Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Viola look only for a second at the paper bag and before she notices it, the person that left the paper bag has disappeared.

'Are all information gathering organization like this? Are all of them like playing being mysterious like that' she thought to herself as she took the paper bag and quickly went back to her inn.

She locks her door room, make sure that there is no surveillance magic in her room and she uses her Sensitive Awareness to check whether there is anyone trying to come near her room.

'I guess old habits die hard' she thought, right now, no one knows that she is in Greater Veranis' The only organization that would really pay attention to her would be the Church and the holy Zun Empire.

Though she didn't know how far the influence of the new religion had spread, she would not be surprised if there is a devotee of the Church in Vanheim, hiding in plain sight

And she bets that the Church and the Holy Zun Empire had something else to worry about now.

She smiles at the thought.

As she was strolling below her inn in the morning, she heard from some random conversation that the Pope and the Holy Maiden of Arleans had returned to the Southern Region.

And in their return, some of the old bishop were executed for trying to usurp the position of the Pope

It is a mess now in the Holy Zun Empire.

This is public knowledge because the execution and the return of the Pope and Arianna of the South is very public.

She hopes that she could hear about the news of the return of the Chancellor but no one seems to be talking about it.

And that was to be expected.

The common people of the world might think that the relationship between the new Emperor and the Chancellor was as good as it was during the reign of King George.

But to those who in the know, they know it is not that simple.

The Emperor influence in the court has always been smaller than the Chancellor who rules the Six Councils of the Empire.

The key of the Six Council is in the Chancellor hand and as such no other person in the land had as much power as he did.

That is why if the Chancellor is at somewhere else, then he would be hiding himself.

For the people of the Western Heaven, they were also curious why the Chancellor never rebels against the Emperor.

With his power and his influence in the court, if he truly rebels against the Empire, there would be no doubt that he would emerge victorious.

Was it that he was truly loyal to the kingdom he once had served or he had other reservation against rebelling on the young Emperor?

Whatever the reason was, Viola could guess that even if the Emperor and the Chancellor is on different sides, they would not like to make their battle public.

The Emperor did not want to be known as someone who is cruel and despotic, as a man who did not know gratitude, trying to suppress the Chancellor who had put him in that position by weakening Prince James position in the court.

Everyone knows that the only reason Emperor Edward could held on tight to the throne, is mostly because of Chancellor support

If it is revealed that the Emperor tries to kill the Chancellor, then there would be a label at him trying to kill his Imperial Father most trusted subordinate.

The late King George had already decree that as long as the Chancellor did not betray the kingdom, he would be given imperial pardon for any small crimes.

And the Chancellor also did not want a public fight with the Emperor since he too did not want to be branded as an unloyal and treasonous official.

Thus they could only fight their battles in secret.

Though Viola do not know if her speculations is correct or not since times had changed then before.

They, the people, of Western Heaven had disappeared from this world for years and the native people of this world, their time just started a few months ago before they were summoned back into this world.

Viola tries to remember her life in the Western Heaven but she is coming up with blanks. That is why she had to go to information brokers.

Maybe some of them have already got the information regarding the whereabouts of the Chancellor.

The return of such an influential person would surely alerts many powerful people in the land and as such, it must be quite a valuable information the black market.

She sighed before she opens the appear bag.

She hopes she found the answer to her question.

Outside, the fireworks shot off into the skies and flower blooms in the skies as she brought out the many documents outside of the paper bag and bean examining and reading it one by one.

She reads a few and she reads the news about the return of Arianna of the South.

'Slaughtering the bishops in the Tower of Divine. That is just like her. The Holy Apostle of the Church. What a grand and holy title' She scoffed.

She never like how heavy handed the Church is and how hypocritical they are. The Holy Apostle might not be like that but the bishop of the church is really hateful.

Those devotees of them were nothing but livestock in their eyes.

So, she did not feel sad for the death of a few bishops. Even if a hundred bishop got killed, she doubts she would feel sad for them

She once saw a Bishop playing with little kid. And by playing, she did not mean it in the innocent way.

She had killed that bishop with her dagger before he could go even further. That boy she had saved join her rebellion.

The Church was not established that long ago and there is already corruption form the highest order of the Church.

This act by the Holy Apostle is a cleansing.

She likes it and hated it at the same time. With this move, the Church that the Hoy Apostle and the Pope dreamed off would become pure and more appealing to the public.

But at the same time, it would make the Church stronger. So, how could she felt happy about it?

With a blade Arianna of the South stopped the schism of the Church. How laughable. Ion its Holy Scripture, it is said that it is sin to kill

Yet, here is a direct defiance of that holy words. The Holy apostle of the Church killed people in the holiest of the holies place in the Lucellian Faith, the marble white tiled stairs of the Tower of Divine is sticky with blood of holy men

The pope took back His Divine Throne and now effort of reuniting back the declining Empire once again restarted.

'Nero Republic would be the one most affected with this' she thought to herself. She read a few others information about the Church and the current events that is happening in the South.

It is not as detailed as she had hoped but she understands why. This gathering information organization that she had hired is on the Eastern Region.

The fact that they could have this many information on the Southern region is already impressive enough.

She then checks the documents about the northern region.

She did not want to appear to suspicious which is why she didn't specify her request and focused on the explosive news.

If someone finds out that she is searching for information on the Three Great Pillars that alone would arouse some suspicion on her and she could not deal with such attention right now

Without allies and sufficient strength, she fears that she would be buried in this foreign land before she could do anything.

But now that she got the information, she did not think it is a waste. Either way, she too need to know the current general events so she could plan her next move.

She opens the documents for the northern region and she read about the kingdom wide celebration

Not only King Zeus had returned, even his Prime Minister, the Black Robed Eric had returned to Veva.

She smiles. As long as there is Veva kingdom applying pressure to Holy Zun Empire, her rebellion force could still hold on until her return

With King Zeus once again declaring his intention to conquer the whole world, Holy Zun would not just shut up and take it. They too must have raise their level of awareness.

And that is good for her force.

Savillia Kingdom is also moving and Alfhaim might also involved themselves in the mess.

While King Zeus doesn't seem to be a scheming king, but the Black Robed is renowned for his use of schemes, using former enemies to deal with current enemies.

That Kyle was also hired by the Black Robed to deal with Aero.

Who would have thought at that time, the plan would backfire with Kyle being instrumental in the release of Aero from the prison in Veva?

It was like they were releasing back the tiger that they had caught back into the jungle.

This declaration that King Zeus had said, if one thinks simply might just be King Zeus being his flamboyant self. Or it might have the trace of Black Robed Eric intention.

Who knows?

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