Aiming to be the Best Magician in the World!
37 Before Heading To The Academy
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Aiming to be the Best Magician in the World!
Author :Plutia_Sagiri
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37 Before Heading To The Academy

"Wake up Sylvie. It's time to get up and prepare yourself to take the academy examinations." Laura said as she shook Sylvie who was still sleeping on her bed.

"No~ Five more minutes~" Sylvie said as she hugged her pillow even tighter while continuing to sleep.

"Sylvie, that can't do. You need need to wake up, otherwise you won't be able to make it to the academy examinations." Laura said as she shook Sylvie even more.

"Noo~" Sylvie continued to protest as she hugged her pillow even tighter not willing to leave her bed.

"Sorry sweetie. I didn't want to resort to this… Water Ball!" Laura said as she casted a spell on to Sylvie's face.

"Ack! Gah! Pfft, what was that for mother!?" Sylvie asked as she woke up after getting hit in the face with by a water ball by her own mother.

"Sorry sweetie, you didn't wake up so I had to do that. You need to wake up so we can head over to the academy to take your examinations." Laura said as she used wind magic to dry Sylvie's hair and clothing, as well as the bed.

"Uu~ How much time do I have left before the examinations start." Sylvie asked her mother as she got up from her bed and went to the bathroom to brush her teeth and wash herself.

"You have about six hours left until examinations start, however you should always get to the academy an hour earlier to learn the layout of the building and the teachers, as well as the classes that you would like to take." Laura said as she washed Sylvie's long white hair.

"Uun, we still have a lot of time left anyway. Might as well take it easy mother." Sylvie said as she yawned - obviously tired from studying for the exam test questions.

"No can do, I must ask you questions so I can tell you know the answers." Laura said as she helped Sylvie wear the school uniform which Ria had delivered for some odd reason instead of the school themselves.

The school uniform was a blue and white skirt that went down just a bit above the knees and was short sleeved.

After getting dressed, Sylvie went down to the kitchen with Laura to practice her cooking. Apparently unlike all other novels and manga Sylvie had seen in her past life, the cooking was actually modern for some odd reason.

'Must've been the work of Plutia?' Sylvie thought to herself when she first realized that her mom had actually made a cake for her birthday and other sweets.

"Hmm, we have some buns and some meat. You want to make a hamburger to bring for lunch at the academy after you're doing with the examinations?" Laura asked Sylvie.

"Sure!" Sylvie replied, as making a hamburger was not that difficult at all.

After making a hamburger with her mother, Sylvie took a short nap before there were 2 hours left until examination time.

"Ha~ I really don't want to go take the exam uu~ I just want to stay in this comfy bed and sleep~" Sylvie suddenly started to say as she kicked and flailed her arm around like a child who was throwing a tantrum.

"There's no use crying over spoiled milk sweetie. You'll at least find some friends in the academy and might find your future husband you know. Make sure you find a good husband for the family~" Laura said as she teased Sylvie a bit.

"I am not going to find a husband!" Sylvie said with her cheeks flushed red as she imagined having one.

"You will~" Laura said as she continued teasing Sylvie.

"Hmph! Lets go to the academy now!" Sylvie said as she changed the subject not wanting to talk about it as she got embarrassed thinking about it.

"I wonder what your type is~" Laura still continued.

"Mother! I am leaving now!" Sylvie shouted at her this time with her entire face blushing red like a tomato as she boarded the carriage.

"Eh? WAIT DON'T LEAVE ME SYLVIE!" Laura shouted as she saw her cute daughter in the carriage drifting away from the mansion and towards the academy.

"I am going to meet big brother Yves in the academy! Goodbye mother!" Sylvie said as she waved at her mother goodbye.

"Noo! Don't leave me! All my children are gone again! Curse you school!" Laura shouted out loud as she realized she would be lonely again excluding Claude due to school taking away her children by making them live at the dorms.


"Phew, finally. Why isn't my mother normal. She keeps talking about me getting a husband all the time. I won't get a husband!" Sylvie muttered to herself as she sat in the carriage slowly trying to calm herself.

"Young miss, we will be arriving at the academy in thirty minutes. Please feel comfy in the back for now until we reach the destination. Thank you very much." The carriage driver said as he notified Sylvie.

"Alright, thank you very much mister Cain." Sylvie said as she thanked the carriage driver who has always been driving the carriages for the Martel family. Especially for when she wanted to go and floof Ria to death.

'Hmm… We have a lot of time left, should I go floof Ria before heading to the academy?' Sylvie thought to herself of a mischievous idea.


Somewhere back at Lisa's Clothing Store.

"brr" Ria instantly had goosebumps as she covered both of her arms.

"Is there something the matter Ria?" Crystal said as she saw Ria acting strangely.

"I-it's nothing Crystal! Just a bit of a chill you know!" Ria said with a forced smile as she looked at Crystal.

"Is that so…" Crystal said with her eyebrows up.

'I have a feeling that Sylvie wants to floof me to death again… Hopefully she changes her mind… Actually doesn't she have to go to the academy for the examinations in two hours from now? There's no way she would do something like come here just to floof me right…' Ria thought to herself as she continued working.


Ria : Im scured

Plutia : me too


Plutia & Ria : NOOOO Crystal(ia)

Crystalia & Crystal : What is it?!

Plutia & Ria : Floof killing goddess!

Sylvie : you want to join floof floof?

Crystalia & Crystal : Sure? They are cute after all~


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