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34 Plutia Gets Dressed Up

"Shiro~ Come here with okaa-san to her work today." Crystalia said as she finished cooking her lunch and prepared to go to work.

"Why okaa-san nya~?" Plutia asked Crystalia as she was confused why Crystalia had suddenly asked her to go to work with her.

"Because, I told you yesterday. You can not be near men. If I leave you alone here what would happen to you? I don't know if I can trust Chase at all." Crystalia said as she beckoned for Plutia to come over to her.

Complying to Crystalia's beckoning Plutia toddled over to Crystalia slowly.

"Alright, caught. Let's go to my work place now~" Crystalia said as she caught Plutia and carried her up.

"Awawawawa!" Plutia started repeatedly saying as she was confused on why she suddenly got caught by her mother and was being carried out to her mother's work place.


"Oh, good morning Crystalia. You going to work now?" Chase greeted Crystalia when she opened the door.

"Yeah, I am going to work now. Have a good time now~" Crystalia said while trying to hide the fact that she was bringing Plutia along with her.

"Wait a second Crystalia…" Chase said all of a sudden when he noticed a fox tail appearing at the side of Crystalia.

"Y-yes what is it Chase?" Crystalia said as she froze up while slowly turning her head around.

"What are you hiding from me?" Chase said as he slowly walked closer to her.

"N-nothing! Nothing at all! I will go to work now!" Crystalia said as she hugged Plutia tighter to her and ran out of the inn.

"AH! GIVE SHIRO BACK TO ME CRYSTALIA!" Chase shouted as he saw Plutia when Crystalia dashed out of the inn.

"Phew~ we're finally out and safe Shiro." Crystalia said as she turned back to see that Chase was not in her sight. She then looked down at the Plutia who was in her tight hug.

"Shiro!? Awa! I am so sorry! Come back to life!" Crystalia immediately said when she saw that Plutia was dying from suffocation and had already fainted.

"Uhh! Umm! W-wait… I can dress you up when you're unconscious… Right… I am not doing anything wrong… You must look cute at all times." Crystalia said and thought to herself the profits she could make if she dressed Plutia up while she was unconscious.

"Alright! Time to get to work! You'll look so good even the customers will want to buy the same clothings!" Crystalia said to herself as she carried Plutia to her work place.

Along the way every time Crystalia had passed a beastkin, they would turn around and look at the girl in her arms as they had smelled an animal royalty from somewhere.

"Weird… I swear I smelled an animal royalty…" A beastkin had said as he looked at the direction where Crystalia was carrying Plutia.

"Oh well, whatever. Royalties are always doing what they want, they didn't call on us or anything so it's okay." The beastkin said to himself once more as he continued his stroll for the day.


"Here we are!" Crystalia said as she opened the clothing shop she was working at - Mancy's Clothing Shop.

"Good morning Crystalia, who's that little girl that you're carrying?" A woman with brown hair and brown eyes asked Crystalia.

"Oh good morning Maru. She's my daughter! Isn't she cute?" Crystalia said as she raised Plutia up for the woman to see.

"She has nice fox ears and fox tails. They look very fluffy, can I touch them?" Maru asked Crystalia as she inched closer to Plutia.

"Sure, can you actually hold her and take care of her for me? I am going to get some clothing to put on her real quick." Crystalia said as she placed Plutia in Maru's arms and quickly ran into a room in the back.

"By the way, her name is Shiro Neko." Crystalia said before leaving.

"Alright! Aren't you a cute one Shiro Neko? Are you asleep or something? Hello?" Maru tried conversing to the unconscious Plutia.

"Alright I am back with some clothing!" Crystalia said as she had numerous summer dresses, shorts, shirts, swimsuits, skirts, gloves, scarfs, and jewelry.

"Er, Crystalia isn't that a bit too much? By the way, why won't your daughter wake up?" Maru asked Crystalia as she handed Plutia back to her.

"Alright! Let's bring her to the back room and dress her up until we find one that perfectly suits her! Then we can put her up for view!" Crystalia said as she carried Plutia into the back room while leaving all the clothes for Maru to carry.

"Why didn't you put the clothes into the backroom before coming here! I don't want to carry all of this!" Maru shouted at the quickly escaping Crystalia as she looked at the bundle of clothes.

"Sorry! You're going to have to carry it all!" Crystalia shouted back at her as she entered the door to the backroom.

"ugh!" Maru said as she quickly followed them into the back room with all the clothes.

After both of them were in the room, Maru and Crystalia silently started to have nosebleeds as they dressed Plutia slowly.


"Nnh… Nya…" Plutia groaned as she woke up slowly.

'Ugh… Okaa-san keeps trying to kill me with suffocation…' Plutia thought to herself.

'Why do my limbs feel so sore? What happened when I was asleep?' Plutia asked as she opened her eyes to look at herself.

"Oh good afternoon sweetie~" Crystalia's voice rang in.

"Good afternoon okaa-san nya." Plutia replied.

"Good afternoon Shiro Neko." A woman's voice rang in that was unfamiliar to Plutia.

"Um… Good afternoon." Plutia greeted the unfamiliar woman.

"My name is Maru, nice to meet you. I am a co-worker of your mother." Maru said as she leaned in to touch Plutia's fox ears.

"Ah~ Such bliss. You catkins or foxkins are so nice to pet~" Maru said as she closed her eyes and enjoyed feeling Plutia's floofy ears.

"NYAA! Okaa-san help!!! NYAAAAAAA!" Plutia tried resisting with tears in her eyes as she looked at Crystalia for help.

"W-wait! Maru! Let me join in too!" Crystalia said when she saw the cute look from Plutia.

"NYOOOO!!! BETRAYAL NYAA! KYAAAA!" Plutia's screams were heard from the front of the store where customers where shopping.


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