Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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In other words, he had his finger dipped in all the tasty pies in the Empire.

If there is one person in the entire Vilajeri Continent that did not have to worry about having gold, it is the Chancellor.

The building of the Bank in this village, even though it was smaller than the one in the major cities, still had its wealth displayed for Veyron to see.

Made form high quality stones and beautiful architecture, it gave a glimpse to the villager in this village of the wealthy lives of those people in the Capital cities.

 She quickly enters the bank. The tile is made from marble stones and she could only imagine the wealth of this region to be able to construct a bank in its villages.

There must be some lucrative business here if the bank did not mind being constructed here.

Most villagers still preferred to keep their money around them.

It is different from people of Western Heaven like her who is used to the concepts of Banks. She did not remember where she become so familiarized with Bank, but she thinks it must be something that most of them do in the Western Heaven

Maybe this village have many people from Western Heaven hence the headquarters of this branch did not mind opening side branches of their bank here.

She withdraws her gold and silvers and then she walks around the village. She already found where she was after talking to some people earlier.

She doesn't know if she is slowly getting luckier after experiencing death but she is now in Greater Veranis, a kingdom under the protection of Vanheim Empire and its ally.

It is a kingdom just beside the Empire.

As she walks around she could not help but think of her situation right now.

'It seems I am no longer in the Southern Region. I sure falls far away from my original location' she thought to herself.

When the mass exodus happen she went up to Western Heaven by using an abandoned temple in the southern region.

She thought when she died in Purgatory she would be send back there. It seems whatever Divine beings up there, they do play with dice as she is randomly thrown here.

But thinking of it again, it might not be like that.

Maybe they do not play with dice and is giving her help by sending her here. She chuckles at herself for distracting herself with these absurd thoughts.

Right now, it seems that she made headway on one of her objective already even without meaning to

She quickly accepted what happens to her and as she walks to the market, she saw a few others people of Western Heaven in the crowds when she was prowling around the markets.

She did not acknowledge them and they do not acknowledge her. Like her, those people might also be confused but they also might be some people who have bad intentions.

Maybe they are some noble personages or maybe they are some villains. Whatever they are and whatever she is, both sides don't want to complicate the matter.

They saw each other and they each knows that they both come from the same place. Each person has a friend and each person have an enemy thus they only see each other and pretend not to see and went on their way

She is looking for information brokers.

She looks around and she knows how these information brokers look like. There is certain way they carry themselves and for someone experienced like her, she could spot them a mile away

She found one not a few minutes later and hire the broker to compile all the explosive news that had happened in these few days.

The broker that she hired was not surprised and even expected such task. Which makes her even more curious. She had a conjecture but it is just that, a conjecture.

that broker did not seem too eager to enlighten on why either. Though, she knows this is just the way these information brokers work.

Any information they have, even the most useless one had to have some value. If she is too curious, then that means she had to part with more of her gold

And she is not in the condition to splurge right now so she restrain her curiosity and task him to find the information

She waited at her inn.

Viola might not live a luxurious life like the Three Great Pillars but she is after all the leader of the rebellion of Vanan.

And what does a rebellion force need? Gold. A lot of gold. So that they could buy supplies, weapons and information.

And who is in control of that gold? None other than her.

It is a pity this was not the Southern region. If it is the southern region, she would find the Grey Shadows.

The Grey Shadows is an information gathering organization that mostly works in the Southern region and they have tight relationship with the rebellion force.

And Viola have her own intelligence gathering network in the South.

She was no accustomed to the Eastern region information gathering organization and it took her a lot of time to find a single decent information broker in that market though it did not show that much because of her experience.

She was waiting for the news inside her room when she heard a knock outside her door. She opens the door and there was a bag. Inside that bag, is a scroll message tied with a black thread.

She went into her room first and then she opened the message

She quickly reads the message and then she prepared herself. That night she went to the most recognizable area of the village, a park.

However, since it was night only the seedy character had come out there and people rarely come there at night, making it the perfect spot for a secret rendezvous

There was a celebration going on that night and there is a shady person sitting on a bench underneath a large tree with wide shade.

There are other seedy characters around the park but they seem to know better as they didn't approach that man sitting in the bench

Viola narrowed her eyes.

If this was on the Southern region, she would think this was a trap.

But this is the Eastern region. Her identity is not that grand and her deeds did not reach the citizens of this region nor would they care about some rebellion leader of the Zun empire

She approached the bench and as she cautiously approached it, that person sitting on the bench got up leaving another paper bag

'So, this is how they do their business'

 She come to the bench and look into the paper bag. She is still cautious. It is a habit that she could not really rid off

 She looks into it and there was a lot of documents inside it.

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