Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Vanan. It was a Federation on the southern coast of the Vilajeri Continent. On its West is the Pruvar Council, a small state ruled by a Council of Elders and Zun Kingdom

On its East is the Nero Republic. On its South is the vast Unknown Sea. On the north part is the Elven kingdom Alfhaim and Loth kingdom

That was the territory of Vanan. It is not a big kingdom or a large state per se. But it maintains an amicable relation with its neighbor.

But all of that changed when the was a revolution in Zun kingdom. The largest Temple of Zeus in the Vilajeri Continent was sacked down by zealots of a new religion.

The Holy Empire of Zun. And then it began conquering all the nations and kingdoms that did not believe in their new God

The Apostle of the Church, Ariana fought battles after battle, defeating superior army with a band of peasants that followed her from the countryside of Zun.

What she did change the status quo of the power in the Vilajeri Continent. At that time, the rising power in Vilajeri Continent was the Eastern power centered around Vanheim and the northern power centered around Veva

The entire Southern region of the Vilajeri Continent was ravaged in a religious war and Vanan was swept away by the tide of changing times.

Vanan was attacked and thought its people fought bravely it fell.

No one seems to notice as this power swallow the small states and kingdoms, as their suffering remain unheard by the people in power.

The flags of the Holy Empire soars proudly at the capital of Vanan and Vanan Federation is no longer.

But out of the ashes of this destroyed nation, there arises rebels that wanted to reclaim back the land of the Vanan people.

The Vanaian might come from a small kingdom but their tenacity and stubbornness rivals that of the mighty kingdoms and Empires.

And the leader of this rebellion effort is none other than the famous Lady of Vanan, Lady Viola. And she is back at the Vilajeri Continent

When she was awoken she realizes that she had returned back to the Vilajeri Continent. There is still that headache in her head but she slowly got up.

'Where is this?' she asked herself as she tries to get ahold of herself.

She was dazed but as she looks around she realizes she is inside a forest. She heard the sound of the insects inside the forest and she could see trees and dead leaves all around her.

She had come out from Purgatory.

'Gods, that was such a nightmare. No wonder, people said never fight with any of the Three Pillars. No matter what I do, I couldn't shake him off' she sighed as she was reminded of what happen in Purgatory.

She did not get anything. She had thought her plans was perfect. At least if she got even one improvement in the Purgatory trials, maybe the cause that she had upheld would not seem so hopeless.

If she knew the ending of her endeavor, then it would be wiser of her just to run away from that chaotic battlefield and tries to seek the gate to Vilajeri Continent.

In the end, she just become pawn in the fight between powerful people.

'Hmph. I hate this feeling' she thought to herself.

She sighed again and then she wipes off the dirt and the leaves around her robe.

Around her, there doesn't seems to be too many monsters and it seems that there is nobody around her immediate vicinity.

She worries that her enemies are also around here. Though she had also hope that some of her compatriots is here, she did not hold too much hope in that

'Need to make sure' she muttered.

She is a tracker and she had the legacy of a Legendary tracker. She uses her Sensitive Awareness as the area around her were all reflected inside her mind.

She nodded to herself when she could not sense anyone.

Other than some animals that is coming out from their nest or roaming around searching for food, there doesn't seem to be any monsters or people.

She then makes sure her items are still all inside her storage bag.

Seeing that nothing is missing, she brought out a dagger and attach it to her ankles, under her sleeve and hang it on her hips.

She also holds one for safety as she walks forward. She first need to know where she is before making any other plans.

She walked for half a day before she found a river and bathe in it. She was sticky with sweat and there is mud all over her boots.

There she changes her clothes to a more fitting attire.

She wears the hunter attire, tight clad outfit etched with the runic etchings of Elven marking. She got this when she got the legacy of the Legendary Tracker.

After that she organize herself. She saw that the sun is about to come down and knows she need to find some shelter before sunset.

She also needs to find food.

At night monsters roamed the forest. She doesn't know which forest this is, but most forest in Vilajeri Continent would always have this kind of unspoken rules. Monster lurks during the night.

And most monster at night is more dangerous than the monster in the day.

And while she is completely capable of killing and hunting monsters, she did not want to bet her life that the monster that will come out is a monster she could defeats.

What fi some powerful monster come out and she could not defeat it? Wont that be a waste of her life

So she hunted a few animals and when night came she found a shelter underneath a huge boulder sticking out from an elevated terrain.

Below the huge boulder is a natural made tunnel, probably the ground around it collapse when the area had some land shifts

She kills a few large sized centipedes and scorpion inside the area, light up a torch and hang it up at the walls of the tunnels and after cleaning the area she made that place her shelter for that night

She covered the entrance with branches from trees with thick leaves that hides the area. Then she put a runic formation to repel insects and cover the area from Sensing abilities.

That night she thought to herself of what she should do. She lays it out

She had decided that first she needs to know where she is before she made other decision. That is her first priority.

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