Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The atmosphere in the room was cordial.

Every once in a while the sound of someone sipping wine could be heard.

Aero was inside the room as he narrates his harrowing journey from Karak to Veranis to Viola. He also told Viola how he made contact with his spies and since the spies is under his orders, they all shelter him.

Aero did not want his whereabouts to be known. He also had some other news that he got that delay his return to Vanheim even more

Viola listens intently and then she got the gist of the story.

'Someone framed you in Karak?' She asks

Aero nodded with a bitter smile.

Being on the other side of the scheme really felt bitter, he thought to himself.

Then he took another sip of wine and said but clearly non one believes that it was him that initiated that massacre.

Even the scholars who would find out the truth that it would be hard to pin down the crime on him.

It is clear from the attitude of the Three Nobel families of Karak that they too did not believe it. But as there are astute people, there are also stupid people even in a crowd of geniuses.

The Three Noble Families of Karak is trying their best to cover his whereabouts that day when he was in the Vlad residence

Viola also had her own thoughts and then she asks cautiously

'Is it the two imperial brothers?'

Viola ask as she too is slowly becoming calmer and then took a chair and put it opposite side of Aero and she sit down, her eyes looking at her new ally.

Aero then slowly put down the wine glass and shakes his head

'Not them. There are too many reason for it not to be them., And this scheme is very amateurish. Childish even.'

Though, Aero did not say what is in his mind. He might have to change this statement if his estimation about Emperor Edward was right.

'So, not the Black Robed Prime Minister?' Viola trying to offer her insight. Aero smiles and shakes his head.

'Eric is too busy reorganizing the army of the northern forces. He surely did not have time to scheme against me. It is native people of this world'

Viola then suddenly understood something

'You have a suspect?' Aero smiles but he did not say anything, maintaining that image of mystery.

She just nodded and then she was reminded the reason of why she was so shocked when she saw Aero in front of her room

'How did you know that I am here? Who told you? If someone told you, that means you are also not safe. We have to move quickly.'

She had gotten up.

Aero smirk.

 Aero did not seem panicked as he keeps pouring more wine onto his wine cup. Relaxingly he lifts his wine cup once again and took a sip of the wine before saying

'Don't worry about that'

'What do you mean don't worry?'

'The person who told me about your location is my subordinate'

'Your subordinate? What do you mean. Explain' she said. Aero only smiles and he leans back on his chair and then look toward Viola

'Can you be trusted?' Viola harrumphed

'The fact that you are here implies that you trust me.  Aero look at him and he laughed

'True!' He then told him that the information broker she met and bought information from is one of his people.

They inform him about her and Aero was reminded of that woman he met in Purgatory. Since that was the case, he of course had to meet her.

More ally is better in such time of uncertainty.

Hearing this Viola was convinced and then she asks

'What now?' Aero smiles and he said

'I am preparing for my comeback.

'Can't you just go to Vanheim? And miss the chance to identify my enemies? He said

'Then how do you plan to go back? Sooner or later some people would know that you were there on the day the Vlad family was massacred.' Viola said.

She wanted an ally.

An ally like Aero is only good if he is the strong and powerful Chancellor, not a fugitive running from one of the largest Empire in Vilajeri Continent.

Sooner or later, Karak will have no choice but to bring this up to the parliament of Vanheim Empire.

And at that time, if the Chancellor did not take this chance to return and assume control of the Six Council, then Aero might truly be expelled from his position in the Court and become the world enemies.

Scholars would denounce him and the Karak government whether they believe in him or not had to capture him.

And knowing the Chancellor, he would never let himself get captured like that.

Viola might not know much about the political situation of the Eats but he knows that King James of Niovar and the Chancellor had bad blood between them

Aero could only applaud Viola optimisms if he knew what she is thinking. He has more enemies than what she thought

Aero is not worried about only King James; he is also worried about the Emperor.

This is a chance for him to see the stance of the Emperor and at the same time asses his judgement on that young Emperor.

Aero smiles again and he once again lifted the wine cup and take a long sip. Viola was patient and she waited. Aero then put down the wine glass and he said

'You know, Greater Veranis is a very interesting kingdom'

'Hmm?' Viola do not understand why Aero suddenly talk about Veranis but she nodded nonetheless.

Swirling the wine in his glass as a ringing sound echoes inside the room, Aero then continued

'The glimmer of sabers and swords can be seen everywhere all over the land, and the dragons and snakes are beginning to struggle with each other for power. Kings are rising up! Veva in the North, Holy Zun in the South and Vanheim in the East'

He said and there is a smile on his face.

Then he continued

'But people forget something. Those three kingdoms are not the only kingdom in the Vilajeri Continent. There is still Greater Veranis, hiding its power and biding their time while the Three Great Power decline in influence and power'

'And there is still the Savillia kingdom! That kingdom had merge from tow great kingdoms to held back the North but even I could see as they have taken their roots. They too had the intention to compete.'

Viola frowned.

'But is that all? How about Alfhaim, the kingdom of ancient Elven? What about them? You think they are content to stay in their Great Forest kingdom? They too had learned that if they do not bend to the will of the time, they would be swept away by its tides. The Elven will compete too!'

Viola gulped as Aero become more animated and enthusiastic as he summarized his thought on the kingdoms all over the Continent.

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