Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Aero first and foremost is a strategist.

While his prowess is unmatchable, Aero had never relied too much on his prowess and he never sets himself up as an unkillable general, preferring to stay in the war tent and deciding the outcome of a battle hundreds of miles away with his mind.

When people think of Aero, they first think of his strategies and not his battle.

Why? Because he knew the limit of such elevation of personality cult. Aero knows he could be hurt.

He could be killed and harmed upon by divine weapons or some divine magic. As such he never set himself up to become the foil of other person victory.

There is a reason why Aero could kill so many during the event in font of the Veva front gate. When they saw Zeus was thrashed badly by him, a King who all of the Vevaian soldier believes to be unbeatable, their morale dropped.

The stronger the faith, the weaker they become when that faith is broken

Zeus set himself up like some kind of a living god that walks among them.

So, the impact of him being thrashed so badly is like seeing God bleeds. And once you show the possibility of such, the faith of those people crumbles.

A faithless soldier is the easiest to kill.

Faithless in that meaning of losing any motivation and having no morale because of the belief that there is no possible way to win.

Aero knows that even if he bleeds fighting in a battlefield while the morale of his soldiers would dip, it would not crumble completely.

Because he never sets himself up as some kind of a living god like Zeus did.

Ariana also plays with this kind of personality cult, making the peasant believes that as long as she fights with them, there is not battle that they cannot won.

Though he had to admit Ariana does it more brilliantly than Zeus ever did.

Nonetheless, Aero is employing the essence of a military strategy to his situation which is the strategy of deception.

He wanted the matter of him returning, to become chaotic and muddy because if it became chaotic it would become easier for him to hide his intention and his purpose, and control the enemy vision of reality.

Aero had always had a reputation of virtuous, loyal and benevolent. When the common people spoke of Aero, this is the three traits that they would mention the most.

But for those who knows truly the Chancellor, they know him to be more complicated than that. Aero is an enigmatic person to the eyes of many of his peers.

While maintaining a reputation of a virtuous person, his strategies is so unlike his reputation. It is brutal, cruel and full of tricks.

But none deny that he is virtuous.

Why? because in war, there is no moral taint un using deception. Even the common people did not think deception in war as something that is unhonorable.

It is a weapon and Aero wield it wisely. And Aero knows that he is at war right now. With unseen forces the moment he stranded there.

He was neve so vulnerable like he is right now. Those that knows Aero might b surprised of why he is so timid now that he is out of Vanheim.

That is because his enemies are not only mortal. But also some Gods.

And Gods have their own champions. And these champions are not easy to recognize. These is what he calls unseen enemies.

There is also the Blood Brotherhood that have always hated him. Then there are other secret societies from the vanquished kingdoms who were affected by Vanheim Conquest.

He is at a state where he has no clues about his enemies. So, he had to remain vigilant and cautious.

He is blind without the Overseer Council. And he is not so sure whether returning back is really a good idea until he got the full picture.

He takes a deep breath for a while and then he remembers something.

'I think only about this matter and forget to check my status right now' There is also the White Sword technique that he did not yet learn.

He then brought out the book from his pouch. He looks at the words embossed in front of the book.

Manual of the White Sword Technique.

He then will himself to learn and then a voice sounded in his ears, asking whether he want to learn it.

Aero answer yes and then the book on his hands turns into golden motes of light that enters Aero body.

-You have learned the full sword technique of the White Sword Technique. Awarded with three skill points for reward of succeeding getting the legacy of Lizhu Gerard. Your sword moves have evolved as you have understood the Nine Moves of the Divine Sword Technique. White Sword technique is the core of the Divine Sword Technique and as such you have learns all of the manuals required to learn Divine Sword Technique. Your sword moves are now updated on your status window-

Suddenly there was this notification window that popped out. He immediately checks his status window and his eyes look down toward his White Sword Technique.

He then smiles. Before it used to show Manual of the White Sword technique (Volume I)

But now it shows a different kind of status.



All of his moves before slowly dissipated inside the status windows.

Crimson Strikes, Autumn Slice, Blowing Fire, Slithering Slash, and Opening blow, the five sword moves he had always uses when fighting dissipated from the status windows and replaced by nine new stances.

Aero looked at the nine sword stance and read its description.



It is the first stance of the Divine Sword technique. It has all variations to implement the Divine Sword technique. This stance covers all variations and changes of all kinds of attack in the world. Lizhu Gerard went around the world and analyze all kinds of battle techniques, martial arts and defensive measures in a fight and come up with this stance.


'I need to try this out' he thought to himself. He jumped down from his horse and then he brought out his sword.

Aero then waves his Heaven Sword to get a feel for it. After all, it is a little heavy.

He took a deep breath, close his eyes for a few second and when he opens it back up there is this focus in his eyes.

Hah! He shouted and then he tried to execute the All Encompassing stance.

The sand rises up and there is variation of sword movement in his attacks. When he hacks it is full of power. When he slices it is swift, when he cuts it is sharp.

Around him the sand rises up and the sea water spirals around him and then when he thrusted forward his sword the water and sand merge together creating a mud spears that shoots out toward the oceans as the sand beneath his feet rises up and merge with the sea water and gathered around the tip of his sword.

The moment Aero thrust out his sword, the sand and water merge creating a thick mud that hovers in the air and shoots out toward the sea.

Its speed created shockwave that disperse the sand around as it left an after image of that attack for a few seconds. The mud spears travel for a few minutes before it crashes inside the ocean.

Aero nodded in satisfaction

'I need to train more with this if I want to gain more comprehension on this sword technique' Aero knows that for sword moves it does not have any ranks. Instead it could only be comprehended by practicing.

Unless, he got another divine intervention, it is time for him to put some efforts in his swordsmanship.

He then looks at the second move.


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