Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Maybe, they would reach an agreement with Savillia and instead of Veva attacking Savillia kingdom, those two would join forces and attack Zun Empire, chipping at their power.

Nothing is impossible on the stage of war. Savillia does not trust Veva but they also do no trust Holy Zun Empire. What if all of this is a smokescreen for their real target.

And if she could think of this scheme, how could that Holy One sitting in the Holy Throne and that Holy Lady could not think of it?

They would raise their vigilance and they will not have time to care about the small rebellion force that keep harassing them.

It is a pity she is now not there in the Southern region. If not she would surely order the rebellion to lay low for a couple of months and gather their strength first at this moment of uncertainty.

Then he finally read the report about the Chancellor.

 'Last spotted in Karak. That is not far from here. And he seems to be heading to Vanheim too' she thought to herself. She read further and then her eyes widened.

'This could not be right? Why would this kind of thing happen?'

There was one line of the report that shocked Viola.

In that line of report, it seems that the Chancellor went to House Vlad and take residence there for a day.

It is speculated, he might have gone to the House of Vlad to take shelter and then send him to the Capital

But something tragic happen the next day.

The next day when some of the noble families in the area wanted to go to House Vlad to pay their respect to the Chancellor they saw a tragic sight.

 All the inhabitants of House Vlad were murdered, from its patriarch to their children. Blood splatter all across the illustrious walls of the House of Vlad

Not even the servants were left off and no one survive this massacre. And the Chancellor is nowhere to be found

It is not such a leap of faith to belie that the Chancellor had something to do with all of this. Could there be some grudge between the Chancellor and the House of Vlad?

And the Chancellor wanted to avenge some matter? But It didn't seem so? In the past, the Chancellor also seems to be praising the House of Vlad

The suspect is the Chancellor but everyone with a little brain in their heads could see this is not such a simple matter

It might even have something to do with the two imperial brothers in Vanheim. Is someone trying to frame the Chancellor?

Nonetheless, since the Chancellor is the last person said to be seen with the Vlad, the other three noble houses have no way other than to investigate the matter

House Vlad has a noble reputation among the people and to hear the noble house being massacred bring the discontent of the population.

Though, the three noble houses covered up the story that the Chancellor is a suspect for this matter.

It seems even the three noble houses is wary that this might be another game that those two imperial brother in the Capital is playing against each other

A chess game that involves millions of lives. The return of the Chancellor had always been something that some people in the Capital dreaded.

The moment the Chancellor steps foot in Vanheim, he would regain back all of his control all over the Six Council.

And while some people wanted that, some other people in the capital didn't want that. The Emperor might seem to be needing the Chancellor support right now but that didn't mean the Emperor himself is very fond of the Chancellor.

This is common knowledge among the officials and noble circles.

It might be the Emperor scheme but that possibility is low. The other, higher possibility is that it is the scheme of King of Novar.

And Viola was shocked when she reads the title of Prince James.

It seems Prince James is no longer just an untitled Prince. He is bestowed the title of King of Niovar, ruling all over the former territory of Niovar

House Vlad is praised and respected, their death is tragedy to the community.

All surrounding cities send their representatives to attend the entire burial of all the House of Vlad family members.

The House had many scholars and the scholars circle also came as a sign of their respect

To have them die such a horrific death, some righteous people would surely try to uncover what the other three noble houses is covering up

But this is not matter anyone could uncover since this implicates to many people.

The Imperial family of Vanheim is not like before. In the time of King George reigns, the Karak government did not have to pay too much attention to the politics of the Capital but that had changed since Vanheim turns into an Empire.

That Emperor sitting on that Imperial Throne in Vanheim is capable of flattening the entire small kingdom and wipes it out from existence with one military order

All it needs is a reason. 

Thus the three noble houses had their hands tied.

They could not let other people know it was the Chancellor that was suspected but at the same time, they also need to find a scapegoat for this crime or even better the true culprit.

Nobody believe that the Chancellor really kills the House of Vlad since there is no reason for him to do such a thing

But House Vlad death is something that impacted the scholars circle of Karak and Vanheim. They are the most famous scholar family in the entire continent

The Three noble houses are in a race with many other forces. They need to seek the true culprit and if that failed, they at least need to know where the Chancellor is right now.

Right now in the Capital, that August One is clearly looking at this matter with interest. The other three house have send the report to the Capital

The order of that Emperor doesn't seem weird. He sends orders to seek the true culprit and find the Chancellor.

To anyone that doesn't know better, it seems the Emperor values the Chancellor. But was that truly the case?

But it is really hard to believe that is the case

If this scheme is really the scheme of the Emperor, then sacrificing the house of Vlad to frame the Chancellor might not be worth the trouble.

And that is counterproductive to say the least.

After all, the House of Vlad supported Edward. If anything, killing them is like cutting his own flesh. But King James…would he risk such an obvious scheme?

'The Three Noble houses of Karak must be in a tight spot right now. It is a pity I don't know much about them since we live in different regions' Viola muttered to herself, as she put down the report.

She then lay herself down on the bed and release a long sigh.

She did not think there were so many things that had happened in just a few days since the adventurers had returned to the world

Like a large stone being thrown into a calm lake, its ripples affect the peace and calm, the bottom of the lake is now muddied with mud that rises up to the surface.

And the three Great pillars once gain bring storm to the world

'The Three Great Pillars, each move shakes the world' she sighed again.

She sighed because she felt that she is helpless and also at the same time feeling envy and jealous of the influence that these three people hold all over the world.

She bet she is not the only feeling such feeling in this world.

'Then what should I do now?' she thought to herself. She had read the report until the end and she found out something shocking.

'What had happened? she thought to herself as she read further in the report.

The report indicate that the Chancellor then rides a horse toward Vanheim and the Karakian government is in hot pursuit.

But it is unverified news. There are a few things she could do now. But which one is the correct decision at the current situation

Should she go immediately to Vanheim? Or should she tried to find the whereabouts of the Chancellor first?

'Hmm. What should I do?' Then as she was thinking of this, there is a knock on her door. She shot up from her bed.

Engrossed in her reading, she did not notice that someone approached her room which prompt such response.

She gets up but she did not say anything. She checks with her Sense Awareness and it seems that it is not broken nor is any of her enchantments.

She grew a bit bolder. Maybe, someone is drunk and knock the wrong door. But the knocking did not stop

The knocking grew louder. She then slowly walks to her door and she was preparing to attack if the person outside her door forces their way in.

But that person did not barge in. That person just keeps knocking and then she asks

'Who's there?' That person outside the door, is dressed in black robed, covering his face under the hood and he smiles, hearing Viola voice.

'It's me' that person replied. Viola who is on the other side of the door widen her eyes and she said

'It's you' she could never mistake that voice.

She opens her door and she look at the person standing in front of her. Tall and handsome, emanating a powerful pressure that person look straight at her.

She nearly flinched

that person face is slightly covered because of the hood covering the top of his head but there is no doubt that this person is that person

'How did you know I am here?' she asks

'Luck' the man replied. 'And ability' he added

Then he strode in into the room and Viola sighed as she closes the door

The man that was entering the room is none other than the Chancellor Aero. For some reason he had found her and now he is meeting her.

She had many things to ask and many things to know right now.

All of her plans seems to evaporate into the wind. Like someone had said about the Chancellor, talk about him and he will arrive.

She smiles bitterly as she follows behind him. Aero look around him and nodded

'I need some wine' that is his first word the moment he enter her room.

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