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32 Relaxing Chapter 2

"Nn… Nya…" Plutia woke up when she felt someone touching her head.

"Nya? Chase?" Plutia asked when she saw a Chase who was looking at her with a surprised expression.

"Uhm, good morning sweetie." Chase said as he stopped himself from saying Shiro Neko when he remembered he had adopted her.

"Umm, who is this Chase?" Plutia said as she looked at the man who still had his hand on her head.

"Uh, hello little girl. My name is Kias." Kias said as he retracted his hand from her head.

"Nya?" Plutia looked at the two confusedly as one was randomly touching her head when she was sleeping while the other had a shocked expression looking at her.

"What's wrong nya?" Plutia said not realizing her speech had changed a lot.

"Um, sweetie you might wanna er… Uh… Yeah." Chase said as he pointed at his head.

"Nya? What is it?" Plutia said as she slowly raised her head to touch her head. What she felt was soft fur.

"Oh nya… Nya!? My ears." Plutia yelped in shock as she realized her hidden Kitsune ears had appeared and were in vision to the two.

"Nya nya nya nya nya!!!~" Plutia immediately started to get scared as she couldn't control herself when she realized she had been exposed.

"Calm down sweetie! Everything is okay!" Chase said as he immediately noticed that Plutia was very confused and scared and couldn't control herself. He immediately leaned over and started comforting her as he pulled her into his chest.

"Nyafauf" Plutia started to calm down a little.

"Nyafu nyafu~" Plutia's mouth leaked a few nice sounds as she got lost of herself as she cuddled onto Chase's chest burying her head until she found a comfortable spot.

"She really is like a cat when she acts like this." Chase said as he stroked the head of Plutia who was in her trance like state while snuggling into Chase's chest.

"Indeed, she really is. I wonder if she actually truly found you as a father… Did you brainwash her seriously though?" Kias said just to confirm if Chase really did anything to the little girl.

"I did nothing of that sort! Stop trying to place illegal claims on me!" Chase instantly denied the accusation from Kias.

"Alright alright, you didn't brainwash her." Kias said as he raised his hands in defense.


"I am back! What are you doing Cha- Why does she have ears and tails?" Crystalia said as she realized two white triangle fluffy ears on top of Plutia's head and many fluffy tails hanging out of the bed.

"Awa, Crystalinya~ You're back nya~" Plutia said as she stopped cuddling onto Chase and looked at the young woman who had just returned home from the door.

"S-s-so Cute!" Crystalia said as she immediately dashed over to Plutia and hugged her.

"Who's a good girl hmm?" Crystalia said as she started to hug and pat Plutia.

"Nya NYA NYA nya!" Sylvie said repeatedly as she was waved over with affection.

"So you're a catkin? I didn't know that, but it makes you look even cuter! I hope you stay the same forever!" Crystalia said as she rubbed her cheeks with Plutia's.

"Nyaa!" Plutia said as she closed her eyes and let Crystalia do whatever she wanted to her.

"To be exact Crystalia, she's a heavenly kitsune." Kias's voice suddenly rang in as he watched the two.

"Eh? Sorry what, can you repeat that?" Crystalia said as she froze and pulled her face away from Plutia for a bit which caused Plutia top open her eyes and look at her in confusion.

"I said she's a heavenly kitsune. Why don't you try appraising her right now? Since she's been exposed she can't hide her species anymore unless she hides it in front of us again." Kias said as he proposed the idea of letting appraisal do the work so he doesn't get attacked for a dumb reason.

"Alright…" Crystalia said as she stared at Plutia.



- Appraisal -

Name : Shiro Neko

Species : Heavenly Kitsune

Sex : Female

Age : 6 Years Old

Level : 5

EXP : 45/650

HP : 300/300

MP : 130/130

SPD : 10

STR : 25

ED : 5

DXT: 20


"Ha~ What a daughter I have adopted… She can really cause trouble if news gets out about this. Why are you such a legendary existence Shiro Neko?" Crystalia sighed as she lightly poked Plutia in the middle of the forehead with her index finger.

"Awa?" Plutia said in confusion.

"Nothing sweetie~ let your mother hug you now." Crystalia said as she hugged Plutia again with a smile.

"Nyaa~ okaa-san~" Plutia said as she closed her eyes and let the embrace get to her.

"Oh my gawddddddd, you called me okaa-san. Call me that forever!" Crystalia said as she rubbed her cheeks with Plutia again.

"Why don't you call me otou-san then Shiro Neko?" Chase said as he pointed at himself as he felt jealous that she had called him Chase instead of calling Crystalia otou-san.

"Chase… You're acting really strange right now." Kias said as he looked at chase who was eagerly waiting for a little girl to call him father.

"Shut up you single man, you don't know how it feels." Chase retorted as he waiting for Plutia to call him otou-san.

"Oto- Chase." Plutia said before saying Chase again.

"Otou-san" Chase repeated.

"Otou-Chase." Plutia said once more.

"Oh - toh- san." Chase repeated every syllable.

"Otou-san." Plutia finally said in a weak voice.

After hearing the words leave Plutia's mouth Chase had a nosebleed and fainted.

"You're single too… And a heavily potential pedophile at that Chase…" Kias said as he looked at the unconscious man who was bleeding from his nose.

"S-shut up… I got called father… I am so happy now. I can finally die." Chase retorted Kias once more before ascending to heaven with his soul and leaving his physical body.

"Wake up, you still got work to do you know." Crystalia said ruining Chase's happy moment.

"Dammit Crystalia, you ruined my good mood." Chase said as he got up again before looking at his cute adopted daughter again before going back to work.


Plutia : what a pervert

Sylvie : I agree

Author : I agree..

Kias : He's still single

Chase : So are you

Crystalia : Losers

Kias & Chase : You're still single too you know

Crystalia : At least I got a very cute daughter.

Chase : She's my daughter too!

Plutia : nya

Sylvie : So I can pet u when I meet you right?

Plutia : SH**

Author : Planned