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16 Changes In The Dimension

'Ugh... Where am I... That bastard really hit me hard huh?' Sylvie stirred awake to find out that she was not where she was supposed to be.

'It's this place again? Do I come here whenever I am unconscious not by sleeping or something? How does this concept even work... Sigh.' Sylvie sighed to herself as she was thinking of how she ended up back in the Dimension where the burst of knowledge from the book she had touched nearly destroyed her brain.

"Is it me or did the area I originally had before got wider? Even though the trees were still blocking wherever she was. Wait why does the water in the river look different now? There is actually fish in it now?" Sylvie muttered to herself as she caught a moving object in the water until it jumped out and landed back in the water revealing to Sylvie what it was.

"Right! I remember in that knowledge I contained - same with the other novels, games, anime, etc... There was that moved called Appraisal! Maybe I can use it to find out what type of fish it is!" Sylvie said out loud as there was no one in the vicinity, or to be exact their couldn't possibly be one.

After thinking of using Appraisal magic she turned to look at the fish which in turn just looked back at her strangely from inside the water.

'Appraisal!' She thought inside her head as her left eye suddenly from an outside view had data appear on it like a mirror reflection.


- Appraisal -

Name : ___

Species : Gold Fish (Not the one we have irl, I am talking about a gold one, literally gold.)

Sex : Male

Age : 2 Years Old (The Dimension changed after she touched the book and gained knowledge.)

Level : 1 (There is literally nothing for it to do aside from swim...)

EXP : 0/100

HP : 10/10

MP : 0/0

SPD : 10

STR : 1

ED : 20 (It's gold.)

DXT: 0 (No hands...)

Abilities : Every month, in the presence of an owner it shall magically spawn a random amount of gold. (Talking about smooth gold ingots like the one you see in minecraft.)


"What the hell. Magically spawns a random amount of gold every month? Where is the gold spawned at then?" Sylvie muttered to herself as she questioned the description of the ability.

As if knowing what Sylvie was saying the gold fish started swimming towards a direction while bickering Sylvie to follow it.

"Eh? It is over there? Alright, lead the way." Sylvie communicated to it as if she knew what it was saying.

This is just one of the skills she got from Goddess Plutia as she could understand what they were trying to intent.

While walking following the gold fish down the river there it eventually lead into a cave.

"Why the heck is there a cave here... This isn't how the script goes in all those cultivation novels I have read..." Sylvie questioned the world as she has never read of a cave being inside someone's spiritual world/dimension.

Seeming as if the gold fish noticed Sylvie not entering it jumped out of the water to gain her attention. It worked as Sylvie snapped out of her daze and walked forward into the cave.

After walking for a while she then spotting an open area in the cave where massive amounts of gold stacked upon eachother. (Gold ingots from minecraft or the one you see in movies.)

"Woah! There is so many! I can be rich just by a quarter of this alone! You are one special fish you know!" Sylvie exclaimed as her eyes glittered seeing the massive amount of gold in front of her. She was never a rich person in her previous life, as she wasn't good at anything to have a job - that was until she died before heading to her job application.

"Ah right, I don't have a name for you... What should I call you?" Sylvie talked to the fish who was in the water looking at her.

"How about Kintaro? Yeah I think Kintaro fits you!" Sylvie exclaimed. (Author GeSiLa told me to use name Kintaro props to him, couldn't think of a name.)

As if liking the name Kintaro jumped up in the water to give thanks to Sylvie.

"You welcome." Sylvie said as she gave Kintaro a smile.

As if to say goodbye Kintaro jumped up once more and swam back out of the cave to get his fresh light.

"Ah... How do I get the gold out of this dimension though?" Sylvie noticed as she didn't know how to enter the dimension free of will.

"Ah! Right! I could utilize that dimensional storage that mother uses!" Sylvie exclaimed as she remembered how her mother had tea cups in her storage for some weird reason.

As if recalling how to utilize the magic spell dimensional storage she walked up to a gold ingot and placed her hand on it. As her hand made contact with the ingot she said in her mind 'Storage' as she imagined a chest where she could put her stuff in. The ingot she grabbed disappeared from her hands as her mp dropped by a ridiculous amount from just the small ingot.

"How much MP did that even use?" Sylvie muttered as she felt weak and called up status.


- Status -

Name : Sylvie Martel

Sex : Female

Age : 2

Level : 13

EXP : 420/1400

HP : 150/400 (State Unconscious)

MP : 200/800

SPD : 63

STR : 70

ED : 60

DXT : 99


"What the hell! So much MP is used just for that much storage! Mother how could you waste so much MP just for tea cups!" Sylvie shouted out loud in a frenzy as she realized she could've fainted in her own dimension had she not had a bit more MP.

"And what the heck is my hp! What did that bastard do to me while I was unconscious! How could I lose 250 HP from a single hit! He must've done something else to me!" Sylvie shouted as she thought back to how the prince acted.

"Oh well, I wonder what other changes there are in this dimension." Sylvie muttered as she got over the things and walked out the cave.


Sylvie : Why is so much MP used for that small minecraft gold ingot?

Author : Because it's your traditional MC only skill.

Sylvie : Then why can my mother use it?

Author : Shes special.

Sylvie : What about Goddess Plutia?

Author : Ask her yourself.

Sylvie : Why can you use the dimensional storage spell!

Plutia : Because I am overpowered?

Sylvie : I CALL BS

Author : I call the shots here >:C