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38 Grim & Bergoni Sensei

'Ha never mind, I really want to learn the layout of the academy first anyway. Super sad, I can't go floof floof Ria before I go to the academy and stay at the dorms… I am allowed to go anywhere I want now though, that makes it easier for me to floof floof Ria!' Sylvie thought to herself as she realized the benefits of staying at the dorm instead of being held back by her mother from leaving the house alone to go floof floof Ria, on which occasion she has done multiple times.

"Young miss, we are finally here at the academy. Please tour the academy as there will be one hour left until the examinations start." Mr. Cain said as he parked the carriage at a place inside the academy.

"Thank you Mister Cain as always! I'll go check out the place now, please tell my father and mother I said goodbye!" Sylvie said as she got off the carriage.

"Will do, have a fun time at this academy young miss." Mr. Cain said as he drove the carriage out of the academy gates bidding farewell to Sylvie.

"Have a safe trip back!" Sylvie shouted before turning back to face the academy which had multiple students that were older than her, as many other examinees haven't entered yet since it was still early. However, multiple of the students currently at the academy were students from a higher grade level because they had stayed at the dorm residing near the academy.

"Waa~ The academy is so big. No wonder so many people can take classes here as well as have many tournaments and events!" Sylvie said as she saw the academy which was as big as the academy to store all the classes inside.

"Hello there little girl, is this your first time here?" A male student suddenly asked from behind her.

"Eh? Ah yes this is my first time here." Sylvie said as she turned around to look at the male youth.

"Would you like me to guide you around here? By the way my name is Grim Tresther. I am in grade five. What is yours?" The 11 year old youth asked Sylvie.

"Ah, my name is Sylvie Martel. Please guide me around here before examinations start." Sylvie replied asking Grim to guide her around.

"Alright, let me show you where first grade classes are then. Come follow me then little Sylvie." Grim said as he turned around and walked inside the academy. Sylvie followed Grim hurriedly with quick steps as her legs weren't as long as his to take long steps.

"All grade one classes are on the first floor, grade two classes are on the second floor, and so on." Grim said as he continued to stride down the hallways with Sylvie following him.

"I'll show you my favorite grade one teacher I had a few years back, he's still one of my favorite teachers as he also substitute for my teachers sometime." Grim said as he stopped at a classroom near a door to go to the outside of the academy where a track and field was, it was extremely spacious.

Knock Knock


"Who is it?" A burly man that seemed like he was in his fifties asked as he looked at the two that had entered the room.

"Hello there sensei Bergoni." Grim said as he waved.

"You! Get out!" Mr. Bergoni said as he threw the feather pen he was using at Grim.

"Hey hey sensei. Don't do that, you might scare off this little girl I found." Grim said as he caught the feather pen and threw it back at the teacher.

"Hmph! Who'd you find this time? Everyone you find always brings me trouble!" Mr. Bergoni said as he received the pen and looked at the small shadow that was behind Grim.

"Introduce yourself to him little girl, he's not scary at all." Grim said as he patted Sylvie's head who was behind him and pushed her in front of him.

"Umm, hi Bergoni-sensei… My name is Sylvie Martel and I will be taking the examinations soon…" Sylvie said weakly as she remembered how bad she was with teachers, being the student that never turned in her homework.

"Oh what a cute and nice girl. You don't seem to be one that brings trouble unlike the three others this kid has brought." Mr. Bergoni said as he picked up a iron broadsword from on top of a table as he wiped the blade with a cloth.

"Well then, hopefully someone like you can pass the examinations. You don't seem that dumb, I can't determine your physical ability though. So you're probably a magic user like your mother." Mr. Bergoni said without looking at her.

"Ah yes. You know my mother Bergoni-sensei?" Sylvie asked him as she did not expect him to mention her mother.

"Of course I know her, we worked together during an operation and we performed pretty well. Too bad she was already married to your father, otherwise I probably would've tried to ask her out." Mr. Bergoni said as he remembered when he and Laura had cooperated in such a timely manner that the operation on a bandit hideout were wiped out within a day.

"Er, Bergoni-sensei are you by chance the physical education teacher?" Sylvie asked him.

"Yes and no, to be exact I am your physical trainer in all aspects like fighting and martial arts. There's another teacher for magic though she's in the room across from this room, the one right next to the door to the outside leading to the track and fields." Mr. Bergoni replie to her.

"Is it guaranteed I will have you after passing the examinations?" Sylvie asked him.

"It is 100% guaranteed, that is 'if' you can pass the examinations. Hopefully you will once more. I say you still have fifty minutes left before examinations start. Why don't you come have a seat her and have a talk with me." Mr. Bergoni said as he pulled a chair for her and patted at it indicating for her to sit there.

"What about me sensei?" Grim said as he pointed at himself.

"Scram you problem child." Mr. Bergoni replied.

"So mean!" Grim retorted back at him.

'What are you two? A comedic duo?' Sylvie thought to herself.


Plutia : Uwu~


Sylvie : no u not, I hev mor opportuniti 2 floof floof u

Ria : OH NO

Grim : ur smol n nice to pat Sylvie

Sylvie : E-eh? Is that so… Thank you… *blush blush*

Grim : Let me pat you more

Sylvie : Err no thank you…

Laura : *Places cat ears on top of Sylvie's head

Grim : Hehehe… Floof floof…