Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Matsuo was responsible for two things.

He was responsible for the death of divine and godly beings, to rule the Netherworld when the Underworld crumbles and to control the reincarnation and rebirth of the Eastern Server if they had a backlog

He was also assigned to the Eastern Server for him to rule. He is supposed to be assigning quest and informing the players there about the current events and tell them the truth.

Julia on the other hand was tasked with generation of souls, spawning of monsters and disasters and were also assigned the Western Server.

And her other task was for her to search the world and beyond it to seek any anomaly with the new world.

That is what they have decided.

But as they transfer the data from the Void Realm, something else happen. Void Realm is what they call the place where they store all the data that they got from those who played the game

In that moment, when everything was fine and nothing seems to go wrong, the moment thy brought out the data, the entire world that they have just created have a glitch.

It was something none of them had expected. The light orbs representing the player's souls were all brought out from the Void Realm but that glitch caused something else to change

Something changed and while it is just a few seconds to the people of this world, it was probably thousands of years for all four of them.

And then something else happens. In that moment, it was like they were forced to relive all the settings that they had writ on.

In that reliving moment, Takashi had two memories and two personas.

He as the Takashi, the genius Inventor and he as the First Lord of Heaven, the incarnation of the Supreme Primeval Lord of Heaven

He relived the moment, he opens the Voids, creates the Universe and become formless and limitless turning into the first Divinity.

He splits into two creating the Second Lord and Third Lady of Heaven and reliving it all , like he was truly these characters that he had wrote.

if not for his mental strength, he might deluded himself in thinking that he is truly the First Lord Of Heaven and there is no Takashi.

The other three also experience the same thing.

It was like a movie flashing inn their minds, and trying to erase their personality so they could only leave them with their settings as the Three Divinities and Queen of the Stars and not Takashi, Julia, Matsuo, and Keiko

After that, there is only timelessness. Time did not move and nothing seems to exist inside that timeless world.

But they could still use their powers and created divine residence and practice their powers.

In that thousand years, times did not move as they tried to escape countless of time from that timeless world.

They think a lot about the matter that have happened and they familiarize themselves with their new powers and ability while also trying to research what causes such glitch and how to escape

To be honest he doesn't know if it's really a thousand years that passes or whether it was less than a thousand years.

Time did not have any meaning in there and as such precise measurement of time could not be measured.

If not for the fact that they all have powers according to the setting, living in such a timeless world would be too boring

What he does know was tin that span of time, all of them probably changed. They have new thought and new ideas and they didn't share all of those thought with each other.

As they trained with their powers, they even battled each other inside that world. Since there is nothingness and there is no Time, nothing is really harming tem.

In each battle, he would remain victorious. It is probably because his setting as the True Incarnation of the Supreme Primeval Lord of Heaven

Supreme Primeval Lord of Heaven in the lore's of the game is the true creator of all universes.

These quest was never found by any players. Nonetheless, the Supreme Primeval lord of heaven split himself into three creating the Three Divinities.

But before they enter the game, Takashi change the setting of the First Lord of Heaven. He changed it to become the true incarnation of the Supreme Primeval Lord of Heaven

It is for that reason, those two couldn't defeat them no matter how many magical abilities they possess and hurls at him

In that time, they settled to their new identity as the Three Divinities and when they are surrounded by heavenly host and other heavenly host that they created from their energies, they no longer refer themselves with their real name as they slowly familiarize themselves with their setting.

In his world, Takashi could not even lift weights but in this world, what he will with his mind and heart would happen accordingly.

One thought to create world and the Universe.

And he knows that this kind of power could corrupt him, no matter how pure his heart was. It was why he himself created restriction for the Divines using his power.

When that glitch is over, time moves again. They realize it at that time, for others, only one second lost from their lives, but for them, it felt like an eternity.

And those divine and godly beings did not even realize they lost one second from their Time.

And at that time, Takashi could not see that even his friends, had different thought and opinion from him.

If he could see it at that time, he could probably address it and not have them separated like this

Julia and Matsuo hides themselves and with their equal power and abilities, how could he seek them?

So, he had no choice to create a more powerful restriction on all the servers.

This restriction could not be seen by mortal eyes but all godly and divine beings of the two servers could feel it

It was at that time in the purgatory that he realizes that not only one of them had alter the memories of the players, they also generated quest and in the minds of the players, instead of calling Eastern Server or the Western Server, they called it Western Heaven and Eastern Heaven believing themselves coming from the Heavens to right the wrongs of the world.

At that time, he had an inkling what one of them is trying to do. If it's only one of them than it is still preventable. Bu if two of them schemed together for this, then Takashi had a hard fight against him in the future

He sighed again

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