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14 Shameless Stupid Prince

After having a nosebleed, the prince silently and swiftly removed it so that Sylvie would not see him as disgraceful.

'Holy crap... That was too deadly...' The young (shameless) prince thought to himself as he turned around again so Sylvie could only see his back and not his face - which was going through plenty of amusing expressions. One could say Sylvie would probably draw on his face if she had a marker if she saw his face.

To the Sylvie who was trying to get the kitties to stop noticed the prince acting strange.

'What is he doing? Is he thinking or something?' She thought as she held 2 kitties one in each hand as they were being 'naughty', some naughty children that kept licking her.

'Kitties please stop! You're going to make my clothes all sticky and wet!' Sylvie cried in her head as she was pleading for them to stop, which they didn't.

Some small beasts eh? Is what many would say when they saw this scene. However to the unknowing Sylvie, the goddess Plutia actually had blessed her with animal love. That is to say animals loving her. Since Sylvie liked animals a lot. (No not insects and bugs, deadly afraid please stop.)

After a while the prince finally stopped thinking and expressing his amusing facial expressions as he turned around once more to look at Sylvie.

'Alright, I need to prepare myself, pretend this is like... A challenge, one has to go through.' He thought briefly as he slowly turned around.

"Ah- um, Sylvie why don't you follow me?" He proposed to her while ignoring all the kitties that were licking her.

"I-I would like to prince but... These kitties won't stop!" Sylvie replied while gently grabbing the kitties and placing them a bit farther, however this was useless as they just jumped back onto her.

"..." The prince stared at the kitties silently.

"???" Sylvie tilted her head as she looked at the prince who's eyes were like they could burn someone.

"Let me handle them then..." The prince said as he walked out of the Royal garden.

"What's up with him?" Sylvie muttered as she went back to 'playing' with the kitties.


(Shameless Stupid Prince POV)

"Tch, with how stupid she is and those damn kittens, my plan would've worked quicker. Too bad those damnable kittens really had numbers otherwise I would've choked them to death." The prince muttered to himself as he walked to a room where gear was kept - not the treasury.

"This sword shall do." The prince said to himself as he picked off the shiniest sword he found on the wall. Any knight or anyone who uses a sword professionally would call him an idiot. As that was one of the worst swords there was in that area, it was just the most beautiful that's it. In a sword users brain, appearance does not matter, the strength does.

As he picked it off the shelf he lightly swung it to see if he can use it.


'Surprisingly light, I should ask my father if I can use the sword.' The stupid shameless prince thought to himself as he walked out the room with the sword in hand back towards the Royal Garden.


"He's been gone for a while now. I wonder what hes doing?" Sylvie played while talking to the kitties.

"nya nya meow meow" The kitties replied. Of course Sylvie could not understand their words as she was not a cat herself.

"I am back! Let me handle them now!" The four year old prince's voice rang from the entrance.

"Oh you're back no- What are you going to do with that sword?" Sylvie greeted him but stopped midway as she saw him holding a sword with blood lust in his eyes.

The prince walked forward to get closer to the kitties and her.

"Merely, I shall slaughter them for interrupting me and your walk." The prince replied like he wasn't in the wrong.

"You can't do that!" Sylvie said back to him.

The prince who had just got denied for the first time in his life - did not feel guilt or sadness, he felt rage.

"Who said I can't kill them! They are mere animals! Animals are food!" The prince shouted as he started to pick up his pace towards them.

The kitties who seemed to have noticed his blood lust and saw the sword on him started to bare their small fangs.





Various types of sounds came out of their mouths as they were prepared to attack him.

"You dare defy me you puny tiny pests? Be gone!" The prince yelled as he swung his sword down - without any technique.

However, the kitties with their incredible agility and flexibility dodged the swing easily.

"Stop!" Sylvie yelled at him.

"Shut up! You be quiet!" The shameless prince yelled at the one who has refused him for the first time, and even more the second time. As if he couldn't stand it anymore he directly ran to Sylvie full speed.

Sylvie who was not prepared at all for that received a punch from him in the chest.

"PFFT" Sylvie flew back and rolled over multiple times until she stopped. As she tried to get up, she couldn't as her limbs became like jelly. She was having a hard time breathing after receiving the kick.

'W-what... Didn't my mother cast a barrier on me earlier?' Laura thought to herself as she recalled the scene of when her mother casted a barrier that consumed 200MP a minute.

'Why didn't it work...' Laura thought to herself.

'It hurts...' Laura lastly thought as the pain was imbearable for her before she finally fainted unconscious.

"Hahaha! Now that she is gone for a bit, I can slaughter you tiny pests without any distractions!" The prince laughed maniacally as he confirmed the little two year old girl was no longer conscious and turned his eyes back towards the kitties who were furious when they saw the guy attack their little princess.

"HISSSSSS" They all got mad and jumped at him.

"HAHA YOU DARE! DIE!" The prince said as he swung his sword randomly.


Sylvie : I really can't breathe.

Author : I couldn't breathe when I had a asthma attack at age 8

Sylvie : Oh, was it worst than this?

Author : nah I didn't faint yekno.


Author : I need drama

Sylvie : DONT USE ME

Author : na