Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Aero knows his position in the court and the influence he had on the governance of the Empire.

And with his eyes and ears on everyone in the Court, he had maintained a tight grip in the Imperial Court so much so there is no chink in that armor.

And he had done all this for the unification of the Vilajeri Continent.

The death of King George had dampened him a bit but it did not change his ambition to become a strategist that help found an everlasting dynasty

The taking of Duvar kingdom and the coronation of imperial authority in the holy Seat of the Emperors of Old was the first step to his unification plan.

Duvar was where his plans would start. After Vanheim take Duvar, their expansion stopped.

He had intended to rest the military machines of Vanheim and solve some issues in Vanheim first before moving again

He begun by strengthening the borders, investing in military research, recruiting and training of soldiers.

That is his move in the military force.

The side effect of this moves had elevated the power of the military faction in the Court.

Aero had been the one to reject the idea of war with Niovar and that decision had been right.

If at that time, King George had not relented to Prince James, Vanheim would suffer less and gained the kingdom of Niovar with less casualties and side problems than they were supposed to.

Aero had talk about it in the court, arguing that because of the unscrupulous and wanton massacre of Niovar by Prince James, the people of Niovar could not serve Vanheim wholeheartedly since they wanted revenge and this have left a hidden enemy in Vanheim Empire.

But while Aero himself was not a fan of war, he himself was not that pacifist. He is not contrarian by choice but by necessity.

That is what he had told the military faction and the military faction accepted it and believe the chancellor

They themselves could see that while some of the advice that the Chancellor had proposed to the Court is detrimental to the military faction cause, it had always benefited the Empire as a whole

And the taking of Duvar had demonstrated that the Chancellor had never forget the desire and ambition of the previous emperor, to unite the Continent under Vanheim banner

Aero subsequent moves of stopping the expansion did not earn him the objection of the military faction instead hiss subsequent moves of recruiting and investing in military research shows that the Chancellor is resting for the great battle that lays ahead.

He is laying plans for the next hundred years. That is the thinking of many military generals.

The previous ruler of Vanheim, king George, posthumously titled Emperor George had always said that to gain Duke Bradheim loyalty is better than to have ten thousand soldier by his side and to gain either Aero or Eric is as good as owning the Continent.

Many kings and rulers also have such thoughts. If one compares warriors and generals, then that would be Bradheim and Zeus.

Of course Aero himself was also a great general and he had battled a lot in his career but he preferred using strategy to subdue his enemies

Such tendencies show itself in the Battle of Coro and the taking of Duvar.

And unlike the other generals, Aero spend more time in the court, governing the Empire instead of being in the camp.

Thus Aero had always been considered as a great statesman, politician and war strategist.

And then as Aero once again shows his intention to improve the military, once again the whole world remembers how this strategist is also the same war commander that broke the stalemate of Vetten and Vanheim and propel Vanheim to its superpower nation status

The military faction thus had always stand in the side of the Chancellor since the beginning.

This is a loyalty forged by his actions and driven by the same ambition and desire.

Aero did not stop there. He had also promoted trade between Nairhel and Vanheim, opening more trade routes between Karak and Veranis, builds roads, strengthening the economy and began stockpiling supplies

It is said to wage one year of war; years of preparation is needed.

Constant war was never a great imputes for prosperity. The only reason why the common people cheered for the previous war because the prosperity it brought them.

If there is no prosperity in the action of war, and it is a war without clear plan of action, a war without a righteous cause, then it is a war that would gain universal scorn and disdain by the common people and the officials faction in the court.

Waging such war would also attract more enemies and detractors and even before going to war, the battle could have been lots when it is impeded in the court.

Thus it was very important for him at that time to make sure everything is prepared for the future.

Aero had a plan. And this is a plan he did not share with anyone.

He had created a lot of secret division spread out all over allied kingdoms and enemies' kingdom.

He knows the importance of information and he knows how hard it is to gain information in enemy ground.

Thus, preparation is needed. And the preparation need to be years before the war had even been waged.

The kingdoms that managed to survive all have great foundations and all have their secrets to survive. Knows their secret, then one would always remain victorious.

He had also rooted out the other kingdom spies and he is trying to resolve any internal problems of the Empire.

Aero had even proposed to redraws back the borders of the territory and region and once again desiring to reform the titles and stipend of the nobles

He belies that the new Empire need to integrate all the kingdoms that they had conquered and redraw back the borders of each regions

A that time, the Old Nobles come out from their retirements and pleaded to the Emperor to not accede to his request.

So, Aero had to retreat for a bit, never mentioning of redrawing back the border even again

However, the moment those old nobles come out, Aero knows sooner or later, he had to solve this matter in the future.

He could not let the old nobles keep to their old ways when a wind of change is blowing inside the new Empire

He planned to rid out the old nobles someday and then redraw back the border later in the future.

To some people, it might seem that Vanheim had finally stopped its expansion at the frontier of the intersection between the Eastern and the Southern region but those who in the know, could see that this is the calm before the storm.

Aero had also picked the perfect time to do all of this reformation

At the same time, he is doing all of these strengthening measures in Vanheim, he knows that the North also needs to deal with the rebellions and the economy

Thus they have no time to deal or take advantage of Vanheim solidifying of its national power

It is the only reason why he would be brave enough and leave that scourge in the North for a while.

Zeus might think he is an unconquerable warrior by razing and sacking down cities as he rides forward with his war steed.

Those tactics would have worked, if he is a marauder.

But he is the King and the cities and kingdoms that he burns and sacked become cities and kingdom under him.

And during the consolidation of power in Vanheim, Zeus had come to know that every action has consequences and his past actions is catching up on him.

With Aerosia, the kingdoms of the Fallen as some people called that kingdom, they kept harassing the borders and Holy Zun Empire eyeing at them from the South, Zeus had no time or energy to march into Duvar to mess up Aero plans

The one thing that many minister is the Vanheim court worried at that time was that Holy Zun Empire and Veva would allied themselves against Vanheim.

Aero had bet an eighty percent chance that the Holy Maiden of the Church would not ally herself with Zeus.

if she did, she proves herself to be a liar to her supporters and might lose more initiative than she would have gained.

Aero liked enemies like that. straightforward enemies that likes to fight without plots and scheme. Enemies that is above board and honorable.

In his eyes, that kind of enemies is very cute and adorable. Because they would never see when he would stab them from the back.

They might not even notice it when he twists that dagger on their chest.

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