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2 The Birth of the Daughter

Somewhere in a room which was filled with screams from a woman there was currently a child that had resided in her. However, that child was not an ordinary child. This child was a child that the Goddess of the world Plutia had given her blessings to.

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The blessing the Goddess Plutia had given her was the ability to use any type of magic and the ability to have an unlimited amount of mana. This is the blessing that will help create the tale of the 'The Best Magician in the World'.


"Younger sister! Keep breathing! Just a little bit more and your child will be out!" An old lady's voice was heard near the woman on the bed who was in agony.

"Ahh!! Gahh!!!" The woman on the bed was crying while trying to give birth to the child in her.

"Mom! Come on! Try your hardest like when you did to give birth to me!" A young male kid encouraged his mother as he was holding one of her hands tightly.

"Come on Laura! Don't give up, make sure that child gets born. The child will be part of our family after on!" A man said with caring eyes as he held onto the other hand of the woman on the bed as he looked at her face which had tears on it due to the pain.

"AGH!! GAAHHHHHH!" She screamed loudly this time as if it was the final barrier that she had broken through.

"WAHHHHHHH!" Came a cry from a baby that had came out of her.

"Younger sister! Congratulations! You have given birth! You now have a daughter." The old lady said as she brought the blood-stained baby girl to a small warm bath tub.

"Ha~ Ha~" The woman on the bed was gasping for air as she had finally ran out of energy and fainted on the spot.

"Laura!" The man said as he let go of her hand and hugged the woman on the bed.

"Mother!" The male kid screamed as he got even closer to the unconscious woman.

"You two, calm down. The miss is going to be okay, shes still breathing. Let her have a rest then she'll be okay in no time." The old lady said with a smile as she brought the now clean baby with clothes on and placed it beside the unconscious woman on the bed.

"Alright then... Son, lets go take a rest and wait until your mother is awake alright?" The man said as he looked at his son.

"Yes father... We'll wait until mother is awake so we can celebrate my little sisters birth!" The kid said with a beaming smile.

The woman who had just given birth to Sylvie Martel is named Laura Martel. She is cream skinned and has a soothing feel about her. She has wide shoulders and long arms, a narrow torso and big breasts, straight hips, and long thin legs.

She has pale pink hair goes straight down as it reaches to her waist. Her bangs are short but can cover half of her eyes at times. She has an oval face, a rounded jaw, hollow cheeks, and small ears And her almond-shaped, alert eyes are pale pink. Her nose is stubby and she has puffy lips.

She normally wears fashionable one piece skirts that she can move easily in. Her particularly noticeable features are her charming face, her infectious laughter and her accent which people usually describe as beautiful.

The man that was beside Laura was her lover. His name is Claude Martel. This pale skinned man has a haughty feel about him.Standing tall, he has slanted shoulders and short arms, a muscular torso and chiseled abs, a non-existent waist, round hips, and short legs.

His green hair is and frizzy, and is styled with a fade. He has an oval face, a rounded jaw with a 5 o'clock shadow, puffy cheeks, and large ears. His eyebrows are angular, and his wide, tired eyes are dark brown. His nose is small and he has angled lips.

He usually wears old clothing like sweatshirts and sweatpants as he trains his swordsmanship a lot.His particularly noticeable features are his nice voice and his distinctive hair.He has a distinctive bruise on his right ear which he gained from when he was a knight serving directly under the Best Magician back in the day. He has a comfortable feel to him like how Laura has a soothing feel to her.

The kid that was at Laura's side and tightly held her hand was her own son. His name is Yves Martel. He was the second son of the family as the eldest son was already off in a magic school and was currently living at the dormitory.

This pale skinned kid has a plain feel about him. Standing tall, he has a long neck, broad shoulders, toned arms from learning swordsmanship from his father and small hands due to him still being young, a thin torso and chiseled abs from working out, a well-defined waist and straight hips, toned legs, and average-sized feet.

He has closely shaved green hair that are almost identical to his father's. He has a square face. His eyebrows are tapered at the end, and his sunken, alert eyes are grey. His nose is broad and he has full lips.He usually wears masculine clothes.

His particularly noticeable features are his bad smell and his persistent sweet smell. His bad smell usually comes from him working out and practicing his swordsmanship while his sweet smell comes from him still being a child and his relaxing feel to him like his mother and father who have soothing and comfortable feelings to them.

The old lady who had assisted Laura in giving birth is actually Laura's aunt who had stayed over to take care of the children when the two are at work. Her name is Oriane Paquet. She comes from a noble family that is only at the Baron rank. However, she was deemed to be unable to give birth as something had ruined her. She is now a widow due to her husband's death after fighting in a war.

This tan skinned woman has a distinctive feel about her.Standing tall, she has narrow shoulders and long arms, a stocky torso and large breasts, bony hips, and long legs.

Her brown hair is and greasy, and is worn in a pompadour. She has a round face, a square jaw, smooth cheeks, and ears that stick out. Her eyebrows are fine, and her droopy, distrustful eyes are mustard coloured. Her nose is small and she has puffy lips.

She usually wears old fashioned clothes due to her actually being old even though her appearance makes her look like shes still young. Her particularly noticeable features are her beauty mark and her nice voice. She gives people a comforting feel like Claude does which got people to feel better and it lets her do her job whenever there is a problem to calm people down.

And finally, Sylvie Martel. She is the recently born daughter of Laura Martel and Claude Martel. She unlike her family has white hair and red and blue heterochromatic eyes. [Author : Is that even a word? Heck if I know.]

She is cream skinned like her mother with puffy lips. She has an oval face, a rounded jaw, hollow cheeks, small ears and almond shaped eyes exactly like her mother. Her noticeable features is the cuteness that radiates around her. The feel people get when around her is one that is full of happiness and joy as it can help motivate and slowly help depressed people if they are around her for a long time. She is one, that will grow up to be one of the cutest loli in the world. Naturally she can't top the Goddess Plutia.

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