Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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By walking that thin line between ally and enemies, Aerosia managed to gain support from Vanheim and Holy Zun Empire and grow quickly and slowly begins to threated the United Kingdoms of Veva

That is why that small kingdom on the western region of Veva had managed to grow bigger and stronger by the years.

And from what Aero had learned, during the time of exodus, Derrick had expanded their land when Veva military is in a mess.

After all, while Derrick is not talented in statecraft or even administration, it does not mean he is an idiot.

He knows opportunity when he sees it and he seize it by the throat.

Now, most of the Western side of Veva is controlled by Aerosia and a large threat to Veva. Veva is threatened in many sides and suppressed inside their own borders.

Aero had predicted this the moment that Zeus sacked and burns cities. If he wanted to fight hegemony for the whole continent, he should not have acted like that.

If he was content on only governing the Western kingdoms, the task would not be too hard.

But since he too wanted to rule the entire continent, then he should have seized the hearts of the people at that time.

Aero knows that the people did not differentiate between the continents anymore since that illusory border had lost its meaning

It could now be divided into only two directions. The Eastern Empire and the Western kingdoms.

The Eastern empire of course refers to the Empire of Vanheim and its surrounding region while the Western Kingdoms would refer to Veva, Holy Zun kingdom, Alfhaim, Savillia and Aerosia kingdom

The world has become a little bit smaller and now the pool is concentrated

Derrick is a trump card Aero did not want to use too early. Aero had always made an exit plan for himself

There is a reason why he is so confident of playing with the many forces in the world and the two imperial brother.

The reason was not that he is think too highly of himself or too confident of his own intelligence in defeating them in a game of intrigue.

It is that he had already prepared himself an exit plan and as such he could move boldly in executing his scheme.

Derrick is one of his escape plan. Thus, the more people don't know about the relations between them two, the more he felt safer in that last trump card

Aero think of this for a moment and then he said to Viola

'The cause of their formation was to rescue me, but they stay because the rebellion movement had shown potential to become something more.

'Those people were attracted by benefits. They all could see, from our own people that come from Western Heaven and the native powerful people that follow King Derrick that they have a chance to become a founding member of a new kingdom. That is why they stay and why they will keep staying there.

'From a small rebellion force. it ballooned into a truly organized armed movement that establish itself in the former territory of Veva, becoming a thorn inside Veva flesh that is festering. Nobles ideals and ambition collided and what kept them going is benefits. Aerosia is also competing for the world!

Aero then laughed joyously and Viola frown become deeper

Aero then said enthusiastically

'The Three Great Powers Vanheim, Holy Zun and United Kingdom of Veva. Savillia. Veranis. Alfhaim. And Aerosia. The Seven Kingdoms is all fighting for the throne of the world! I do not regret being able to fight in this era and leave my name in the annals of history!'

He said and he laughed. Then he continued

 'Who would rise and who would fall is still too early to speculate. Which of them wouldn't want to unite the continent and establish a thousand-year legacy? This is the Hegemony War, Viola. Loyalty, oaths of fealty meant nothing when the ultimate prize is the thrown of the world! Everyone will be competing, the winner will win eternal glory and the loser would become a footnote in history'

There was silence for a while as Viola try to digest everything that was said to her. She could see the hint ion Aero words and then she thought of something

'You said that Veranis is also competing.' She put her had underneath her chin and then her eyes widened a bit.

Viola sense something and then she asks

'Are you saying…' Aero nodded and answer her doubts

'Greater Veranis also wanted t contend the world with all the other kingdoms' Viola understand the implication of this.

if Greater Veranis wanted to contend with all the other kingdoms, then that means Vanheim is also Greater Veranis enemies

Viola then ask

'But King Phillip is a staunch ally of Vanheim. Why would he…' Aero smiles

Before she could finish his word Aero cut off her words and said

'King Phillip is dead. All hail the new king' And he laughs at his own joke

Viola widened her eyes in shock and stuttering she said

'But, people are not mourning. There is no news from the Palace about the death of the King. People should have known if the King is dead and the entire kingdom would be in mourning. I saw nothing of the sort'

Aero smirks and said

'Prince Alexander initiated a coup and killed his half-brother and the bastard son of King Philip. Whether King Phillip dies at the hand of Alexander himself or because of his disease, I don't know'

'King Philip had a disease?' Viola asked

Aero waved his hand and said

'That is what I've heard from my spies. Anyway, I have also heard that the relationship between Prince Alexander and his father is quite complicated. King Philip might have put someone else name in the will, and if King Philip dies and Alexander get a heads up that the name in the will isn't his name, knowing how ambitious that young prince is, it might have prompted him to initiate a coup at the night his father passed away'

Aero sighed, and then he continued by saying

'As such, if that is the sequence of events of this matter, how could the world know about such thing, he would have to bring out that news when he is in advantageous position and not when it would implicate him. And by that time, the truth would be whatever he would say'

'I presume that in a couple of days, the Palace would release the news that the King had died and Alexander would succeed him. He might even say that his other brother had tried to initiate coup and he was the one that had righteously ascended to the throne. It is easy to subvert the truth if you have power'

Viola did not say anything to this explosive revelation.

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