Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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When these three titanic powers come out and fight seriously, then the reunification of the Old Empire would be fulfilled.

Kingdoms would be turned to dust and death would rule all over the continent. No one could escape that Great War once it began.

Viola knows she could not stop this matter no matter what she does. She is not strong enough but it is more than just being strong to stop this matter.

This is the trend of time and she alone could not stop it. This is the age of the Warring States and the will of the people wanted unification so that the war could stop and usher in an era of great peace

But she still wanted to reestablish Vanan. That is her wish. She herself could not remember why she wanted to reestablish Vanan.

That memory seems to locked itself in her mind

And the Chancellor is her best bet in reestablishing her country.

She never told this to any of her comrades and compatriots but she herself felt that the rebellion effort could not topple the large Holy Zun Empire.

Each day, that feeling of hopelessness inside her heart grows stronger.

She could felt it was a meaningless resistance. There were many times that she just wanted to give it all up.

But she could not

She knew that the only reason why the rebellion force is still existing is because the Apostle of the Church is more preoccupied with the Veva kingdom.

It is truly laughable.

If for some reason that threat of the northern region is neutralized even for a while and the Church began to look at the rebellion force as something that is detrimental to the development of the entire Empire, then Viola had no doubt that there is no land on the Southern region that they could hide.

She sighed each time she thinks of this.

But now there is a hope. It might be a false hope, but she need to make sure of it. She has been betting on her life all this time

What more is one more time?

The Chancellor have a use for her. She knows what people said about the Chancellor. That he was opportunistic and a genius in political maneuvering

In other words, it is hard to believe in the Chancellor.

In this era full of captivating personalities, the Vanheim statesman Chancellor Aero, surely counts as the most intriguing out of all of them

He is known for having great political acumen in the court, cunning in his dealing with people and someone who is very opportunistic, yet at the same time this bad reputation of him among statesman and ministers, never come to the ears of the common people who respect and in awe for their Chancellor for maintaining the prosperity of the Empire

And the Chancellor of Vanheim is known to have this uncanny ability to predict and adapt to the shifts between political climate.

His rise to power begins by him making an unlikely bet on a powerless king beset by the pressure of the nobles and the powerful kingdoms beside his territory

In other eyes, they see a failure of a king, of a great kingdom about to gradually decline. Yet, in the eyes of the Chancellor he sees an opportunity to rise in power.

This alone shows his big ambition.

Instead of choosing the easier way to serve other influential and powerful King, the Chancellor at that time who were just an unknown character in the backdrop of the beginning of the Warring States betted his all to King George.

His success in returning back King George back to the throne was the foothold where he shot up right to the top ion the political scene of the Vanheim kingdom.

He had survived political maneuvering, two wars and assassination attempt.

After the death of King George, instead of having his power stripped, his power even expanded and he controls the regime right now, not y force of arms but by utilizing the Laws that he had written.

It was so subtle, so masterful that there is no proof that he rules the empire instead of the Emperor.

Chancellor Aero is a formidable opponent. Whether it be in political battle or a real battle in the battlefield, he seems to have no match.

He is a friend of all and a friend of none.

Thus the only reason why he whispers that to her is because, he sees some use for her to weaken Holy Zun Empire

She knows that by meeting with him, she is volunteering to be used by him

But everyone knows that not everyone had a use. Maybe at that time when they battled each other, he sees some potential in her, believing that she could be used for one of his plans.

And Chancellor Aero knows she would come.

Because she had already gone this far. Even if she surrenders to Holy Zun Empire now, she would probably be executed as the leader of the rebellion.

Since moving backward means death and moving forward also means death, then why not try another way?

Since the Chancellor said that, then he must have some confidence that she could achieved some effect to the Holy Zun Empire

That first night, she spends her night inside the forest. Thankfully, the monsters did not notice her hiding place and she could peacefully sleep that night

She was woken up by the sound of birds chirping in the morning. She opens her eyes, packed her stuff and once again move forward

After half a day of walking she finally comes out from the forest. It made her feel refreshed to see some people.

Thankfully no one sees her coming out from the forest or it might invite unwanted discussion

Coming out from the forest she saw a large village.

It was a fortunate event for her as she is slowly dwindling in supplies. She hopes that there is a Bank here. She did not have any golds or silvers on her

She enters the village and she could see that the city is very prosperous. There is tall buildings and merchants trading in the market

She looks around and after a few hours of roaming around and asking some people, she finally found the bank of Vanheim

This bank is not like the large bank in the city. It is smaller but it had all the services of a bank and she should have noticed it when she enters the village.

But the area where this bank is situated is a bit further away from the market sitting on the more prosperous area of the village with huge houses and rich people of the village.

 She chuckles a bit when she sees the bank. She felt that her problems go away. She was worrying on how to get her golds and thankfully her luck is good

The Bank of Vanheim is made up of a conglomeration of interest from many trading companies that created this bank with the Empire of Vanheim interest also tied into it.

She also heard that in many of these conglomeration of wealth people, in their companies, the Chancellor have interest in all of them

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