Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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This time, he is on familiar place and he has time. He could take time to digest the information he got and plan his moves beforehand.

He sighed again.

'So, I had to rely to these other people' he thought to himself.

He bet by the moment he went out of the market, many of the spies there would have sent messages to their employers and organization about his returns.

So, there would be chatter and he hopes that his Secret Forces would hear this chatter and seek him as fast a s possible.

Aero did not even consider House Gerhardt in his calculation

 Their Houses are great family friend to House Gael as they share the same position about the matter of military might and they agree on the same kind of policy which is the expansion of military parallel to their prosperity.

It is not a good house for him to trust at this sensitive moment.

These four families used to act as each other check and balances but Aero knows it has changed a bit since they swore fealty to the Empire.

Now, the political matters in Vanheim could affect their own kingdoms.

The plot and scheme hatched a thousand mile away could affect millions of people living in Karak.

When he joins the mass exodus of the people of Western Heaven and return to their world, Aero remembers that House of Cheveres still had one year left before House Gerhardt turns to rule.

There is a reason why he did not hide himself.

He is thinking himself as he was in a war. And in a war, the success of any war effort depended on the ability to know as much about the enemies.

Their intention, their strength their desires and their weaknesses. But as one would often find, no enemy would be willing to shares this information to you

Aero had many enemies.

He could hide of course. That is also a way for him

 But that would be detrimental to him at his current situation.

The safest way for him is to return quickly to Vanheim and asses the situation.

But at the same time he could not just rashly enter Vanheim without knowing whether there is a trap there waiting for him

He need a fast solution.

He need to quickly reestablish his authority and return to the seat of power. Then he would be untouchable.

The visible enemies are easy to counter and defend against.

for those who he categorizes as visible enemies there is Eric, Zeus and Bart in Veva. And there is also the Holy Maiden of Arleans in the South, the Holy Apostle of the Church of Light

And while Arianna never provoked Vanheim, since their initial intention would never meld together, sooner or later, something got to give between them.

Aero himself did not know about those people situations.

He did not know whether they have arrived at their kingdoms and assume their powers or not.

But if they did, Aero had another obstacle. Eric would surely send some people for him and Arianna might also make the same moves.

And the more chaotic it became, the more things would go out from his plans

But a revealed enemy would not do much against Aero. Aero did not fear Zeus or Arianna even if they are here right now.

An enemy who have revealed himself lost one of the most important element of war…. surprise.

So Aero is not concerned with those kinds of enemies that he already knows. It is those that hid in the dark that makes him uneasy.

For him there is too many unknown enemies. He had no information and no backup right now. While he is confident in winning absent anyone in a fair fight, those who become his enemas are all profound schemer

He lacks information and as such he is operating in the dark. That is one of the reason why he wanted to secure his allies first.

He need to start somewhere of course. Since he already had many enemies, Aero also concocted a plan.

Since he already doesn't know how many people are targeting him at this moment, he would make the matter become even more chaotic and muddy.

He is operating in the dark while his enemies know his every move. He is putting himself as bait.

And Aero is a very tempting bait.

But with many cooks, rarely the dishes would be good. As such, the more chaotic it becomes, the more that knows of his returns, the more advantageous it became for him.

There are some people that wanted to kill him.

And there will be some people that wanted to kidnap him for information. And then there is also some people that would want to save and shelter him

Whatever the case, when the intention of these people clashed, they would be distracted and their impact would be minimized against him

And Aero wanted to achieve something else. He is deliberately trying to distort the enemy.

He could go straight to Vanheim but he will mislead them by going first toward the House of Vlad.

He knows what he is going to do but those spies wont. They would only reveal his whereabouts towards their employers but they would not know what he is planning eventually

Aero could use his reputation to shield him. His act of going to House Vlad is just a simple plan. But Aero knows that his enemies would not think like that. They would overthink it.

They would try to connect dost that doesn't exist or maybe even create a new scenario in their minds.

Aero could guess what some would think of his decision to go to House Vlad but in the end it doesn't matter what they think

He wanted to create false impression. It did not matter whether that false impression had something to do with his objectives.

What important was that those who know about his whereabouts to think intently about his intention and his goals.

The more they think, the more they would fall in to his scheme.

Since the actions that Aero would do after this did not lead to any of his main objective, as such, those who schemed against him in the dark would become even more confused.

He would move in a deceptive pattern, feed them false information, making them believe whatever they wanted to believe.

The more they think that they knew what he is panning, the more they would fall in deeper into their own thoughts.

All the while, his enemy hiding in the dark is unaware that it has been misled will act on false knowledge and commit all kinds of mistakes.

Aero might even be lucky enough that he would be able to identify some of these hidden enemies


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