Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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He just had to be a little bit more cautious of Lizhu Gerard plan. There are of course reasons why he singles out those two people out of the many gods in both of the servers.

They are the best candidate for the Divinities too work with considering that those two know who they are and what they are.

Not to mention they are also strong and their location is not easily revealed since they have gone further in their attainment of energies compared to the other Gods.

He is only trying to maintain the balance of this world and to minimize the damage toward the players that surely be caught up if those other two began scheming.

He was not the one that alter all the memories of the players. He knew at that time; it is the doing of one of his two friends

That is why he had to use his authority as the First Lord of Heaven to create a barrier between the Divine realms and the mortal realm.

He imposed a lot of restriction on Godly beings and Divine being all for the sake to minimize the damage that had been done

Even though, he had minimized it he could not undo the altering of memories that has been done.

He could just slowly fill the skies of the world with his magic to make them slowly remember who they are.

Though, one of his friend would surely hinder his progress. Takashi don't know what they are thinking about, doing all this.

Even now, he is not sure whether the one that did this is Matsuo or Julia. And if they did, why do they do it? It doesn't make sense.

'You seem to be stressed?' Keiko ask.

Takashi once again looked at Keiko. Her look was probably the most beautiful in this world. She was beautiful before, but this is a heavenly kind of beautiful.

'Its's Matsuo' he said

'What do you mean?' she asks back

'I think, he has always been hiding something from me. Even from before. And now, he is enacting his own plan. It was not like I don't know he have other motives when I managed to create the Brave World and found that thing and combine magic and science to create this world. But I thought I could still control him. I was arrogant. He had changed and so do I.' He the sighs, closing his eyes for a few second.

Keiko was silent for a while. The sound of music still lingers around the star and it ironically matched the feeling of both people right now. Melancholic and sorrowful.

Old friends and old feelings are all intermixed in their current emotions. Keiko then said to him

'You are too trusting'

'They are my friends, Keiko. How could I not trust them? We have spent half of our lives together. The friends that have walk with me all these years. I did not forget them and they too did not forget them. But I guess, we all have a different destination' Saying this, he exhales slowly, like there is more he wanted to say but he stops himself.

Keiko was silent for a while before asking Takashi

'Western Heaven and Eastern Heaven. Did Matsuo did that. Separating the two servers? Or is it Julia?'

Takashi then answer

'It was supposed to be me' Keiko was shocked for a second before understanding something and only nodded.

They all know the plans. The moment they all arrived at the Divine realms, Takashi took his seat as the First Lord of Heaven inside the Divine All Heaven.

At that time Time stopped and all living beings were separated from the realms.

Divine All Heaven is the only place where it could stand the full power and full divinities of the Three Divinities without breaking that realm.

Matsuo was the Second Lord of Heaven and he sits in the second seat. Julia was the Third, and her title was the Third Lady of Heaven.

The Second Lord of Heaven resides inside the Heaven of Limitless Wisdom and the Third Lady of Heaven resides in Pure Virtues Paradise.

They all have their own Heavenly Realm where only certain select few Gods and Divine Beings were allowed to enter as they are the building blocks of everything inside this world

In their plans, they would divide the world and the Heavens and rules it among them three.

They united all the other servers and separated them into two. The Eastern and the Western Server.

Most of the people in Easter Server are people from Asia. They play Brave World the Myths and Immortal Edition

Vega Corps when they created the game created two version of the game. One for the Western world and the other for Asian continent and they also have plans to create many more version like the Russian version which would throws player into a medieval world ruled by tyrants and sadistic lord with Gods and Goddesses of Slavic origins.

However, that never come to pass because he had other priorities at that time

It was because he had found that thing, that all of the plans were delayed and the brave World game only have two versions.

The Brave World Original Edition and the Brave World the Myths and Immortal Edition. They used these two edition to construct this world to become real.

The player's confusion when entering the game back would not be such a problem if they all follow the plan

In the plan, when they arrived at the Purgatory they would slowly bring the player on up to date of all the things that have happened and told them to unite with each other to explore the world and seek if there is a new mystery in the world to be found.

With that they could slowly acclimatize the players with this world while they three would think of other contingencies plans.

He as the First Lord of Heaven would supervise all the Divines Being, as he was the highest existence of all in this world.

He would control all the servers.

And his authority over the too servers, it is almost absolute. But, he too had other things to do so he could not watch the servers too long and he decided to relegate that task

After all, they are many things to be done if he truly micromanages everything.

Matsuo and Julia was delegated with power to rule

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