Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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While the Vilajeri Continent is in chaos with the adventurers returning the Gods were also busy.

From the Gods of Olympus to the Church of Light, their divine being was also suddenly inundated with new problems

They all felt like they have been released by something. Those who know, knows and those who didn't, will not

There are some beings who knew and those who knew felt the change in the world before the adventurer even returns

The world is changing, and the heavens are also changing

On top of the highest realm, in the realm of the Divines, the Three Divinities that have been maintaining this world had slowly lost their control over the Gods.

The Three Divinities still have their abilities and power but all the Gods could feel it. There is something that has been cut.

A bond. A restraint has been cut and some of the Gods is now scheming to know what had happened in the highest ream.

A news then arrived from that realm to the Gods Realm. Out of the Three Divinities, one of the Divinity had left.

The Three Divinities.

Some Gods of the two servers knows who they are and some of them don't. The Three Divinities is none other than Julia, Takashi and Matsuo.

They give themselves like game master permission with the highest setting possible for this world when it was still a game.

But the moment they enter this world, while they still have the setting that they had written for themselves, there are also some things that had changed.

Takashi sighed.

He is the First Divinity, Divinity of All Beginning and the First Lord of Heaven.

He resides in the Heaven of All Beginning and he was the result of the merging of energies that constructed this world.

His setting is that he is to be without beginning and the most supreme of all beings. He is in fact, a representation of the principle of all being.

From him all things arose. He is eternal, limitless, and without form.

At least that was the setting he wrote and as soon as he enters, unlike other becoming players he was elevated straight to the Heaven of All Beginning.

At first, he was nothing, and then he turns himself into something, a form that he had ben familiar for the whole time of his life

And the setting he had written become reality as he remembers all the things he had done when he was the First Lord of Heaven

The Three Divinities is the sole administrators and creators of this world but the moment he and his companion enters it, they could feel that the power they hand on the fates and destiny of all beings were severed slightly.

Instead of calling it being severed, it becomes thin. Some even cut it by themselves because the sheer power of their will, Lizhu and Hades from the Eastern Server and the Western Server.

Because it is no longer only a game, they could do this. Those two also realizes it, that the world is no longer only a game and now there is a battle of wits between these godly beings that once under full control of the Divinity who is now have freedom.

Takashi just fears that these Godly beings would begin wreaking havocs all over the world. The world that he had created, this new reality is only a pit stop.

He had other plans of course. This is a temporary measure to save all that he could save from that meteor crash

He could not save everyone but at least he saved some of them. Humanity still survives.

Though he obviously didn't expect that things would be like this.

While the base of this world was constructed with a game in the basis, there have been some changes and that changes had made this imaginary and unreal world into a real world with real people and real Divine Beings.

He sighed again as his eyes look all over the world

'First lord of Heaven, why are you sighing?' A woman was flying toward him.

Takashi was sitting on a star inside his Vats Heaven of All Beginning and this woman that is coming to her is emanating golden aura of divine origins, passing through layers of Time barriers and Space dimension to arrive to where he is.

As she was flying towards his heaven, behind her there was female retinue of spiritual attendants, the souls of the people of this world that have done good deeds and was picked by her to accompany her touring the Heavens and bring luck and fortune to those who do good deeds

She has a distinctive headdress that have the sun suspended from it. Below her feet are mist as she walks on it and arrive in front of him

Songs and joyful melody fills the Heaven of All Beginning as the female spiritual attendants behind that woman begins playing instruments and singing with their voice

As she comes closer, Takashi look at her and shakes his head, his eyes look toward the female retinue behind

She nodded and She made a causal wave with her hands and the attendants are all banished from the Heaven of All Beginning and she landed on that star inside the Heaven of All Beginning

This woman that looks like an ancient regal queen of unsurpassed beauty and power is none other than Keiko

He looks toward her and that frown on his face turns into a smile, albeit a bitter one.

Takashi made a setting for her when he was about to enact this plan of his. Her setting was the Queen of the Stars as she roamed the stars and the vast eternal nothingness.

This world after all are a game in the beginning and this world had no other planets.

There is a reason why he assigns the setting of the Queen of the Stars to her.

He believes that if his plan succeeded, the world that he created would slowly become different and might even shows some kind of change he could not have predicted.

In the setting, she had the power to absorb the powers of the stars. And that setting carry over into this world when she enters it.

And while his setting was that he is formed from the energies when this world was created, Takashi could feel the energies of the Void inside him

He believes that his setting also changed to accommodate the new reality that have sprouted with his final move. Takashi did something no one thought was possible. He combines magic and science.

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