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4 Using Mana For the First Time!


From Sylvie's small mouth she leaked a voice as she woke up. Slowly opening her eyes she was met with the white ceiling.

'God, why didn't you at least let me live in a teenagers body? Like all of those dang novels I read, they always going into some heroic body or they gender swap and are still over powered. However, you reincarnate me into a baby! Just what is this!??!' Sylvie angrily thought in her head.

"ha~" Sylvie sighed.

As Sylvie laid there looking at the ceiling she saw a small thin line of light blue.

'Wait, is that the so called mana?' Sylvie thought to herself as her previous self was not born with the ability to use mana so she solely focused on sword art. (online kek)

While thinking to herself she stretched out her baby hand towards the mana which was visible to her. From an outside view they would think she was just a baby putting out her arms just for fun like all the other babies.

In this world not many are able to see mana. The races of elves and fairies have the ability to see mana though. The rest that are able to use mana usually just use their imagination and senses.

The difference between seeing and using while using with imagination and senses have a huge distinction. When you are able to see and maneuver the true mana, it will have a more stronger/devastating effect than when you imagine and use your senses. This is due to one using the true entire mana and the other using its essence basically.

"Aa" Sylvie whined as she was unable to touch the mana which was at the ceiling while she was still on the bed alone while there were blankets around here as a wall to help aid her from falling off the bed.

'Boo hoo, if only I could be able to touch or use this mana without physically touching it...' Sylvie thought.

The moment Sylvie thought this the light blue mana which was at the ceiling started to come closer towards her like a magnet. As it got near her it slowly rotated around her outstretched hand and arm that was originally trying to touch the mana.

"Aah~?" Sylvie's voice was once shot through her small mouth softly.

'I can control the mana using my mind? Wait what? I don't remember reading this in any of my novels. I thought people were supposed to imagine or sense it? I can only see it though?' Sylvie thought as she started to play around with the mana using her mind.

As she thought of crazy stuff the mana started swirling to shape or act out what she was doing. The mana ended up turning into a tree, a bird, a cat, a house, and stick figures.

"Awa!" Sylvie laughed happily with her small mouth as she started trying something else.

'Since this is happening... Lets see if I can try to make a small fireball as that is basic magic. So the first thing is I need to sense the mana, which I see no point in as I can touch it and control it with my will. Now the second step is imagine the fireball.' Sylvie thought to herself.

'Okay, fireball! Orange/yellow/red spherical object which is made out of fire and has a lot of heat!'

The moment Sylvie thought of that a fist sized fireball appeared at the location of where she had sent the mana to. The fireball was just in the middle of the room in the air between the ceiling and floor.

'Okay, so to cancel it I just let go of my senses of the mana and imagine the fireball disappearing.' Sylvie thought once again as she used all her energy to cease the fireball before she runs out of mana herself.

As she thought this the fist sized fireball that was originally at the middle of the room slowly started to fade away as it returned back into the light blue mana that was used to form it.

"Ha~ ha~" Sylvie breathed tiredly as she had used all her mana (which we'll get into next chapter as I'll introduce Status) and was on the verge of sleeping again.


The door which was closed opened slowly. The person that entered was none other than Sylvie's mother, Laura.

Laura who saw her baby Sylvie breathing like she was out of breath quickly walked over to the bed to check up on her. She put her hand onto Sylvie's forehead to check if she had a fever or something.

Sylvie who saw this attempted to stop her, 'Okaasama... I am okay, I just overexerted myself a little bit.'

However what came out instead was actually, "Awaaa aaaaa babaaba" which quietly came out through her small mouth.

Laura who was unable to understand baby language carried Sylvie as she tried to lullaby her to sleep. Laura was unable to find out the cause of her child's out of breath breathing but was able to find out she was just exhausted.

So when Laura found this out she immediately wanted Sylvie to go back to sleep so she could regain her energy.

"Come on Laura~ Go to sleep you're still a baby. Babies need their sleep you know~?" Laura said in a soothing voice which made Sylvie relaxed as she was unable to fight the drowsiness and slowly started to fall asleep.

'Okaasama! I'm okay! I don't need to sleep... Okaasama please stop... I-I'm getting s-s-slee-' Was Sylvie's last thought in her head as she was unable to finish the last word she was thinking and her vision became pitch black as she fell asleep.

"Phew, that took a while to make her sleep." Laura said to herself as she carefully laid Sylvie on the bed.

"Speaking of which it is the evening. I guess I should sleep as well." She added

After Laura had said that she quietly and softly got onto the bed with Sylvie. With a kiss to Sylvie's forehead she also fell asleep.


Sylvie : So then Author... Can you pretty please timeskip and make me become a teenager already?

Author : no


Author : I am Plutia though?

Sylvie : W-What!

Author : Look at my pen name...???

Author : Well then... Goodbye its 10 pm for me right now ;)


Author : *Poof*

Sylvie : NOT AGAINNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!