Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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She knows if this is true, then a great change would come to the already precarious balance between the Three Great powers in the Continent

Instead she asks

'But still. What does this have got to do with your comeback?' Aero laughed and he said

'I got credible information that Karak and Greater Veranis is colluding with each other to attack Vanheim in a surprise attack'

Viola opens her eyes wide.

'Why so shocked?' Aero ask, a smile on his face.

'I said it, didn't I. This is the age of Warring kingdoms. Right now, Vanheim is at its lowest point since their expansion'

'The Imperial court and the Niovar court headed by King James did not see eye to eye, both are plotting and scheming against each other, ignoring the many covetous eyes outside the border. That is a problem of internal unity'

'That is one factor why Karak become daring and Veranis become ambitious. Then there is factionalism in the imperial court between the military and the official circles. That is the second factor. If the news of me killing Vlad family is spread around, then the imperial court would be too preoccupied with that to know that the alliance of Karak and Veranis is planning an attack.

Viola look at Aero and she scoffed in her heart

This is the loyal minister of the Empire? Then she thought again.

Many people said that Aero was loyal to King George and not the Empire itself. The fact he still did not take the throne for himself could be seen as an act of loyalty itself.

Aero of course did not mind whatever Viola thought of her.

Then she asks

'Then, what is your plan? You must have a plan if you knew all of this'.

Aero smiles bitterly

'The news about the coup is known coincidentally. One of my spies had infiltrated the palace as a cook. And this was years before. Even I do not know that I have a spy inside the royal palace of Greater Veranis

She nodded.  She is not interested in the spy she is only interested in Aero plan

Aero knowing that Viola is not interested in the inner working of how he got the information quickly get right back to the point

'I got to know that Alexander wanted to do a surprise attack on Vanheim by mounting a western expedition.

'Western expedition?' She thinks a bit before she looks back at Aero and said

'Duvar!' Aero nodded.

'This is why I like talking to smart people' he said, smiling slyly.

'Yes, he wanted to take Duvar. Duvar is the least defended of all Vanheim garrison. The reason for such lack of garrison force is because the Emperor believes in the promise of King Phillip to guard it.'

Aero sighed

'I trusted Phillip because Philip was not a man that was so ambitious. He had achieved his ambition of uniting Veranis territory and he had no other wishes'

'But Alexander, that young prince is still young and as such he is ambitious. Far more ambitious than his father. Since, nothing is certain these days, he too wanted to contend for hegemony with the other great powers.

Aero then take a sip before adding

'And they have the qualification. In period of peace after they annexed the territory of Old Veranis and with the experience they gained in their war with Gerad Stratocracy, it had given them a strong experienced army. I always wondered what to do about Greater Veranis. With the death of King Philip and Alexander plans, it is safe to say my mind is made up to swallow them even if it's would delay a bit dealing with Veva.

Viola got a gist what Aero is intending to do

'Is the one planting the massacre is Karak and greater Veranis. Were they the one that framed you? Will you remain in silence? Letting them smear you with false accusation?'

Viola was anxious because while she got a gist of what Aero wanted to do, she thought it is absurd. That is why she bombarded him with many question.

 Aero laughed and then he said

'The truth had never matter'

'What do you mean? '

'I want to solve a problem not to find the truth. Both of those thing does not have to come exclusively.'

'You mean…'

'Even if  they are not the one that framed me, why would that not be the truth if I said it? If I make it to be the truth, then that is the truth'

'But no one would believe you if they deny it' Viola said and her eyes is trained on him

Aero nodded

'Would they still say the same when Karak and Veranis both attacked Vanheim? Aero poses back another question.

Viola slowly understand the scheme of the Chancellor

'You are intending to…

Aero cut of her words and said

'I intend to let them know why I was called the Divine Strategist. At that time, no matter how many accusations that they heaped on me, it would be nothing but dust if I said that they were the one that framed me so that they could weaken the military of Vanheim

'Is that the truth?' Viola asked again. Smiling with a wide smile Aero reply back with

'Does it even matter?'

'Then your current plan is what?'

'Wait. I just have to wait. And hopefully, Vanheim was beaten bad enough so that I could make an appearance. A hero fight with sword and could appear charging right into the battlefield but a divine strategist like me must make an even grander appearance. Considering my calculation, there is quite a good chance of that happening in half a year. Then I could make my grand reappearance to the center stage' and then he drinks all the wine in his cup

Putting it down, he laughed as events spirals out of control outside the inn.


This is the last chapter for the month. There doenst seem to be many readers for this story, so this will be ona hiatus for next month and will return in June.

Anyway, see you all in June, fi there is still anyone. You coudl check Age of Heroes and Lord Shadow if you have finsihed reading the newest update of this story

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