Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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'And should everyone forget Aerosia? It might have started as a rebellion group whose objective to free me from my captivity? But I am already safe and sound. then why Aerosia is still there?'

And he smiles.

Of course Aero could not tell Viola that Derrick, who is the King of Aerosia is Deria and he is Aero friend.

Aero was the one that help giving some ideas on how to improve the kingdom.

This is why Aero could get such accurate information about Veva and how Aerosia could maintain its survival even though they occupied a lot of territory that used to belong to Veva.

It's not like Veva had not tried to annex back its land but Aerosia year after years becoming more experienced in defensive maneuver.

They built a lot of fortification, fortresses, watchtower and obstacle to make it hard for Veva soldier to take their land.

They could not compete with Veva military power in attacking but in defending their territory, no one probably would be more adept in it that the soldiers of Aerosia.

And one of the specialty of Aerosia is that there are good in building walls and fortresses.

Aero of course attribute this to Derrick who is a demigod. A son of one of the Gods of Olympus. A son of the God of Crafting and Flames.

Derrick is known to some as the Blacksmith King because of his prodigious talent in creating powerful weapons and armors.

Aero had always maintained the argument in the court of Vanheim that since the threat of Veva is apparent, they need to employ some method to make them occupied in the North while Vanheim strengthen its hold in the East

Allied with the far neighbor instead of the nearest. That has always been Aero aim but he did not say it openly because it might raise some concern from allies like Karak and Greater Veranis.

That is why on one of the policy that Vanheim had taken toward Veva is supplying Aerosia with weapons and training to resist and harass Veva military operation.

And Aero had advised Derrick to also seek the help of the South.

When the Emperor had found out that Aerosia had not only accepted help from Vanheim but also from the Holy Empire, the Emperor wanted to cancel the aid.

But how could Aero let him? Aerosia is one of his card, and Derrick relations with him is still not exposed so he could not let that happen

He convinces the court that as long as Aerosia could deter United Kingdoms of Veva force from growing and expanding even further why should they care where Aerosia get its aid?

The bigger and powerful Aerosia is the better it is for Vanheim development as they could stall this potential contender for the throne of the world.

Even if somehow Aerosia becomes stronger than United Kingdom of Veva, Vanheim also do not need to worry.

Aero would not make such a plan if he was not confident in the first place.

Because if such a day comes, then Holy Zun Empire and United Kingdoms of Veva might join hands to whittle down the growing powers of Aerosia.

Vanheim did not even have to move a muscle to weaken three of their rivals for hegemony.

Listening to him, the Emperor and the minister back down and the military officials all praised him for such an ingenious move

With just a simple scheme, Aero had created a three-way deadlock in the north, each one suppressing each other.

This three-way deadlock could be broken only if one of them could put down their ambition and help the others, but how could they, the overlords of many people would be so obedient and cooperating to their enemies?

Of course Aero knows that Derrick would stand down if he asks, but the whole world doesn't know that. To some people, Aerosia is also a contender that wanted to compete with the others for the throne of the whole Vilajeri Continent

Aero of course also had benefits in this matter. If not, why would he fought so hard in the Parliament to persuade the court to keep sending aid to Aerosia?

And there was something that the Vanheim court did not know.

Derrick got caught accepting aid from Holy Zun empire but he was not caught taking aid from Savillia and Alfhaim.

Aero was also the one that ask Derrick to ask aid from those kingdoms. They supplied Aerosia with gold, metals, and many other supplies.

And with that gold Derrick improve the lives of the people in his territory which comprised of refugees and war victims of United Kingdoms of Veva conquest

This won him admiration and loyalty from those refugees who after years residing in Aerosia, regarded it as their home and their kingdom.

There are many refugees from Asgaro, Redat, Jhaka kingdom, Luna kingdom and even many from the Sol Queendom

There are even some refuges from Loth kingdom and Pruvar Council that was annexed by the Holy Zun Empire.

 With the metals he got, he crafted it with his prodigious talent and supply his soldiers with armors and high quality weapons.

With the other supplies he also began undertaking massive construction project all over his kingdom, making roads, constructing aqueducts, while also not forgetting to keep building walls along the borders between them and United Kingdom of Veva, repairing the old fortress and cities and stabilizing the region under his rule.

All in all, Aerosia now truly stand on its own as a new kingdom established during the chaos of Veva conquest

Aero himself did not expected it to be like that.

Derrick had only at that time wanted to save him and Dan had pleaded the heroes of the continent to save him.

Who would have thought those bands of people now become nobles in a new kingdom established at the western region of Veva own land?

The land itself belong to Redat kingdom before it was taken over by the rebellion force and become Aerosia.

There were many Western Heaven people form Vanheim that followed the call to save him and end up with Derrick and now they all become officials and high nobles in Aerosia.

But unlike other kingdoms, Aerosia was not affected that badly by the mass exodus of people from Western Heaven since there is a lot of talented native people of this world to help fill the empty position and Aerosia now have the power to truly become a headache for Veva.

Aero had also used the aid as an excuse to embezzled gold from the aid.

Derrick knows that is how Aero maintained and expand his power. Power breeds power. Money is a form of power and he uses it to breed other kinds of power.

Money is just a means to an end.

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