Age of Swordsmen
31 6.6 Fight! 2
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Age of Swordsmen
Author :SkyThaKid
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31 6.6 Fight! 2

Kyaga got some swift hits with ease on the giant, whose knockback from the sword slices were longer than Kyaga needed to get out another hit.

"Killing some Monsters with no Abilities and just some sword hits is something I really missed." He said with a grin on his face.

"Don't take all the fun for yourself!" Said Itaka and then jumped in as well.

Giants have high strength and HP but low agility and mobility. That's how it was possible that he put up an easy surprise attack on Shizu where she could do nothing but defend, but at the same time have such a hard time defending against Itaka and Kyaga, who were completely overshadowing his strength with their swift movements.

After a few more hits from them and no chance what so ever for the giant, his HP was almost 0.

"37 out of 307 left!" Yelled Itaka. "Only two hits left!"

"Yeah, get ready for the last hits!"

They both jumped back a few meters and got ready for a duo jump attack.

They counted down quickly. "Three, Two, One, Attack!" With a full-powered charge, they jumped on him, swords out in front of them to hit him right in the chest.

But right as they were in front of him he seemed to recover from all the successive hits and knocked the two back in last second, making them fly right in front of Shizus feet.
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"Guys!" She said worrying. "Are you ok?"

They got up slowly but surely and stood on their two feet again after a few seconds.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Mumbled Itaka while trying to get at least some dirt off his clothes. Kyaga nodded aswell.

"What the hell was that?" Itaka followed up. "He got back so much strength so quickly."

Shizu lifted her head again to look at the giant, when she noticed something bad. "What the hell is this?" She whispered.

"What did you say?" Asked Itaka, still trying to clean his clothes. When he turned his head to the giant again as well.

His roots now seemed to steam, the leaves slowly started to catch fire and his eyes lightened up in a gloomy red. "Oh no..."

Kyaga now also slowly comprehended what was happening and a quick look to the left side of his interface confirmed his fears.

Oris the Hill Giant. Stage 2. (Lvl. 9)

HP: 695/965

"A fucking Boss Monster? What!?" Yelled Kyaga confused.

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