few nanoseconds after her chant. The speed just lagged a bit behind Sylvie who's magic appeared without any delay.

"Next!" Puma continued as he looked at Elise.

"Gotcha!" Elise said as she did a finger gun.

"Wind Bullet!" She shouted, it took a second for the bullet to form then shoot. However Sylvie and Maria's magic that they chanted were not somewhere she could reach.

"Next!" Puma continued once more as he looked at Lance.

Lance however unlike the first three grabbed onto the stick he was holding ever since the knowledge test and swung it.

"Crescent Moon!" Lance shouted as he swung the stick downwards - following the direction of the swing a crescent yellow beam followed it. This was a mix of magical power of light magic and a technique. This took one and a half seconds as the magic had to form from the tip of the stick he was holding and emerge like the stick was a gate.

"Next!" Puma shouted once more as he looked at the all bruised up Sam.

"What the heck?! Me already!? Uhhh, Iron Body!" Sam shouted - however this was the slowest out of all five of them as it took five seconds for his outer body to be encased with iron.

"Alright next!" Puma said as he looked at another student.

"Yes!" The student said as he chanted his own magic.


"Sylvie how'd you cast your light spell so quickly?" Elise asked Sylvie.

"Eh? I just think about the magic inside my head before casting it using my words. So it's already ready before I use it." Sylvie replied as she looked at her.

"So imagine it inside my head before casting it?" Elise muttered as she repeated the steps and tried it herself.

'Imagine the wind bullet like when it appears before it shoots… And then now…' "Wind Bullet!" Elise said as a wind bullet immediately shot out her finger.

"I see. So thinking it inside your head first is like a storage before you use it." Elise said as she looked at Sylvie.

"Mhm, I found that out when I saw my mom use it." Sylvie said. (Refer back to when Laura was silently forming Wind Bullet on the Prince.)

"Your mother must be pretty good at magic then." Elise said as she praised Sylvie's mother.

"Yeah she's really good at magic." Sylvie agreed

'Little did you know she's literally the best known human magic user that isn't an adventurer.' Sylvie thought inside her head.

"By the way Lance. How did you do the slash where a blade came out?" Sylvie asked Lance as she was interested as it was used many times in anime and manga she has seen. Like in one piece and bleach.

"What I did was utilized my inner energy and used it which produces the blade that comes out, I then coat it with light magic as light magic also utilizes the light beam which can pierce many things." Lance answered.

"Uh, what is inner energy again?" Sylvie scratched her cheeks as the last time she read a cultivation novel or martial arts novel was eons ago.

"I'll teach you one day, it's not simple." Lance said.

"Oh, alright." Sylvie said disappointedly.

"Alright! Casting test is over! Now is spell utilization! I want to see you use a type of magic, but I want to see how well you can use it! For example, using fireball, but I want to see how much power you can use, or speed!" Puma said as he casted a small fireball that flew at the speed of light towards a wooden dummy and completely obliterated it.

"You five are last!" Puma said as he looked at Sylvie's group.

"Alright~" Sylvie said.


Sylvie : Peazy Eazy

Plutia : Shut up, you cheater

Sylvie : Says the one that attempted to cheat their own stats but failed miserably.

Plutia : HMPH

Author : ai ai ai no more fighting please

Plutia : Non! It's all your fault!

Author : N-no! It's not my fault!

Sylvie : You are the one that is controlling all of us! What do you mean its not your fault!

Author : I-I-It's not my fault! God is controlling me to do this like how I created you!

Sylvie & Plutia : Sureeee