Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Then she decided that she would find her comrade, and assemble back the revolutionary force.

Though, this task is the last priority. Since it would be the hardest to do. The second and probably the most important thing she needs to do is to seek the Chancellor

It is what the Chancellor offers her. And she intends to take that offer. In Purgatory, when she was about to be killed by him, he whispers something in her ears.

His words were to the point.

'Come find me if you want to reestablish Vanan' that is what he whispers to her ears before he kills her.

If its anyone else that was saying, this she might not believe it.

But the Chancellor had no need to lie to her. She might be a famous figure in Vanan but for a person at high level like the Three Pillars, some of them might not even know her.

She is not at that level and she knows why the Chancellor would give such an offer to her.

It is simply because the threat of the Holy Zun Empire. The fire crackles and broke her out of her thinking and then she sighed

She heard the howling of wolves and the grunting of some giant monsters.

She felt the walls of the tunnel shakes as she could see from the gaps of the leaves, large monster roam around the dark. Some of them are alone while some of them was accompanied by their horde

She looks around for a minute if these monster notice her hidden place

None of them seems to notice it and after a few minutes of tense moment, the area is empty again. She relaxed and then lied down, once again thinking about the matter.

The Chancellor was the ruler of Vanheim, controlling the events of that large Empire in the dark.

The natives of this world might have thought the current Emperor, Edward was the one ruling the large Empire of Vanheim but that is the farthest from the truth

all of the people that is from the Western Heaven knows that the true ruler of Vanheim is none other than the Chancellor Aero.

During the time of the reign of King George, Aero was truly a loyal official of the kingdom, as he ruled together with the King.

Everyone could see he was wholeheartedly supporting the King, their relationship is the envy of all Kings and courtiers

But Emperor Edward is a disappointment. He is timid unlike his father and there is a lot of news that the Chancellor did not like the Emperor but had to support him since the Chancellor hated Prince James even more

Prince James have always been the more exceptional of the two brothers. But no matter how exceptional he is, how could he matched against the most powerful minister in the court?

Even though it seems that there was an attempt at seizing the throne by Prince James, with the Chancellor on Edward side, how could Prince James be able to do anything?

Emperor Edward himself is not fond of the Chancellor holding too much power in the Imperial Court but without the Chancellor, he had no other force in the court that he could lean on thus there is this weird checks and balance in the Imperial Court between the Emperor, the Prince and the Chancellor.

To those people who work in the Imperial Palace they know that the one who had ma the Empire is none other than the Chancellor, from the servants to the ministers and officials, they all know who holds the supreme authority of the Empire.

And the offer that was given to her is probably given to her because the Chancellor is worried about the South.

Or to be more accurate, the other Great Pillar that supported the Southern Region, Ariana of the South.

All these years, Vanheim military machine did not move one inch from their border since they had controls all the Eastern region.

It was not that Vanheim did not want to move but it is a strategic halting of operations.

While she will not boast that she knows more strategist than the famous Divine Strategist of Vanheim, she knows the importance of pacifying the internal first, then looking outwards.

That was the Chancellor consolidating the regional powers and slowly erasing the borders of the four continent.

She even heard that before the exodus, the Chancellor wanted to redraw back the territories, and organize the nobility titles, setting the states, regions and cities.

All of the people knew that Vilajeri Continent is only one.

But the past emperors and Kings divided the four cardinal direction into four continent when they are not even separated by mountains or seas.

They are all in one map of the Vilajeri Continent but the border was drawn and each kingdom separate themselves by aligning themselves to one of the four direction.

Duvar was always the center of this four direction rule.

But now with three Empires vying for supremacy, this illusory border and the terms of the Southern Continent or the Eastern Continent is slowly losing its meaning.

It could now be divided into only two directions. The Eastern Empire and the Western kingdoms.

The Eastern empire of course refers to the Empire of Vanheim and the Western Kingdoms would refer to Veva, Holy Zun kingdom, Alfhaim, Savillia and Aerosia kingdom

The Vanheim Kingdom did not acknowledge the Holy Zun Empire as an Empire since they did not coronate themselves at the holy Land of Duvar

Neither would they acknowledge Veva as an Empire even if they themselves claim it.

If there is a legitimate Empire that could traces its roots back to the glorious ancient times, it would be Vanheim.

After all, they did take Duvar and hold the coronation ceremony there under the eyes of all the temple Priest.

That is not something the Gods could interfere with. Viola knows some things other people did not know and the things she knows about is none other than about the Gods.

That is why she did not revere them as much as the other people.

The illusory borders of the Four Continent inside one Continent that have baffled historians and confused geographers is slowly disappearing.

There is no longer the northern continent, southern continent, western continent or the eastern continent. Now, they are only one continent and the regions it seems would once again be reunited.

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