Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The obstacle of using spies and giving them respect that they deserve and hiring them into the formalized imperial government structure was the culture of this world that views spies as untrustworthy and deceitful.

Simply because they nark on a person and the association between spies and assassins when their jobs were entirely different

But it is true, that spies usually consorted with assassin. Assassins needs information to made their kill and sometimes spies need someone to be killed

There is also the fact that many of the secret societies all over the continent uses spies and as such for those high society they regarded spies as rats and they should not have consorted with such people.

Aero and many others that come from Western Heaven did not deny that spies nark on people. That is their job.

The only thing that should worry them was to whom the spies' narc on.

Thus, it was important at that time for Aero to create an organization that would surveil the enemies' movement and the internal unrest of the Empire.

It is because of this that the other people inside the court become apprehensive.

When Aero spoke of internal affairs, then it also means, that this new organization would also conduct their works inside the Empire and not only outside of it.

Edward and James for the first time since Edward took the throne agreed with his older brother and rejected the proposal.

But Edward and James objection was not so much because of that aspect.

They objected it because if such surveillance department was created, it will still fall under the jurisdiction of the Six Council.

And Aero holds the Six Council basically making those spies effectively his and with the organization, he would hold all the information of the Empire.

Even though Edward and James rejected the proposal, Aero is not someone that anyone could reject.

He once again proposes the same proposal to the Emperor.

And Edward while he was brave the first time, he knows he could not push the Chancellor to much or else he would lose the only ally he had in the Imperial Palace.

So, the proposal is once again reviewed. Aero then started convincing the scholars and the military factions.

the scholars and the military faction was convinced of Aero argument.

Aero advertises the frightful misery and vast expenditure of blood and treasure which war always brings in its train.

The scholars have always abhorred war and the military side knows the difficulty of gathering supplies during wartime especially fi they are deep in enemy territory.

Thus, it is very important to end the war early. But they still hesitated until Aero convince everyone of a simple fact of war

If you are not kept informed of the enemy's condition, and are ready to strike at the right moment, a war may drag on for years.

Thus, he explains to the court that there is nothing more important during war than information.

The right information could win them a war

And how does one get information?

The only way to get this information is to employ spies, and it is impossible to obtain trustworthy spies unless they are properly paid for their services.

The Emperor and prince James could see that the officials and military faction was about to be taken in with Aero words so they tried to dissuade the officials and the Generals by saying that if such organization was formed, it would also eat away at the Empire treasury by the expenditure and expenses alone.

Aero countered that to grudge a comparatively trifling amount of gold for such a noble purpose, when every day that the war lasts eats up an incalculably greater sum would be a crime to the common people of Vanheim.

Edward could not find a rebuttal to that. If he denies it, he would gain the reputation of an uncaring Emperor, lacking of benevolence.

James also had no rebuttal of that.

His reputation was already not good among the common people with some people calling him a butcher.

If he rejected the proposal when Aero said such things, he is afraid that when he woke up from his bed tomorrow, there would be a new title for him from the common folk.

People would say that he would rather sacrifice Vanheim own people than to part with his gold. So, he too remains silence.

After all, if war lasted a long time, the grievous burden in the end would fall on the shoulders of the poor.

The Empire had to raises taxes if the war lasted too long and in such situation, foreign influence could stir up rebellious sentiment.

Thus it is better to form the organization than not forming it. He won and as such, the Emperor and Prince James could not do anything to his Secret Forces.

It is called the Secret Council or the Seventh Council. It is the Overseer Council and it is ruled by Aero alone.

Spies cannot be usefully employed without a certain intuitive sagacity. Aero had always kept advice in his head

And while Edward did not possess such sagacity, Aero did and as such, in his time in the court, there was nothing that Aero did not know about the people in the court.

He had foreknowledge of all things and as such, there is no scheme that could rattle or shakes his power.

Thus one could see how it could be treated as Aero source of power in the court.

Maybe in his absence, James could have schemed against the people of the Overseer Council in a bid to weaken his influence in the court.

If not James, then it might be Edward. The Emperor also did not like the fact that he could be spied on by the Overseer Council.

Or maybe the officers of the Overseer Council might be simply relieved from their task from the Acting Leader of Overseer Council.

Whatever the case, the fact that he could not see his spies in the market, hinted at a larger problem.

'Does he want to rid of me now? Does the Emperor have a new backing? Or is it James trying to blind my eyes and shut my ears off? Or am I just overthinking this? He thought to himself.

There are many possibilities but he remains calm. He had a plan now. At least, that is an improvement than before.


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