Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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It is the ninth and last stance of the Divine Sword technique. It has all variations to implement energies technique of the Divine Sword technique.

This stance is used to counter energy attacks and styles from any energy user and dive deep into the concept of energy attack and its way of attacking and its application in battle.

Such people are like wizards, warlocks, witches and martial artist. It also could be used to deal with energies such as energies of the Celestials and the Divines

It is used to counter such styles, to break their concentration of energy, to manipulate it and conquers it.

The stance includes techniques to overcome these energies, absorb it and even stealing it. As such upon mastery, one could theoretically fight without ever feeling tired as long as there is a person who could supply energy to the user.

It emphasizes power, and comprehension of energies of the enemies and is complemented by the All Encompassing Stance. It is required to have a powerful body to execute this stance

Lizhu Gerard went around the world and analyze all kinds of energies combat techniques, internal martial arts and defensive measures of the energies combat techniques in his fight and come up with this stance.


Aero look at all the nine stance and he could not believe how lucky he was. As he thinks, he notices he has all the memories of all this stance like he had learned it for years.

But as for the technical technique he still needs to train.

He nodded to himself and wonder about Lizhu Gerard.

'He must be more powerful than I even imagined. With this kind of technique, even if someday I lose my Curse, I could still stage a comeback' Aero felt a little bit at ease knowing that.

But he did not want to lose he Curse. The Curse binds him not only to the protection of the Underworld, it also binds him with his Sworn Mother, Thetis.

After being so long protected by her, Aero also develop some affection for Thetis and regarded her as his second mother.

Right now he has five skill points.

After he used many of his skill points to rank up some of his skill during his last moment in Purgatory, Aero was left with only two skill point.

But after mastering the Divine Sword technique he was rewarded with three skill points by the Western Heaven so now he has five.

He thought for a while and decided to store that skill points for now. There is nothing urgent that he needed to rank up right now.

He then jumps back onto his horse and stores his sword. There is a smirk on his face that he wipes almost instantly.

 'House Vlad it is' and then he spurred his horse to head toward the southeast direction. The wind blows and the waves crash upon the beach

Then as the silhouette of Aero and his horse slowly fades as he goes the distance, there is movement all around the beaches.

From the bushes and the abandoned hut, people of many affiliation appears like some kind of dark things that emerges from the ground. Some even come out up from the sand.

No one could have known that he was there inside the sand.

They all look at each other. The look at each other with vigilance but nobody made any threatening moves

Some of them knows the other as they have met each other before in their lines of works. Some are new people in the business.

'Let us not kill each other. It is not like this is such a secret. And it won't do us any goods. We are only the eyes and ears of our employers. Let's not also be their hands and feet' one of the people said, his voice is unrecognizable as he changes the sound of his vocal chords to produce a hoarse and gravelly sound.

They all nodded at each other as a sign of agreement and then all of them disperse in different directions, leaving the beach empty once again

All of them are spies of other nations and many organizations in the continent. Aero had notice them before which is why he executed his technique. It was a warning and a reminder.

Aero is the Aero of the East. He is the person that killed forty thousand people with only his saber.

And that is why he smirks. Because these are the agents of chaos that would spread his returns.

The spies did not attack or kill each other. They are not that kind of agents. They only need to seek information and relay the information to their governments.

That day, the whole world is bracing for a large storm that is brewing all over Vilajeri Continent

Aero of the East, the Chancellor of Vanheim has returned and is riding toward Vanheim. The news is met with mixed reaction by the Imperial court but outwardly they are rejoicing.

On the South, there is the return of the Ariana of the South.

And the moment she returns, she made her move that shakes the world.

The Holy Maiden of the Church appears in the Tower of Divine and slaughter all the bishops that tries to denies the Pope, the marble tiled stairs of the Tower of Divine flow with blood as she assumes her role as the Holy Apostle of the Church.

The schism between the church authority was forcefully stopped by Arianna blade as the Pope took back his Holy Throne.

In the northern region of the Continent, Veva, a kingdom wide celebration was announced as King Zeus appeared on the balcony of his royal palace with the Black Robed Prime Minister Eric beside him

When he arrived he began a speech that send the northern kingdoms into a frenzy

King Zeus is once again declaring his intention to conquer the world and he would start with the Savillia kingdom sending shockwaves throughout all levels of officials in Savillia kingdom

The Three Great Pillars has returned and everyone is racing away from the storms that these three people would cause the world when they once again return to their respective position




A man looks out the window of his study. He then sighed. This is the King of Niovar residence. And the King of Niovar is King James Vanheim

A lot of thing have changed since the absence of the Chancellor

He used to look at the Imperial Palace from his residence when he is in Vanheim. But now he is the King of Niovar. He had schemed for that position by deceiving his younger brother.

He had made Edward believes that by sending him to Niovar he would be restricting his power in the court.

When Edward wanted to send him to Niovar, he rejected. This only fuels Edward desire to send him to Niovar. He then planted some people in the court to give advice to Edward.

While James is still a Prince and had many titles, none of the titles he had commands real power. And he schemed for that too.

Each time that Edward wanted to send him to Niovar, he had always managed to dodge out of it even though he really wanted to go.

The more he was like that, the more insistent Edward become in trying to send him away.

Edward himself could feel that in the absence of the Chancellor his power in the court is being diminished by him

James knew that if he shows to Edward his desire that he wanted to go to Niovar, Edward would be even more reluctant to let him go.

He might even block his desire to go there. Because what is good for him would surely not be good for Edward. Edward is a simple man.

If not for the support of the Chancellor, he would be easily unseated from his throne

Thus he pretended, he did not want to leave the court.

To feign dislike being far away from the center of the court, would then fuel the desire in Edward heart to send him away to Niovar.

James then orchestrated the most beautiful ruse he had ever planned.

During one of the moment when Edward was frustrated with his rejection, he asks in a private meeting any suggestion on how to send him to Niovar

one of the courtiers from the moderate factions suggested to give him the title of King of Niovar like the act of old Overlord kings.

Of course, these countries are one of the many people inside his pocket

The countries said that if Prince James is decreed to take the title he is also forced to go to Niovar. If he rejected it, this act could be considered trying to defy imperial edict.

This is not simple like Edward asking him to go. If Edward ask him to go, James could refuse and Edward could not really punish him for rejecting it.


Because they are still brothers and imperial brothers at that. And if he punished his older brother, Edward would lose all that great and wise reputation that Aero had built for him.

As such, Edward gave him the title of King of Niovar and send him to Niovar kingdom. Even until the end, he shows that he was reluctant to go.

But in his heart, he was happy.

He is now at his Palace, admiring the full moon. There is a reason why he wanted to go to Niovar even though that would diminish his presence in the imperial court.

It is because Bradheim is here. The Chancellor during his reign of the court, had uses all means to restrict him. He had no power in the court and all of his hands and feet are tied.

Chancellor Aero promoted his allies like Arcturus, Marco and Aurelius to hold the post of the Western Suppressing General, Northern Suppressing General, and Eastern Suppressing General while giving his uncle and his biggest supporter Archduke Bradheim the post of the Southern Suppressing general

Some people might not be able to see it but that appointment stripped all of his uncle powers in the West. His uncle had deep ties with the Orc kingdom of Nairhell.

By giving him the task to the south, it is basically plucking his uncle roots.

Chancellor Aero basically strip the power of his uncle and at the same time strip his chance for any say in the military from then on since he had to pacify the southern region

Huh' he sighed. He looks at the moon but he felt bitter now. He had work hard these past few months and gain a lot of support in the court.

He smacks his lips and felt that bitter taste again

'Like always, I don't like this bitter taste. I am not even defeated yet, but I already felt that bitter taste' he mutters to himself as the cold night air brushes against his skin

Then he smiles a bit as he glances towards the letter on the table of his study.

'Well, I guess it is a bit boring without you. This time however, I will win. Let see how you will fight when we are on equal ground, Aero' and he smiles with confidence as he turns his back and walk out from his study.

That night, many people in Vanheim Empire is thinking about many things. The Empire looks quite and calm but there is an undercurrent building up stealthily.

As the moonlight of the full moon illuminate the roads, plots are being crafted and schemes are being thought up. Because many people got a piece of information that night.

The Chancellor is riding towards Vanheim!


I might be taking a hiatus next month. I'll see how it goes. if I do takes a hiatus there will not be a chapter on the seventh of next month. Anyway, hope you enjoy the story
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