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"Oh Crystalia, you're back. Can you heal this little girl? She was attacked by some noble lady that wanted her room." Chase said as he placed the Plutia who was breathing roughly with her face scrunched up in pain on a bed.

"These nobles sure are getting out of hand. They even stooped as low as to attack this little girl." Crystalia said as she put down whatever she was doing and quickly ran over to the little girl who was dying on the bed and used appraisal on her.



- Appraisal -

Name : Shiro Neko

Species : Human (Readers She's actually a Heavenly Kitsune - Just Hidden unless they used a more advanced Appraisal.)

Sex : Female

Age : 6 Years Old

Level : 5

EXP : 20/650

HP : 20/300 (Weakened State)

MP : 130/130

SPD : 10

STR : 25

ED : 5

DXT: 20


"She's really low in health right now…" Crystalia said as she slowly chanted the intermediate heal spell onto Plutia.

As Crystalia slowly healed Plutia she looked at Plutia's status to make sure she does not overheal her - otherwise it would be problematic if something had happened.

Just as Plutia's health slowly went up to 250 she stopped the spell.

"Phew, she should be much better now." Crystalia said as she wiped off the sweat off her forehead as she looked at Chase.

"Mm, lets let her sleep here for today then." Chase said as he stared at the little girl on the white bed sleeping peacefully after getting healed.

"Where are her parents?" Crystalia said, as she did not know Plutia had entered the inn alone.

"She came alone." Chase replied.

"How can a cute and pretty little girl like her who is so weak come alone?" Crystalia said in shock as she stared back at Plutia on the bed.

"I don't really know. All I know is that, we need to keep her safe here." Chase said as he went out the door to resume being a clerk.

"Ha~ He puts too much effort on working. He wants to be a white knight and protect everyone but he doesn't have the power to." Crystalia sighed as she went back to cooking - which she was doing before Chase barged in to get her to heal Plutia.


[Back to Chase's POV]

"Ha~ Can't believe I let someone get injured in front of me again." Chase sighed as he muttered to himself.


"Hello Chase! Can I get a Dragon Ale? (This is a brand in the story.)" A man said wearing a long broadsword on his back and what looked to be chainmail armor.

"Oh Kais, what's up. I'll get you one, just a second." Chase said as he snapped out of his daze and looked at the man who had just entered and asked him for a drink.

"What's up with you? You're so depressed, did Crystalia leave you again?" Kais said as he joked with Chase slightly.

"Holy crap, is that the S-Ranked Adventurer Kais? Why is he here?" One of the men drinking at a table said as he looked at Chase and Kais having a conversation.

"Do you think I can get him to do a favor for me?" A girl said as she twisted her body.

"No way, he's an S-Ranked Adventurer, who do you think he cannot get?" Another girl said.

"Oh, should I atleast try?" The girl asked once more.

"Don't! You'll probably get rejected and no one will probably ask you out because of the humiliation." The girl replied.

"Nah, Crystalia is in the back right now if you want to meet her." Chase said as he got a bottle of ale and poured it into a wooden mug.

"Here you go. Dragon ale, fresh and newly received." Chase said and put it in front of Kais.

"Oh? Is that so? Then why are you showing such a depressed expression right now?" Kais said as he took a big gulp of the ale.

"Still good as always." Kais said as he enjoyed the taste of the alcohol.

"Ah, some little girl one of my clients just got attacked by a noble lady that wanted her room. She was nearly dead and is in the back sleeping with Crystalia watching over her." Chase said as he sighed depressedly.

"Oh, come on Chase. Don't blame it on yourself man. It's not your fault she was injured man. The nobles are really difficult to understand." Kias said as he comforted Chase who was depressed.

"Yeah, but you know. That noble lady that attacked her was pretty weak. Yet I still allowed the little girl to get hit by her wind bullet. The girl fell down the stairs and was nearly dead." Chase said as he gripped his own wooden mug that he poured a drink for himself.

"..." Kias didn't say any more as he didn't know a way to comfort the depressed man as he took another sip of his ale.

"Say you got any more rooms open?" Kias asked Chase.

"Well, we originally had the last room for that little girl. Since she was alone we decided to keep her with us. You can have it if you want." Chase said as he brought the blue crystal orb back out again.

"Alright, I'll take it. Give her this later. Doubt she could pay for much others if she's alone." Kias said as he got his Rental Card and handed Chase 10 platinum coins.

"Alright. I'll make sure to give it to her. I'll try to make her stay with us until we can find her guardians, otherwise she'd probably get kidnapped and robbed." Chase said as he waved Kias goodbye.

"Alright, thanks for the room. See you later, I am going to sleep now. I am pretty tired from that mission." Kias said as he walked up the stairs.

"Alright, have a nice rest Kias." Chase said as he went to the front of the inn and flipped the OPEN tag to CLOSED before heading back to where Crystalia and Plutia was.

(They were talking for hours like how people drink for hours.)



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