Aiming to be the Best Magician in the World!
36 The Goal Finally Starts
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Aiming to be the Best Magician in the World!
Author :Plutia_Sagiri
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36 The Goal Finally Starts

"Scram!" All the women and girls said at once as they chanted magic at the bodyguards and the fat man who were attempting a move on them.

"Wind Bullet!"

"Earth Javelin!"

"Fire Ball!"

"What are you doing using fire in this wooden building you idiot! Water Ball!" A woman shouted after seeing someone cast Fire Ball inside the shop.

Meanwhile the bodyguards had also chanted their own spells.

"Earth Bind!"

"Earth Wall!"

"Fire Spear!"

"Water Javelin!" The new bodyguard of the fat man chanted when he saw a bodyguard use Fire Spear with a murderous gleam in his eyes, as if he wanted to murder all the girls there including the fox loli, Plutia.

"Newbie what was that for?" The man looked at him with an angry expression.

"Are you trying to kill the young master's wife or something?!" The new bodyguard retorted because he wasn't in the wrong at all.

"Tch, get in my way again and I will kill you." The man said before creating a Earth Spear to wield.

"Little girl run!" The women and girls said as they protected her.

"Aeh- unya!" Plutia said before turning back and running to the back room where Crystalia was.

"Get back here wife! Don't run away from me! I'll find you, and when I do I will catch you and shower you with plenty of love and affection!" The fat man shouted as he tried his best to run and catch her, to his avail he really needed to lose some weight and exercise more.

"No way nya! I am not even your wife nya! Who are you nya! Don't come closer you ugly disgusting monster nya!" Plutia shouted back at him as she ran even faster clearly breaking the pedophile's heart.

"You get back here!" The pedophile shouted after getting his heart broken by her words and immediately got furious.

"No! You can't make me nya! Don't even try to co - Nya!.." Plutia's words were immediately cut off as someone had suddenly teleported in front of her and covered her mouth a handkerchief that was covered with sleeping medicine.

"Little girl!" The women and girls shouted as they saw Plutia get knocked unconscious.

"Oh! Thank you very much Tyo! Now bring her over to me!" The pedophile said as he saw one of his bodyguard suddenly holding the girl he wanted in his arms.

"Hmph, I am not handing her over to you. She is mine forever, you humans don't even know what she is." Tyo suddenly said with a dangerous smile.

"W-what! My family is paying you! Hand her over now!" The pedophile said confusedly as he did not expect his bodyguard to betray him.

"Hahaha! You humans are so bad, you don't even know that you have let me, a vampire into your troupe!" Tyo said while laughing, as his teeth suddenly grew fangs.

"Y-you're a vampire!?" The pedophile said as he slowly took a step back and fell to the ground on his butt.

"Hahaha! I shall now take this delicacy back to my den, I didn't know disguising myself and hiding within your society within a few days could bring me something so legendary." Tyo said as he proceeded to use shadow magic to transfer himself somewhere else with Plutia.

"Wind Railgun!" A woman's voice suddenly rang in from the side of Tyo.


"PFFT!" Tyo spat out blood as he flew away dropping his grip of Plutia.

"Shiro!" The woman finally appeared, who was Crystalia as he ran over to pick up the sleeping Plutia.

"You dare attack this noble!" Tyo said as he spat out blood and got up again this time pouncing at Crystalia.

As Tyo pounced at Crystalia with his claws, Crystalia jumped backwards while carrying Plutia in her arms. After that she made a dash out of the store while chanting a spell.

"Come forth, fairies of the light. Make my crest, that is to call my allies." She chanted as quickly as she could while running away as Tyo chased her.

"Light Creation Spell : Creation Art!" She said finally as she raised one of her hand into the sky. Like a trajectory, a blooming gold colored flower inside a heart shape appeared in the sky.


"Hello, thanks for your patronage." Chase said as he received money from a guy after giving the man a drink.

"Ha~ I wonder what Shiro is doing. Probably getting attacked…" Chase said as he picked up an advertisement paper from where Crystalia worked at.

"Well then, she actually is getting attacked. And what do you know isn't that Crystalia's signal for help?" Chase muttered to himself as he looked at the crest.

"Wait… Signaling for help? IM ON MY WAY!" Chase said immediately as he dashed.


After an intense running with the vampire Crystalia was out of energy. She also had to take care of an unconscious Plutia too, which added more to her troubles.

"Sweetie, why are you so much trouble to keep?" Crystalia muttered to herself as she looked at the vampire in front of her eye to eye.

"Seems like you can't run anymore, I'll give you one more chance. Hand me that girl and I'll spare you your life." Tyo said as he stretched his hand out.

"No way! I am not giving you my daughter!" Crystalia shouted back at him.

"Is that so then… Die!" Tyo said as he suddenly vanished and appeared right behind Crystalia with his fangs open to bite her neck.

"Crystalia! Get away from her!" Chase's voice was heard as he stabbed the vampire with a stake through its heart.

"Chase! You're here finally! Were you trying to get me killed on purpose?" Crystalia said as she looked at the man who had saved her, not in a good way.

"My bad my bad, good thing I found a stake on me huh? I forgot to get my weapon halfway in while trying to find you and found this lying around. The goddess is on my side huh?" Chase said as he looked at Plutia.

"Well then, let's go back home and call it a day. By the way, I already let Kias deal with those weird people at your shop, it should be okay now. Hopefully he isn't angry." Chase said to Crystalia.

"Alright, let's go back home and let her sleep on the bed." Crystalia said as she hugged the sleeping Plutia.


Four years have passed.

"Sweetie! Don't forget to prepare yourself for the academy examinations tomorrow!" Laura shouted from the kitchen while looking at the stairs.

"Yes mother! I will!" Sylvie replied back from inside her room.

"It's time I can finally explore the outside world!" Sylvie said to herself happily.

"It's time to finally start my adventure of becoming the best magician!"


Sylvie : YAYYYY

Plutia : no yay

Sylvie : why not

Plutia : me slep slep

Slyvie : ohh

Chase : I wonder why the goddess decided to give me a stake

Plutia : I didn't decide to give u no dam stake

Angels : Oh, my bad. I did that, didn't want you dying.

Plutia : Oh, thanks. When I get back I will give you all a promotion



Plutia : no get out

Author: *hic* Sob




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