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25 Danger Foreshadowing

"Ara? Is there anything of the matter Sylvie?" Laura asked Sylvie when she noticed how Sylvie had a crying expression while looking down at the floor (actually she was looking at her flat chest) while seeming as if she was saying something.

"N-No! Nothing of the matter mother." Sylvie replied hastily as she looked upwards and started to shake her head left and right.

"Are you sure? You can talk to me if anything is bothering you, you know sweetie." Laura said with a frown on her face as she looked at her own daughter that wasn't telling her what was bothering her.

"Nothing is bothering me really!" Sylvie said immediately as she denied the fact that anything was bothering her.

'The thing that is bothering me is… Forget about it! It'll grow eventually since I have your genes… Right? Yeah it must be so…' Sylvie thought to herself before removing the thought and went back to present time.

"Nyan?" Ria tilted her head to the side as she looked at the mother and daughter duo.

'Is the mother a baka or just clueless to what is actually happening. Your daughter obviously looked at your big breasts and back to her non existent ones.' Ria thought.

"Nya, miss are you going to buy that white dress nyow? nya" Ria decided to interrupt the two.

"Ah? Yes I will buy the dress now. How much will it be anyway?" Laura said as she picked Sylvie up and carried her downstairs with Ria to the cashier counter.

"It's from the finest silk we have so it will be 1 gold coin nya." Ria said as she walked behind the counter

"Alright, here you go." Laura said as she placed 1 gold coin on the counter using her dimension storage magic.

"Thank you for your patronyage!" Ria said and bowed as Laura and Sylvie walked out the building.

"Nya nya! Let me touch your cat ears Ria!!!!!!" Sylvie cried out as Laura carried her out the building.

"Nyo!!!!!!!! Don't do this to me mother!!!!" Sylvie cried out once more as the door of the building closed on her face.

"Dear lord, thank god her mother was a sensible person and brought her out nya…" Ria muttered as she calmed herself down from the cute two year old baby girl that wanted to touch her cat ears.

"Ria, sounds like you may have a cute ojou-chan that will come here every now and then to touch your cat ears when she becomes older hm?" A blond haired girl the same age as Ria said as she came behind Ria and started to fondle with her cat ears.

"NYAAAAA WHAT ARE U DOING STOP NYAAAAA!" Ria screamed and struggled to get away from her grasp.

"Nyufufu, you're so cute as always Ria." The blond haired girl laughed mischievously as she looked at the Ria who was on the verge of tears.

"nyuu~ You bully Crystalia nya!" Ria said back to the blond haired girl.

"Not my fault your reaction is cute." Crystalia said as she smirked at Ria who was covering her cat ears.


"... PFFT It's so funny and cute!" Crystalia laughed as she pointed towards Ria who was covering her cat ears and was blushing red.

"ITS NOT FUNNY!" Ria shouted which permeated the entire building.


"Wahh~ I wanted to touch floof floof ears nya…" Sylvie cried silently as Laura carried her away from Lisa's Clothing Store.

"It's not appropriate to touch a beastkin's ears you know. They are pretty sensitive you know sweetie." Laura said as she stroked Sylvie's back gently to stop her from crying.

"B-but! I just wanted to touch floof floof wah~" Sylvie said as she continued to cry.

"Alright, let's go home now since we bought 'one' piece of clothing for you." Laura said as she went to the carriage she had parked near the hotel.

"Wahh~ floof floof change go away." Sylvie continued to cry as if not hearing a single thing Laura said as she was carried inside the carriage.

"Miss, where are we heading too?" The carriage driver said from outside the carriage to Laura.

"We're heading back to the Martel's Mansion." Laura said as she continued to stroke Sylvie's back gently on her laps.

"Wah~... Floof floof…" Sylvie said quietly before falling asleep on her mother's laps. Getting a lap pillow in the carriage.

"Ha~ What a bothersome little girl you are my dear. You want too much floof floof at such a young age. How will you grow up… Are you going to build a floof floof kingdom?" Laura muttered as she looked at her baby daughter that was sleep talking.

"Floof floof kingdom… Nyaa~ I Shall build floof floof kingdom. No one can stop me from floof floofing." Sylvie said in her sleep as she smiled and drooled a bit.

"Oh dear, she actually might make a floof floof kingdom at this rate. Ha~ it might help unite all the floofers mc floofers across the world I guess? Maybe they can finally bond with the human race." Laura said as she thought about the future.

"Now here little one, should control your drool now." Laura said as she got a napkin from inside her dimensional storage and wiped off the drool that was leaking from Sylvie's mouth.

"Nyrufu - Floof floof~" Sylvie said once more in her sleep.

"Just what are you dreaming of child. You keep saying floof floof. Pfft." Laura said as she giggled and stroked Sylvie's head gently to prevent her from waking up.


At the Darkmore family household in a study room, there was a young girl and a man that resembled her sitting across from each other with a table in between the two.

"Father! You must avenge me! There was this woman who dares to treat our family name as dirt! She even had such a cute little girl in her hands too! I want that little girl! Please get the two of them! Torture that woman and let me have that little girl!" Yinara said to her father who was sitting across from her.

"Do you even know who you were messing with?" Belgrath Darkmore replied calmly.

"No! I didn't even know them from anywhere! So they must be a commoner!" She replied to her father very quickly.

"Alright, since if she's a commoner you can use the five knights that are part of my small defensive unit with you to kill that woman once you find her." He replied.

"Thank you father!" Yinara said as she got up to leave.


Sylvie : ohno me get attacc

Author : But ur mom protecc

Sylvie : but I want floof floof

Author : that doesn't end in cc u idiot

Sylvie : So what you want me to go floofcc

Author : yes thats much better

Ria : stop floof floof pls


Ria : Nope


Ria : No thank you!

Sylvie : *tears forms at eyes*


Author : owo