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'Thank god we left. That girl was so annoying… She is already like ten years old but so rebellious.' Sylvie thought to herself as her mother carried her to another building across the street.

"Hey Sylvie look, it's a clothing shop. Let's go take a look why don't we? You kind of need new clothes anyway. And I am pretty busy now a days so I don't have time to make you new clothing." Laura said as she pointed toward's a building at the end of an intersection which was two floors made out of wood.

"Okay!" Sylvie said as she nodded her head indicating she wanted to go.

'Now that I think about it. I wonder what the effect of the Hidden Permanent Ability was.' Sylvie thought to herself.

'How do I find out anyway?' She questioned inside her head.

'Simple, just look by using status.' The old man's voice rang inside her head.

'HIIII! STOP COMING OUT OF NOWHERE WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU!' Sylvie screamed in her head as she was frightened from his voice.

'Sheesh, stop yelling at me already little girl. Atleast I answered your question.' The old man replied back.

'I was going to think about using Status anyway! Hmph!' Sylvie shot back at him in her mind.

Laura who was watching Sylvie the entire time was puzzled on why Sylvie was calm all of a sudden to being scared than being angry than pouting.

"Sylvie are you okay? Do you want to go back?" Laura asked Sylvie who was arguing with an old man in her head.

"It's okay mother! I was just day dreaming." Sylvie said as she shook her head left and right as she really wanted to explore the city.

"Okay then, just tell me if you don't feel okay and we'll head back right away." Laura said as she stroked Sylvie's back gently to soothe her.

"nnh" Sylvie agreed as she leaned closer to her mother to comfort herself from the annoying old man in her head.



- Status -

Name : Sylvie Martel

Sex : Female

Age : 2

Level : 13

EXP: 790/1400

HP: 4723/14000

MP : 9583/58000

SPD : Max [200]

STR : 1200

ED : 1100

DXT : 990



'Oh not bad little girl. Too bad that amount was only a fraction of the total power I reached. You are still weaker than many. You probably won't have any more fortuous encounters so you better train. Leveling up to 100 will probably only have your stats five times the amount you already have or ten. I failed math before I died anyway so I wouldn't know.' The old man said while reminiscing of his sh*tty past.

'Why the hell do I need to know this again?' Sylvie asked him through her head.

'Okay dang little girl. If you don't want to hear me talk then I wont.' The old man immediately shut up.

'How many are stronger than me?' Sylvie asked him.


'Old man? Hello?' Sylvie asked him once more.


'Sh*tty old man…'

'Little girl that went a little bit too far.' He replied.

'Atleast I got your attention now huh?' Sylvie asked him.

'Anyway, half of the vampire's population at level 100 already beat your stats and so do other races excluding humans. The humans can only contend with other races in a battle because of your population, otherwise none of you would exist while other races fought eachother.' The old man said.

'Thank you old man goodbye.' Sylvie said.


'bai bai'

'Hey little girl!' The old man shouted.


'little girl!?'

"Mother, will the Darkmore family do anything to us?" Sylvie asked Laura.

"Hmm? Them? They are only a mere baron family. The bottom of the nobilities. What can they do to us? Maybe I'll hire a tutor for you so you can learn before going to the academy with your two older brothers when you grow up." Laura said to Sylvie.

"Ooh okay then mother." Laura said while breathing a sigh of relief.

'Little girl are you really ignoring me?' The old man said inside her head.


'Fine… I'll catch you later sometime then…' The old man said before leaving her head.

'Jeez hes finally gone. Having someone talk in your head is really scary and annoying… I don't like how he can read my thoughts either.' Sylvie thought inside her heart.

Ring Ring

"Welcome to Lisa's Clothing Store-nya! What type of clothes are you looking for miss-nya?" A teenager girl's voice came from the inside of the store as Laura and Sylvie entered the building.

"nya?" Sylvie said as she turned around to look at the girl.

The girl had black hair and dark brown eyes a long with black cat ears and a black cat tail with a little bit of white at the tip.

"nya nya? Nya??! A cat?!" Sylvie exclaimed while being carried by Laura, otherwise she would've ran up to the girl and started touching her cat tail and ears.

"Nya?" The cat girl said puzzedly as she saw how the little girl was staring at her with heart eyes.

'What is this nya? I am kind of scared nya…' She thought to herself. However Laura saved her by asking the girl for where clothing she wanted to buy were.

"Do you know where the frilly dresses and skirts filled with laces are for this baby girl?" Laura asked her.

"Nya? Err? Oh nyes! Follow me ma'am nya." The cat girl said snapping out of her weird feeling she got from Sylvie as she lead Laura up the stairs to the second floor.

"Nya nya. What's your name?" Sylvie asked the cat girl.

"Nya? My name is Ria nya? What is yours nya?" Ria asked Sylvie as she kind of found her cute and had the urge of 'must protect this weak looking girl'.

"May I touch your cat ears?" Sylvie asked Ria.

"Nya?" Ria asked her with wide eyes and her mouth open in shock.


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