Aiming to be the Best Magician in the World!
35 Title : Plutia Is Used To Gain Customers
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Aiming to be the Best Magician in the World!
Author :Plutia_Sagiri
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35 Title : Plutia Is Used To Gain Customers

One day in the town of where Chase and Crystalia lived, there was a ruckus and huge commotion. The cause of the ruckus and huge commotion was because of one thing - a piece of advertisement that struck the entire town and neighboring ones. What was on the piece of advertisement was this.

[Cute Fox loli in a blue summer dress! Come in to Mancy's Clothing Shop to get a look at her and buy some clothings while you're at it!]

"A cute fox loli?!" A very fat man said in his own house as he gripped onto the piece of advertisement before packing stuff in his room before heading to the town the very next day.


"Man, there is so many people here. So that must be Mancy's Clothing Shop as that place is the most crowded. Look at that large line!" He exclaimed as he walked into town with ten bodyguards of his. As he came from a noble family even though he's useless and a pedophile.

"Young master, should we just go ahead in front of all these commoners?" A bodyguard to his left asked him.

"No, that would dirty our family name and me. I don't want my father to beat me up for that." The fat man replied.

'You already dirty the family name… Lose some weight and start doing something for the family already… You damn pedophile…' A new bodyguard thought to himself as he was only working for money and didn't really like his employer.

As the fat man got to the back of the line with his ten bodyguards, people around him spotted him and started to whisper and gossip about him.

"Look at him! He is so fat! What kind of noble is he? He has ten bodyguards." Someone whispered to another.

"Don't you know him? He's labeled useless and a pedophile. He's so stupid that he thinks doing the right thing hides the fact that he's useless and a pedophile and doesn't know we call him that." Another person replied to the man in a hushed tone.

"Hmm, everyone is pointing and looking at me. They must be talking about how famous I am and how strong my family is." The fat man said softly as he looked at everyone who was pointing at him and looking at him. As if avoiding eye contact with him they immediately turned around and looked somewhere else.

"Seems like it, they must be in awe of me so that they can't even look at me in the eye. That must be it." The fat man continued as he closed his eyes and nodded self-inwardly praising himself.

'You damn narcissist. Everyone is literally trash talking you. How do you come up with these wild imaginations?' The new bodyguard said as a vein popped on his forehead.

When the fat man opened his eyes he saw that everyone in front of him in the line had suddenly moved aside as if letting him through.

"Seems like everyone knows who I am and is giving me a pathway… If I say so myself, this is a great privilege." He said out loud as if he has never heard of thinking inside his head.

After saying that he walked into the shop with his ten bodyguards.

"Hello~ Welcome to Mancy's Clothing Shop. A woman with brown hair and brown eyes greeted the eleven of them from the side when they had just entered. The woman was of course Maru, the one who had just recently tortured Plutia with Crystalia.

"Hello there!" The fat man greeted Maru back with lustful eyes as if he was unaware of his lookings.

"U-um, the men clothings are over there to the left…" Maru said quickly before running away as she was scared and disgusted from the old man's eyes.

"Thank you very much." The fat man replied as he watched Maru run away from him.

"Looks like she knows I am too important for her to assist hm? Well then, time to go to the right then, I am assuming that loli fox will be there since that's where the girls clothing are probably located." The fat man said to himself out loud, which he was correct, as Plutia was sitting on top of a box being hugged by multiple girls

"There you are my precious wife…" The fat man said as he spotted Plutia who was being hugged by many girls.

"Nyaa~ Please stop hugging me nya~" Plutia said while resisting the girls and women alike to no avail.

"The way you try to resist is so cute! Let me hug you even more!" A woman said as she hugged Plutia from behind.

"Nyaa! Mother help me nya!!" Plutia screamed for Crystalia's help. Which was also to no avail, as Crystalia was happy she got many customers who bought the same clothing Plutia wore as they thought it would also look nice on their daughters/wife/friends.

"Wifey! Come jump into my arms!" The fat man said as he looked at Plutia causing everyone's attentions to go towards him.

"Whose wife is hes? Please go bring him home, he's interrupting my time with this cute little girl~" A woman said as she continued to hug Plutia.

"Not mine." Everyone replied in sync.

"Nyaa~ Let go of me nya~~~" Plutia struggled still.

"Looks like your wife isn't here. Please leave sir. As she said before, you're interrupting our time with this little girl." Another woman said while glaring daggers at the fat man.

"I was never talking about any of you, I was talking about her!" He said as he pointed at Plutia.

"Nya? Who are you nya?" Plutia said as she cocked her head to the side and looked at the fat man.

"Your future husband. Now come to the church and marry me." The fat man said as he reached a hand towards her.

"Nya? I don't even know you though nya?" Plutia said confusedly.

"She doesn't know you so scram." The women and girls said as they glared at the man who proclaimed himself to be the cute girls in their grasps. husband.

"She's no one's wife aside from mine." A woman said.

"No she's my future wife!" Another shouted.

Eventually all of them were arguing for who would be wife. Until a loud voice shouted in the shop.

"No! I am her husband Do you even know who I am?! Only I can her husband! I'll have you executed right now!" The fat man finally lost his temper as he got ignored and had the little girl who was in his sight getting claimed suddenly shouted.

"You dare!" Everyone shouted at once.

"I do dare! Men go get them!" He said as he looked at his bodyguards.


Plutia : wuu wuu they keep hugging me

Sylvie : You know how it feels to be young now don't you?

Plutia : I'm sorry! Sob sob, even I can't fix you now you know.

Sylvie : Why not!?

Plutia : I can't access my system control panel to change it for some reason sob sob

Sylvie : WHY!?

Plutia : Ask the author sob sob, trying to make me have fat man as my husband no thank you.

Author : Wtf? I don't know why either. Ask my brain

Sylvie & Plutia : WHY?!

Brain : …

Author : Teehee

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