"So why did you get in a fight with him Jin. Hmm?" Laura asked while making him sit in a seiza.

"Well you see, he was picking on that poor commoner girl again... Don't hit me!" Jin said as he immediately put his arms and hands above his head to defend against any incoming attacks he would receive from Laura.

"I see, continue the story." Laura said as she retracted the hand that was just in front of Jin just to scare him as she was sadistic (kinda).

'Is this where the psychopath's sadistic genes came from?' Sylvie thought to herself.

'Why can't you just put me into a normal family goddess. Did I do something wrong!?' Sylvie thought to herself as she tried to find a comfortable place to lay on her mother like a kitten.

"Are you sleepy Sylvie?" Laura asked her as she found out how Sylvie wanted to find a comfortable place to rest.

"Ah" Sylvie said as she continued to find a comfortable place to rest within Laura's arms.

"Laura, why don't you give Sylvie to me for a bit. You're always with her anyway while I'm with Yves. I want to carry her too you know." Claude said as he put his arms and hands out to try to pick Sylvie up from Laura's grasp.

"No no no, she is mine. Sit down, don't touch her. She will forever be mine." Laura instantly rejected him as she moved backwards while facing Sylvie the other way so she couldn't see Claude.

"Awa?" Sylvie asked confusedly as she still didn't know much words and was confused when Laura suddenly took a step back.

"It's nothing dear." Laura said sweetly to the confused Sylvie that was rested in a comfortable spot she found.

"Stop lying dear, it's not good to let her follow your habits you know." Claude said.

The moment he said that he instantly paled and fell down into a dogeza position and begged Laura for forgiveness and mercy.

"Yes yes, just don't eat for today and tomorrow and the next day after tomorrow and the next day after that." Laura said while beaming a smile at Claude.

Meanwhile Yves just sat down on a rock he was grinning while watching the comedic duo and yawned. Jin who was originally getting scolded while sitting in his seiza got lost and puzzled and thought to himself, 'Am I in trouble still or not... Hopefully I am no longer in trouble.'

"I know what you're thinking of Jin." Laura's sudden voice came in front of the boy still sitting in a seiza.

"I-I-I wasn't thinking of anything mom! I swear!" Jin said immediately to try to defend himself from any accusations.

"You were just thinking that hopefully you were no longer in trouble weren't you." Laura said while beaming a smile at him instead of Claude.

"Claude reflect while I ask this boy a few more questions." Laura turned and told him coldly before turning back to Jin to interrogate him.

'Eh this is boring, I am tired so I am going to sleep.' Sylvie thought to herself. After she said that she immediately fell asleep due to her still being a baby that has no energy really.

"Oh, the baby child is asleep. Lets let you have a lap pillow while you are sleeping my dear child." Laura said happily as she sat down and placed Sylvie on her lap while interrogating Jin.

"Anyway, so how did you fight him to be exact, to the point where you got in trouble Jin? Hmm?" Laura faced him again and asked.

"Well mother, you see this is what happened." Jin said as he explained the entire story thoroughly without leaving any missing parts to his mother.


(Flashback of what actually happened.)

"What do you think a commoner like you can do in this academy anyway! Nobles like us are what should be the only ones to be able to use magic and swords anyway! You type of people should just stick with doing housework!" An annoying voice resounded behind the school building as a group of people that all had nice clothing surrounded a small girl that had poor clothing.

"Who said we need to be doing house work! Unlike most of you nobles we actually put more effort into doing work than you do. All you nobles do is command people to do stuff for you!" She shouted back at the boy who said that.

"You a lowly commoner dare shout back at me?! Get her all of you, I want her to be begging me for mercy right now to show her never to defy us nobles." The annoying voice rang out again.

Jin who was taking a stroll around the school heard the commotion and immediately ran over to the site where he saw 5 boys walking closer to a young girl who was taking steps back. When he saw this he got mad and bolted in front of them with the help of wind magic to accelerate his speed causing him to deal heavy damage to the person in front who he collided into.

"BFUGH" The boy coughed out blood as he rolled on the ground and fainted. Probably with a few broken bones.

"Hii!" The four boys and the annoying voice kid yelped at once as they saw their friend get knocked out by a person who came out of nowhere.

"Who are you?" The young girl asked as she looked at him in admiration and awe. (Like girls in love)

"Hmm? I am Jin Martel." He said as he turned around and gave her a smile that dazed her. (Like those closeups with flowers around him.)

"I don't care who you are I am a baron family member! I am a noble you can't do anything to me!" The brat with the annoying voice cried out trying to save himself.

"You, you are annoying." Jin said as he rushed out and punched the guy in the face.

"BFUH, AHHHHHHHH I AM GOING TO TELL MY PARENTS ON YOU! JUST YOU WAIT!" The kid shouted as he ran away holding his face.

The other kids ran away as well as they told the kid that Jin was part of the Duke family.


"And that's basically the story." Jin said.

"That is thee lamest story I have ever heard. What is this a love story?" Laura asked.


Plutia : She right though, that was thee lamest story I have ever heard.

Author : Shut up, why don't you write then.

Plutia : I am a goddess I don't need to write!

Author : I'll write you off to the garbage can.

Plutia : IM SORRY