Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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In the path of hegemony, you could preach great and noble ideals but it would be stupid to adhere to it.

As long as it appears you are doing the noble thing, underhanded tactics is permissible and in some cases necessary.

Aero had led soldiers before.

Soldiers don't care whether the tactic their commander employed is noble or not, brave or not. They only care whether they could win or not.

Because an army that win means they, the soldiers would be returning home.

Generals and great warriors might think of winning great glory in the battlefield, but normal soldiers just wanted to survive and go back home

Thus it is very important that a general of war wins' battle and win it with the less casualties of war.

At that time chaos did not descend as some would have predicted.

At that time, some people were all waiting for Vanheim to bare its fang to the North, the North marching to the South and the South attacking the East

But it did not happen. Vanheim rest. The North putting down rebellion and trying to pacified its region

And the South went silent. Chaos did not descend and then when there is the mass exodus of the people of Western Heaven, a rare peace had formed.

The peace had settled among the Three Great Powers and all of this happened because of the disappearance of the three figures that drive up the three great powers.

With the absence of the Three Great Pillars, The Holy Zun Empire falls into internal disarray which means they could not keep expanding and they could not maintain their huge size of territory without the aid of competent people of Western Heaven

Most of the soldier that followed the Holy Maiden were peasants and do not know how to govern.

It is because of that the Nero Republic manage to reassert its independence.

Meanwhile, Veva in the Northern region halted their military conquest because its military has always revolved around one man and that man is King Zeus.

Without him, a crisis of internal unity had happened and some of the generals is busy in calming the populace, battling the rebellions and keeping the other general in line

While in the East, Vanheim gained a new King, King James of Niovar whose title is bestowed by the Emperor.

And internal problem cropped up again in Vanheim court as the two imperial brothers begins attacking each other subtly.

The Continent was in peace but Aero plans all went into chaos.

All of his efforts in balancing the intrigues of the many people in court have been destroyed by the Emperor by one simple act of bestowing.

But Aero then think of another possibility. And he himself was startled at his thoughts

Aero had another suspicion about the Emperor making such an idiotic move but he does not have enough evidence to back up his theory of why the Emperor gives James the King title in Niovar,

If his dark premonition is correct, the Emperor is not as dumb a she thoughts. Instead if his assumption is correct, Edward is trying to pretend like he is a fox while hiding his lion fang

He pretends to be an idiot, incompetent and weak for Aero benefit.

The other possibility that is in his mind was that this is not an idiotic move but a political move by the Emperor to deal with him.

That is the other possibility that makes him look at the Emperor action in the past with much more scrutiny.

If this is true, then the Emperor have planned this matter years ago.

And this move looks like an unplanned mistake but what if it's not? What if the Emperor knew exactly what he is doing when he gives that title to James?

What if he had been feigning ignorance of James effort to instate him as the King of Niovar?

Aero took a few days before he reached into this particular conclusion.

Of this conclusion is right, then the emperor is playing a very dangerous game with him and James.

If this was the real scheme of the Emperor, then not only the world was deceived by Emperor Edward scheme, even James and him had been deceived.

Aero had learned many things during his many time interacting with war generals and politician in the court.

Sometimes, a moves that seems disadvantageous to you was actually advantageous if you think about in another perspective.

This kind of moves could deceive the enemy to think that they are in advantageous position when in fact, it is you standing on top.

It is a high level move. To appears to be at a disadvantageous position make your enemies estimation and their guard down.

While the enemies think that they are in an advantageous position, they move more boldly and shows more mistakes, revealing many more cards that they had hidden, believing that the winner at the end would be them.

And when the real attack comes, it was then that the position of who in advantageous position and who is not would be revealed.

And in such attack, there is no turning back anymore and the matter would be concluded just like that.

If Edward is really capable of this…. then Aero had underestimated this lion cub too much. That Emperor might not be a lion cub, but a true king of the savannah

Of course if he was wrong, then Edward is truly a disappointment.

Thus, Aero knows he needs to become that Chancellor who have all the information on the tips of his finger once again

There is too much uncertainties around him right now. he could not rest easy knowing that his initial estimation of the plan he had put might not be as foolproof as he thought.

If Edward is this smart, then there might have bene some mistakes that he had made that in in the eyes of the Emperor.

And this matter could also be his own scheme if he tweaked the matter a bit.

Aero had thought about it.

This matter of him killing the Vlad family is accidental and a mistake, but Aero that doesn't mean Aero would let himself be caught by such a scheme

He could craft another scheme taking advantage of the scheme that is enemies wanted him to jump into

because there is nothing more foolproof of a plan, than a plan that was not planned beforehand.

of course this only applies in certain cases.

And this is one of those cases.

While he did believe that the two Imperial brothers were not involved, that is only if the information he got from the Vlad family was right. If not, he might be walking into a trap right now

That is why he would proceed cautiously. He was too eager to get home that he forgets, that place could also be a trap for him.

If he landed in Vanheim right away, probably none of his enemies could do such a thing but he did not land in Vanheim.

Instead he landed in Karak and there lies the problem

He had a guess about who is responsible for the massacre but for now that guess just remains a guess.

He already draws up ways to solve this problem but he also wants to see if there are others that want to jump out and shows himself.

This is a great chance. Aero is usually so protected and so powerful that even his greatest enemies would hide and bide their time in the dark.

And if they hide and never bare their fangs, how could he knows who is his enemies and who is his ally?

As such, this is a godsend chance for him to root out some of the people that is hiding inside the dark.

The more vulnerable he appears, the better.

'Greater Veranis' he said and he smiles.

He is more confident here than he is on Karak.

While Karak is a vassal of the Empire, the four families are very particular in maintaining their independence and also they are very protective of their secrets.

Aero never had the opportunity to set up an intelligence network there.

There is one that he had barely managed to set up before the exodus but it was not extensive and he did not want to use their service especially when he is not keep up to date to the current news in Karak at that time.

But he got all the information he needs from the patriarch of the Vlad family so he knows that his intelligence network and the organization that he had set up secretly inside Greater Veranis still existed.

Since the whole world wanted him not to return, how about he won't return? And he smiles a mischievous smile


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