Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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'What are you planning now?' Keiko asked after seeing Takashi sighing again.

There must be a lot of thing in his mind, she thought to herself.

She has her task but she knows the burden now falls onto Takashi, now that the other two is missing.

'New World Expansion Pack has been rolled out and it seems the War of the Gods in the Western Server is also coming back' he said.

Keiko nodded. She was there when Takashi and Matsuo designed that other server in their original world.

It was one of the expansion pack they wanted to roll out before the announcement of the meteor gripped the world in fear and almost all of the players logged out of the game to spend more times with their loved ones.

The end of the world and all that really does put a damper in the economy.

To the people of this world, they thought the players went into a mass exodus, disappearing to the Heavens. At least that is what their new memories told them.

Before they seem to be lifelike but not really alive and even their emotions were in the range of human emotions, they were not entirely real.

They have artificial intelligence but not really real in that their entire being is still one and zeros.

But now, all of it is real. Including the players. They now had to abide by the rules of life and death in this world.

There is no longer unlimited respawning and reviving after death unless they have some magic or some potions that could skirt pass these laws of the world like the Revival Pill in the Eastern Server and the Revival Potion in the Western Server.

 The good news is Takashi as one of the Divinities he still has powers to rule over the players. He after all did not send humans from his world into this world to suffer and die.

He was never intending to put the humans he had brought inside this shelter to be so clueless. If not for the interference of the other two, all players will have their memories and they will not have divided up like this, still caring about the identity they hold in the game

'Hah' he sighed as he thought to himself. Though, it was not really that they could ignore all of it altogether.

After all, the moment the people of his world enter this new world he had created, the status of them when they were in the game is restored.

If you were poor when you logged out the game, you are poor now. If you are rich and powerful when you logged out the game, you are rich and powerful now.

Choices shaped them but if they have their memories, then they would at least unite against each other and help each other.

After all, they might be the last of the human race.

And it was important that they play their part and find a way to live a good lie, in this world, considering that this world might be the world that they have to live for in a long time.

And the NPCs character is no longer really an NPC anymore. Keiko could see that Takashi really feel depressed.

She knows that Takashi even though he does not like it, seemingly carefree and not thinking too much when it comes to relationship, he was a responsible person.

A truly irresponsible person could not grow a tech empire like he did. Keiko only listened to Takashi not knowing his true thought right now.

She then asks

'And how about Julia and Matsuo? You must have a plan right? You gave them a lot of authority in this world. Their setting is also very powerful. Would you let them go rampant like that?' Takashi frowned a little.

He then thinks to that vortex and that eye looking at that player and his frown become deeper. Keiko looking at Takashi like this felt something in her heart. It was jealousy.

Every time she talks to him about Julia, he always had that kind of expression and she didn't like it.

She knew it was irrational but she still didn't like it.

'I don't understand why one of them is so interested in Aero' He suddenly said.

'She is Julia son' Keiko replied. But Takashi shakes his head

'Yes…but that still doesn't explain it. It might look like the one who attacks Aero is Matsuo but don't you underestimate Julia ability and intelligence. Maybe she had predicted whether me or some other forces would block her attack and thus I would then suspect Matsuo and neglected her plans. Or maybe, it was really Matsuo. But if its him, then why would he did that? Why that one player among all others? Why is he so important? Could he be the key to some plots? Or is it a personal vendetta, which is even more absurd theory or it might be something else'

'I have to think all of these possibilities because those two is not some idiots that would reveal their intention to easily. It might even be just a red herring to throw me off their scent. If I focused my attention on the boy, I might even fail to see something'

Keiko listening to Takashi explantion frowned. Who would have thought such a simple strike could hold so many meaning and scheme inside it?

She did not think Takashi is thinking too much. After all, Matsuo and Julia right now both have powers to move mountains and part the seas with just their thoughts.

If they were really not averse to Takashi plan, then why hide themselves? That mean they have a different intention. And as long as Takashi did not know what that intention as, how could he be at ease?

He had bet his life and the life of billions of people to this plans of his. If his plan failed, he would fail humanity.

Those two is his friend. But compared to billions of life, even brotherly affection could be forgotten. This is why Takashi had to think carefully. He could overanalyze but he could never neglect too much else he might not know anything.

The two of them did not make any move since they disappeared but one of them suddenly make a move sending Tribulation lightning to Aero. And those two knows he could see it

Was that spectacle was meant for him to see? Or was it meant for others to see?

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