Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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She smiles and blushes

'Need any help?' she asks. Takashi laughs. At least, he now knows that Keiko like compliments.

He thinks for a while and then said

'Look at the Eastern Server for me. I don't know where they are hiding but it seems the Eastern Server is still alright. That mean they are still doing their jobs. Which means one of them is there.'

She nodded but then she asks

'How about the Western Server?' she asks. Unlike Takashi, Keiko could not be at many places at once especially not on two servers at the same time.

Her setting did not allow it…yet

 Takashi look to the distance and he could see the myriads lives on the Western Server and said

'I will look over it' She frowned

'You would be busy. Olympus has Hades. He probably has his own schemes.' Takashi nodded but it is clear he is not that worried about it

'he has his scheme, and I have mine. And you also have Lizhu Gerard to worry about. He is a character I could not control. His setting is a Divine Strategist and he is extremely smart. He might pose a greater threat than Hades to you. I don't know whether he would participate in the Investiture of the Gods or scheme to ruins it. I'm still up in the air about him. He might have deduced the conflict between the Three Divinities. I would not put it past him to get to the bottom of this matter with only one glance'

Keiko nodded. She had always been wary of Lizhu Gerard since the moment she steps foot in the Eastern Server.

'Who is going to start the Investiture of the Gods in the Eastern Server since Matsuo will certainly not show his face to start the matter?' she asks.

Takashi sighed and then he averts his gaze form the myriads beings in the Western Server and his gaze now watched the Eastern Server.

'I guess I have to preside it. The Yitien continent is full of the mountains gods, the city gods, the house gods. There are too many gods in the Eastern Server. It would be chaotic if this is allowed to progress as the Path to Immortality of that Server is not sealed'

Keiko nodded. There are too many gods and they did not use their powers to better humanity and maintain the Earth.

How could Takashi let that happens now considering that the people of his world will be living in this world now. How could he let these Gods keep doing harm?

'Who would have thought that expansion pack that I wanted to roll out before now have a use? I could use this opportunity to organize the Heavens of the Eastern Server and…' he did not finish his words as an idea flashed inside his mind

'And?' Keiko asked, weird at Takashi suddenly stopping his word

Takashi only smiles and said

'Nothing. I just got an idea.' Keiko nodded and did not press further.

'When will you go to the Eastern Server to begins the Investiture of the Gods? She ask. She too is preparing to participate in the matter.

And she has the protection of Takashi so she did not have to worry too much.

But she also knows she could not aim for the highest throne since that would bind him to the Investiture.

Takashi look briefly toward the direction of the Western Server and then he looks back at the Eastern Server and said

'I guess today is a good day to begin the investiture of the Gods. It seems that the War of the Gods will begin in the Western Server. So since Julia and Matsuo is not here, I have no choice than to preside it.'

'It is only appropriate that you were the one presiding it' he only smiles and then said.

'Just remember what I said. I don't mind if you want to participate in it but don't aim for the highest throne. It is not that couldn't win, it is that you don't need it. Be careful and call me if you see those two'

He then nodded at her, telling her that he is fine now.

She nodded and then she took a step forward as she immediately travels thousands of mile away, as she was travelling out from the star.

Mist formed under her feet and she quickly returns to her Cloud Roiling Mountain and begins her planning

She is ready to answer the summon as she draped herself with the energies of the Divine Realm. Then she waited for the announcement to begin.

On the Heavenly Peak on top of the highest peak, siting cross legged on top of jade like bed is a man with elegant white robe and youthful face that made anyone that look at it feel pleasant.

Lizhu Gerard smiles as he also waited.

Takashi sighed on the star that he sitting on and when the sigh ended the surrounding area all changed.

Like a water brush painting being erased by a chemical solution, the scenery and even the atmosphere changes as he is now seated on a holy throne, his face shows his divinity.

Then he looks toward the Eastern Server and opens his mouth.

'I summon all gods to appears before me!' He summons and he arrived at the Ninth Heaven of the Eastern Server almost immediately before any eye could blink.

The Gods all over the continent all heard the divine summon and they all flew as fast as light toward the Nine Heaven.

the gate to the Ninth Heaven was opened by two child attendant as the Gods all flew inside it to kneel before the highest supreme power in all of existence.

The Heaven separated from the Earth, the Divines did not interact with the godly beings and mortals but today, the stars moved and changed, divine decree was announced and gods flew from all over and stood in rows waiting for the Supreme Lord of Heaven.

A golden scroll floats between heaven and Earth as it was surrounded by auspicious clouds and divine dragons and phoenixes swirls around it, protecting it from any demonic influence.

'Evil has covered the Earth and Heaven had gone into chaos. Immortals secluded themselves into mountains, and Gods and Demons fought their war while mortals suffer in the mortal realm. The order of heaven and Earth is in chaos.

Takashi was saying the script for the beginning of the Investiture of the Gods. He didn't look majestic but those beings that saw him, a sense of respect, aw and fear hits their heart abruptly.

'Today, I have decided to divide all of these godly and divine being into their categories and so when they die, they not die and become only dust in the wheels of destiny, fate and time. I as the First Lord of Heaven, commands gods from all direction to take part in the investiture!'

His booming voice seems to covered the whole Yitien Continent. While the mortal couldn't hear the summons, the gods and even the demons could hear it.

Lizhu Gerard smiles and he flew out form his Heavenly Peak. On top of the Cloud Roiling Mountain, the Queen of the Stars flew upwards, mist formed underneath her feet as she flew to the Ninth Heaven

All divine and godly beings had heard the summons and in just a matter of seconds these godly beings have arrived inside the Nine Heaven

The golden scroll that floats between Heaven and Earth slowly unfurls itself.

The Auspicious clouds were absorbed into it and the divine dragons and phoenixes morphs their shape as they turn into an ink.

Takashi uses his finger and it pierces space and time as his finger use the ink made from the essence of dragons and phoenixes to write something on the scroll

A four big golden words was written onto the scroll and the moment he finished writing it, the golden words emanated light as bright as the sun, and the entire Universe seems to be bathed in radiant holy golden light from primordial era.

Investiture of the Gods! All heard the summons and all look toward the scroll and they saw underneath that words are an empty list.

They frowned but some were looking at this intently. Then the scroll disappeared from their eyes, turning into motes of light that scattered all over the world.

The gods and devils all bowed toward that existence sitting higher than the Nine Heavens and the Investiture had started in the Eastern Server.

Saying these words, Takashi then returned back to his Heaven, looking down on the mortal world.

He saw the Shang dynasty falling into more moral decay. The rich oppress the poor, the common people suffers under the tyranny and control of the imperial dynasty.

Major demons created tragedy and catastrophe in the mortal world as his eyes look down at all of this.

He is angry and the Heaven is angry. All kinds of injustice sand cruelty that had happened and Heaven could no longer just watched mercilessly.

When the Heaven emitted murderous spirits, the stars would change positions.

When the Earth emitted murderous spirits, dragons and snakes would fly out. When humans had murderous spirits, the Heaven and Earth would be turned upside-down!

The Earth emitted murderous spirits.

Dragons and snakes flew out, and demons appeared everywhere to make trouble in the mortal world, signaling the imminent catastrophe.

The humans emitted murderous spirits. As loyal and upright old officials were killed by King Zhou one after another, the entire mortal world was turned upside-down.

Takashi knew that this was just the script that he wrote before playing itself out but it still made his heart angry. Because now, they have free will but the king of Shang still insists on walking the path of no return.

Maybe because he thinks it is too late for him to turn back or maybe there is another reason, Takashi could no longer care.

If before, he could be forgiven, now that he has free will and still did not stop his evil deeds, then that means, the destruction of his dynasty could no longer be stopped

He sighed and said

'Thus, I decided your fate and destiny, your life and death. Let my will be done!'

Heaven, Earth, and Humans… the three elements were all there.

It would implicate Heaven, Earth, humans, deities, and the whole world… even the immortals and gods couldn't stay out of it, let alone humans.

This is Takashi plans. Since the mater in the Eastern Serer is already chaotic, why not make it even more. Maybe, he could see some clues. And the gods in the Eastern Server does need reorganization.

Though, he had created the Eastern Server combining the many cultures of the Asian continent, the fates and destiny of those Gods might not be the same. And Lizhu and Keiko is participating.

Keiko did not need to aim for the highest throne, she just need to pick the right side and survive.

As for Lizhu, Takashi don't know what he is planning to do. Whatever it is, he would keep a close eye on him. Maybe Matsuo or Julia would contact him.

And then he averts his gaze from the happenings in the Easter Server and look back at the Western Continent. It took him one second before he could see the one he wanted to see

'Aero Carlingian, huh? He even had enough merit to get a royal name. There is a lot of quest for such person of noble pedigree in that server. Even though, this was not what I planned, I will not let those plans to interfere with my plans. Maybe this is good for training humanity. About them dying, I think I already have some ideas on how to solve that' He talks to himself.

This has always been Takashi way of sorting things out.

Genius all have their eccentricities., And this is one of his habits that he could never erased. Talking to himself. It is why some people thought that he is crazy.

He looks at Aero and he thought of that person mother.

'Julia…what secret did you keep that year?' he once again thought of the past and then like always, he sighed

'I guess I have to keep any eye on you too' he said before closing his yes, his consciousness spread all over the two servers as the world keep on spinning


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