Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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He shakes his head as he focuses more on the now. Keiko did not try to sit on the stars, appearing to be at ease by standing, looking at Takashi complicated expression

She sighed and the closes her eyes. Her eyes could see her mountain in the mortal realm and then she shakes her head

A lot of things had happened and a lot of things had passed. Takashi now, and the Takashi of the past is not the same. But there are certain things about him that also did not change.

She sighed because friends have come and go and where one had the same heart and all walking in the same path, now, who know each path that they walk, whether that would have brought them closer or farther apart even more

She asks again

'Why the sigh, Takashi'

Takashi eyes look toward the distance, his eyes shining with infinite lights that as bright as the sun and he smiles bitterly

'Matsuo…. seems to have another plan' Keiko face tightened hard. She had presumed it but she never did any have confirmation.

 And then she knew she had to told him about the other. She then said to Takashi

'Julia too' At this news Takashi closed his eyes and sighed.

Keiko did not say anything but she too could feel the frustration and disappointment in Takashi heart. She has been beside him for many decades. How could she not know?

Takashi had predicted it as such. He did saw the vortex of power that appears in one of the Purgatory.

He knew it was one of them.

He had intended to interfere but when he saw Lizhu sword strike, he knows that this character that he had created also have his owns schemes.

It seems all the flavor text he had wrote, all of the legendary characters he had created, some of them have managed to reach a level that could break free from the Three Divinities control

Takashi was not angry or fearful of this

After all, it was never his intention to control them in the first place.

'What are you thinking? Keiko ask, still standing there, emanating golden light and divine aura, like a Goddess of Virtue, enlightening all creations under Heaven.

Takashi smiles a bit. After all he had create this setting for Keiko.

He takes inspiration from the Goddess Guanyin, some he takes from divine Goddess of the antiquities and some other goddess in his world to create the backstory and setting for Keiko identity in this world.

Takashi answers vaguely

'A lot of thing' she did not follow up that question as Takashi once again fall under contemplation

He is just worried that now, Matsuo seems to have a different plan than himself. And Julia too seems to be missing, both of their Heavens were closed off.

They are playing a game, and he is not included. Only this game of theirs would implicate billions of lives inside this new world

And when he found out Matsuo disappearance he had also acted.

He had send his Child Attendant to visit the Gods of Olympus and the Gods in the Eastern Server to inform them that one of the Divinities had left.

What he didn't tell them was that the other divinity is also missing. Two out of the three Divinities is not in their Heavens and no one seems to know where he is.

Nothing in this world could be stronger than them so Takashi was not worried that they were kidnapped or killed.

If they are by some inexplicable reason get killed, Heaven and Earth would show phenomenon that no one would be able to not notice

The fact that they are missing is not because of an external influence. They are hiding. For what? This is the one thing Takashi did not understand.

Everything should have been completed. Their plan has succeeded. It should be moving to the next phase but now those two are missing.

It made Takashi to have other thoughts. And because of that he too believes that those two also have other thoughts.

The moment that he saw Matsuo is gone, he quickly knows that something has gone wrong.

Takashi then uses his power as the First Lord of Heaven to impose restriction to the mortal world, making sure that the other two Divinities could not interfere too much with the people of the world.

But that does not mean that is the end of his problem. It was the first time Takashi had become a God. He did not think a divine being like him have so many problems.

Probably because he is not a true God but only a God inside this game that he did not find a more suitable solution to his other problem.

Regardless after solving that there are still the divine beings that have long existed inside this game

Takashi almost cursed himself on why giving these world so powerful of a God.

Most of them were given access to power, acting as an administrator for the world even without knowing it.

They were AI and they even begun developing emotions. At that time, Takashi had found it interesting and let it progress leading to the current problem,

And the most prominent of his problem is none other than Lizhu Gerard and Hades of the Olympus who seems to be planning something.

Hades could not cross the barrier of the servers so he is not that big of a threat, but Lizhu Gerard could since he come from the Eastern Server originally.

Takashi did not know the full plan of the Lizhu Gerard but he could bet it had something to do with the Investiture of the Gods Expansion Pack that he was about to roll out.

The Eastern Server is progressing like they had programmed. It is too late to change it since it has been going on for too long.

The people will and the Heaven Will is the same

Shang dynasty had to fall.

And as such even if he wanted to delay that Expansion pack or even scrap it, it is not possible. Not to mention, the Investiture of the Gods expansion pack also have its pros and benefit for him.

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